Friday, December 27, 2013

Guest Blagger: MotoYoung- Solstice Race Recap

Fellow LCR Goon Jeff Young (Riddler of few words put an effort into typing more than a few):

LCR pizzazz
Bridesmaid again!
It seems I started 2013 off the way I ended the previous year.     Another second place finish!   Nothing to hang my head over, but certainly uneventful, and came with little glory.   It was, however, a great training mission on a very picturesque course.    
When the shotgon went pow, off we went.   I was not in the groove.   I was hurting.   I was breathing harder than I had in months.   I was not making my way to the front either.    I felt slow and was a bit surprised by the pace.   It seemed my busy year had left me in a bad place so I decided to focus on managing my body and doing my own thing.    The course was wide enough for my Silverado, so passing would not be a problem if I found my mojo later.    
I began to feel better and started making some passes but was fighting some over inflated tires so I stopped to let out some air.   Pretty much every position I gained was lost during my trailside deflation, but once I got back on the bike I quickly starting working my way back up.    With each pass, there were fewer tracks to follow but the lead group was gone.    There were plenty of long hard climbs in the first half of the trail that caused some pain.   Others seemed to feel the pain too cuz I was gaining ground on the climbs.   The trail soon mellowed a bit and I must have been slacking because I got passed by a few riders.   The second was Joe Kjeer.   I decided being passes wasn't fun so I switched out of my mode and went his pace.   I stayed on him and we chatted a bit until I decided to hammer down on a section of trail that was primarily downhill.   As I began to push a bit I started feeling better and finished out lap one strong.  
Lap 2 was a whole new race.   The entire field of 1 and 2 lap racers had softened the trail and opened up a whole new challenge.   The trail surface looked like a herd of buffalo had roamed on all the uphills from all that had pushed their bikes, and the rest of the course was rutting up nicely.   I love the ruts, but the buffalo tracks were challenging.   I fought it on every climb until I decided to stop and deflate my tires to mush.   This was great on the climbs and ruts, but killed my speed in the easy stuff.   It was a tradeoff that worked.   I began moving forward.   The nicely deteriorated course was suiting me.   I began pushing hard on the downhills and even took one high speed tumble.    I played leap frog for 2nd place  with eventual winner and LCR rider Jeff Colbert when he would stop and fix his leaky rear tire.   He clearly had me in sheer power and I had nothing for him when he was on and putting it down.   Nearing the end of the race, it even looked like I had a shot at winning.   I led for a bit after passing Chad C. but soon found Colbert breathing down my neck.   At this point, I did not have enough left to match his pace and had to watch him pull away for the win.   I put it into cruise mode and made my way to the finish, even taking time to grab a cookie at the last feed station.     It was a fine cookie too. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry (endo) Christmas

A worn out endo is great for skidding and Christmas decorating.

Feliz Navidad!

Random. And Pink Floyd for the chill on a Christmas night...

'You say the hills to steep to climb... '


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Swamp Single/ rather be biking

Backyard trail getting worked in nicely. Just need to reroute where thin ice appears.

Follow me (w/ caution)

Been off the bike for 8 days now. Objective was to be back on the bike today, nope. Could not control the cough last night at sushi. Came in from more trailwork this AM, more hacking up lung parts. I did rule out a return bout with numbonia at least... Just an enduro cold that I can't shake. All excuses, no results. But at least I got time to groom what is noted above.

Many race options the next 2 months, starting today actually. Winter Wooley, wonder what sort of deal that is, looks very cx roadie/ could be wrong. Moto-Y to provide report synapsis, maybe a guest blagger, since I'm all type no action.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

All bike, no expo, last in the lot.

Kick off the winter with perfect snow biking conditions, so good I must skip anything that wastes time/ all bike expo's, and end up last in the lot a couple times. Something about coming in to a dark, empty, snow covered parking lot after a questionably long ride that is very pleasing...

I have a plan, and if conditions continue this will be the start of something...
On the mark, set, go.
I ain't grooming nothing. But it will be marked. TBD. The roll call will come with minimal notice. You wont get cheated.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Brownie(er) Trap

Top of the line high tech camera skills from the one and only Jim...

They all look easy on tape or film.
Next Sat for the Jimmmay Loop and bike up on some MN State park racing. You don't know Jim or the Jimmmay trails? You should.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

2 days of Gravel- MN State that is...

