Saturday, October 26, 2013

'Mr. LeTourneau'

Our games have begun...

LD on the Up and Over.
Squirl Line. Looking for the nut.
All was great. Hitting all our crap. junk piles, and rubbish. On our way to our prized Eagle Log. We were stopped dead in our tracks. The new 9 Mile Youngblood crossing. Darkness/ lights. Walking it don't count/ feel the shame. Cheater starts, shuffles, and re-lineups don't count. Must ride one bank to the other, then reverse. So we turned around, tails between legs, retreat. RS was beside himself (so was I). 

A 'Blue Guuse' w/ some Goons
Note- Jim attempting to avoid river for fear of swimming in the creek. He plants a bonus seed for next time. You fall in the creek with your lights then what? Huh. I didn't even think on that... Bonus consequence. ha. 

Mammmath today. If you don't know LODX. You should... 

Was thinking on river tomorrow but Jim wont go. I don't want to swim without a witness. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Levis- Annual LCR Riddler Convention

Riding in circles, heckles, laffs, confusion, all trails backwards, bears that growl in 3's...

We sort of swept the weekend. Heath wins the Morc backwards climb deal (FYI- as long as he is Red Squirl he is still Ricoh/ LCR). Levis, Jim gets the gold on the jeffyoung climb after wanting to quit.

We didn't have an elaborate points system, nothing on paper, or camera, just witnesses. We did get some other failures on camera thow. See the croppies flop.

Toad road, looking for the path of most resistance;

Funny how cross country mtb looks so feeble on camera... ha.

If only we lived in BC. Big hit... Ya right who we fooling.

One more of the Hacks going for the most difficult...

Oh. forgot to mention. new rule. anything on a fatbike don't count.

Left my gold medal for the reverse teeter in the back of Funkes pickup. Didn't count.

vids courtsy of Bush.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Clutch RD, Winter Tested?

As I was admiring the Pug makeover the mind started to wander...

Marvelous... But?
Wonder if any of them 'top secret'/ 'prototype'/ 'bike industry' type testers ever ran one of one these RD's in conditions that we (LCR riddlers) gravitate towards? I say 'we', because the winter riding we do might not be the sort of riding you do. Ever been on an LCR winter ride? Then you know...

I can see it now, that knuckle frozen solid.

"Jack... How am I going to thaw this out???"

"Hey Jim! Where you going, I need help!!!"

"What am I going to do le Goat?"

"Start walking", She'd say.

LCR Riddler convention coming up.
Pleased with the roster of usual suspects and fresh meat.

Note- the Jeffyoung climb only counts when starting from the bottom.
The Jim method don't count.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ride around til you break something...

When your rigid SS feels like an FS...

Creek. Creek. Snap.
5 min in to a 2 hour ride, JRA. At this point walking out wasn't bad. I don't believe in luck, but I was lucky here. Failure could have put me on the ground/ not walking out.

Con- I ride the SS approx 10 times per year and only in the Fall/ Winter. This was ride #2.

Pro- Lifetime warranty per Charles and Co at Behind Bars.

Learn something new every day- If a creek is not consistent with pedal stroke or crank torque, you've got something worse brewing than a shot BB.

History- Reminded of the first time when Dr Pete made me take a seat before laying the bad news on me...

Facts- I've had 5 failed frames. 3 other successful repairs, 1 Al non heat treated repair, 2 steel repairs/ 1 successful weld right in middle of 40 mile ride. Out-Fox!

Sort of numb to it now, they all break. I'm no where near the Goat in failures, last count I heard was well over 20. Trek knows the Goat.