Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maine, The State of...

If you haven't been to the state of Maine, figure out a way to get there...

Nubble Lighthouse, via boat

While there I kept thinking this is the place to be a rec rider and just tour it up...

Same spot, via bike

Land lover close to being out of bounds

Low tide. Shoulda had a fatbike.

Every State has a balance rock or 9

What's with the security? and a Texas flag?

Exeter NH has this trail system called Fort Rock, reminded me of The Farm... Only those that knew really know, and traps set for all noobs like myself.

The only spot at Fork Rock where you could coast.

Go to Maine. Our north shore doesn't compare.

NOTE- The law doesn't like bikes on the beach or rocks.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tractor Parade? Yap.

When not on a bike, do the next best thing, partake in a tractor parade...

Grandpa Ed's 1947 Case VA, donated to Dakota County
I tell you what, this tractor will rival any 42T as low as you can go cog...

Note- As pointed out, I wasn't wearing my LCR jersey in the parade. Loss of point.

Then there was the Larry Sauber who is grand champion over ALL the vegetables of Dakota County (by way of n iowa). Not to be confused with the Larry Sauber mountain bike hack/ race pack filler...

Garlic which rules them all. 

Fatt season is getting close. Been practicing.

Next- more miscellaneous (3 part tourist, 1 part bike)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Neil Young said it best, 'It's better to burn out, then fade away'.

The KORC WTR race may have had the largest Expert/Pro/Elite/Cat 1/Whatever/etc. old guy 40+ class ever for a MN Series race. Over 20 old guys showed and that doesn't include many of you in hiding... RESULTS

Old guys getting older and still racing bikes... Plus school aged kids finding this sport of MTB. All meeting in the middle and rubbing elbows. Good times.

Some great series photos to sift through- LINK

Hey 45North, these local guys deserve a tire named after them or at least a thermonuclear overheat soft good...

Up next, the real north (east) shore... (3 parts tourist, 1 part bike)