Beyond cooked... Means burnt. But I don't hate my bike(s)...

Today's race was 86 miles of some great Rice and Goodhue (Utopa) Gravel...

More rookie moves today... For a non-rookie sure have rookie tendencies.

Decided with temps in 30's I was going to the next level of cold weather dress (long term mistake). Lake winter boots, needed to adjust the seatpost. Problem, didn't tighten post properly and off the start I felt like I had one of them new dropper posts without the hydraulics hooked up. Lead pack, gone.

Once again fight from the back... Allgood, it's more of an MTB way of riding on the road anyhow. Was trying to lure the Twins into an all Sauber train, they wernt having it.

First 20 miles were the easiest, but most difficult. Get it? After pretending to be Jens Voigt yesterday, I had nothing in the tank for the first 20, top that off with going thermonuclear. Had a ricoh stop and shed clothes moment. Got rid of the -10 proof tights, down to the lacra, relief.

Once the thermal was regulated to a proper temp, back in business. Caught a group including SPH Jake (Ragnarok founder was riding strong for not riding!). Everybody for themselves it was. Me and local Calvin worked for the next 40. Had no extreme efforts since I was already well done, ticked over the ups and downs to finish on Radar Love Hill, south of Northfield. Good spot.

Thanks goes out to the group of Northfield riders that put on these 2 days of grinding. Also LBS Fittobetrid, much appreciate it all...

Another reason to visit the town Jesse James tore up... 
NOTE- How'd I do? Ahhh, 10th for the day. Was informed I mentioned nothing on results for yesterday. 7th in TT, 3rd in stage race. Add that all up, 4th overall. Not bad for a former cheesehead roadie that's really a mountain biker in disguise.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Today- G Roadie TT- Clean Toilets- G Roadie Race

Never done a roadie TT before. Nothing wrong with experimenting. Really no different than getting chased by north iowa farm dogs... 30mph tailwind for 10 miles. The warmup/ leadout into the headwind was a treat.

When you finish biking by 9:30AM, time on hands, might as well go home and clean toilets... Right.

Random. SKOL.
Afternoon delight. Kicked off 56 mile grunt into the that wind I mentioned by fiddle farting around at my vehicle way too long (rookie). Seems like the neutral roll out wasn't neutral. I bled from the eyes for 20 miles fighting from last place in that wind. Made it up to commrad Ingvalson, was riding hard and taking pulls, much respect on the day.

After 30 miles of headwind, widdled down to group of 4. A Silver and Revolution appeared from behind. We were in for a roadie tactics. Roadie tactics? Yag. Only tactics I admire are those of a German named Jens. Like a farm dog on the loose, just go. So I did. That headwind turned to tail, and the roadie game was neutralized. Held off that group for 10 miles. Pleased.

Saturday wrap up, talk of couple lead pack types getting lost... Hmmmm.

Tomorrow. No idea what cards I'll have to play, probly a couple jokers. They count in the game called Old Maid.

Random- Looking forward to getting snared in the traps the Goons are working on (nothing to do with roadie/ gravel roadie). Fatbikes still don't count til it's motoroboat time.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Ball

Farm Team faction of LCR and their annual Fall Ball dance contest. Hosted this year by the STH's...

The 'Old Pirate', first attempt, cleaned. Reversed, is a bit tricker to mount.

First tip to tip to tip of the River this fall... In a low scoring affair according to my stats, Farm Team was the victor over Ricoh, 2-1 . All the 'New Pirate' had to do was the 3rd tip, but nope, didn't take the bait. Farmer Ben was eager, and STH exclaimed 'hosting the partay can wait!' Figured FD, Habs, le Goat, and the Dominator must have burned too many matches leaving me for dead as I slowed and lined up on all the river junk. They did wait up when they had too. ha

CLARIFICATION- the 9 Mile Youngblood crossing has been in my head since we retreated into darkness 2 weeks back. Shift it to daylight and a crossing made look easy by the 'Old Pirate'. Able to rest easy now, maybe even skip without the gilt. Water level low around only 3', 45 degrees, besides a submerged bike, consequence minimal, just don't slide the front end off first/ face plant. When the ice and snow hit, completely different game.

NOTE- Was sad as we biked West toward the Ferry first time this Fall, Whale Log, Heath's Rainbow Log, Spilt Hot Dog Log, But It Looks Easy? Log, were all MIA. Eagle Log, Randy Moss Log, and Jimmay Crash Log have been dusted off/ cleaned up, are good to go, just look for the line. Or act like they don't exist.

Jack managed to add a new log to the list without even knowing it. 'Rubio Log'. Requires a flashy move to collect points.

Farm Team 'whooo hooo! Thanks!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

'Mr. LeTourneau'

Our games have begun...

LD on the Up and Over.
Squirl Line. Looking for the nut.
All was great. Hitting all our crap. junk piles, and rubbish. On our way to our prized Eagle Log. We were stopped dead in our tracks. The new 9 Mile Youngblood crossing. Darkness/ lights. Walking it don't count/ feel the shame. Cheater starts, shuffles, and re-lineups don't count. Must ride one bank to the other, then reverse. So we turned around, tails between legs, retreat. RS was beside himself (so was I). 

A 'Blue Guuse' w/ some Goons
Note- Jim attempting to avoid river for fear of swimming in the creek. He plants a bonus seed for next time. You fall in the creek with your lights then what? Huh. I didn't even think on that... Bonus consequence. ha. 

Mammmath today. If you don't know LODX. You should... 

Was thinking on river tomorrow but Jim wont go. I don't want to swim without a witness. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Levis- Annual LCR Riddler Convention

Riding in circles, heckles, laffs, confusion, all trails backwards, bears that growl in 3's...

We sort of swept the weekend. Heath wins the Morc backwards climb deal (FYI- as long as he is Red Squirl he is still Ricoh/ LCR). Levis, Jim gets the gold on the jeffyoung climb after wanting to quit.

We didn't have an elaborate points system, nothing on paper, or camera, just witnesses. We did get some other failures on camera thow. See the croppies flop.

Toad road, looking for the path of most resistance;

Funny how cross country mtb looks so feeble on camera... ha.

If only we lived in BC. Big hit... Ya right who we fooling.

One more of the Hacks going for the most difficult...

Oh. forgot to mention. new rule. anything on a fatbike don't count.

Left my gold medal for the reverse teeter in the back of Funkes pickup. Didn't count.

vids courtsy of Bush.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Clutch RD, Winter Tested?

As I was admiring the Pug makeover the mind started to wander...

Marvelous... But?
Wonder if any of them 'top secret'/ 'prototype'/ 'bike industry' type testers ever ran one of one these RD's in conditions that we (LCR riddlers) gravitate towards? I say 'we', because the winter riding we do might not be the sort of riding you do. Ever been on an LCR winter ride? Then you know...

I can see it now, that knuckle frozen solid.

"Jack... How am I going to thaw this out???"

"Hey Jim! Where you going, I need help!!!"

"What am I going to do le Goat?"

"Start walking", She'd say.

LCR Riddler convention coming up.
Pleased with the roster of usual suspects and fresh meat.

Note- the Jeffyoung climb only counts when starting from the bottom.
The Jim method don't count.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ride around til you break something...

When your rigid SS feels like an FS...

Creek. Creek. Snap.
5 min in to a 2 hour ride, JRA. At this point walking out wasn't bad. I don't believe in luck, but I was lucky here. Failure could have put me on the ground/ not walking out.

Con- I ride the SS approx 10 times per year and only in the Fall/ Winter. This was ride #2.

Pro- Lifetime warranty per Charles and Co at Behind Bars.

Learn something new every day- If a creek is not consistent with pedal stroke or crank torque, you've got something worse brewing than a shot BB.

History- Reminded of the first time when Dr Pete made me take a seat before laying the bad news on me...

Facts- I've had 5 failed frames. 3 other successful repairs, 1 Al non heat treated repair, 2 steel repairs/ 1 successful weld right in middle of 40 mile ride. Out-Fox!

Sort of numb to it now, they all break. I'm no where near the Goat in failures, last count I heard was well over 20. Trek knows the Goat.

Monday, September 23, 2013


More of the 'learn something new every day' theme... Saturday-

  • 6:58 AM Rock Lake Road- Cheers to Salsa Tim & Salsa Joe
  • 7AM Rock Lake Road Lead Out- #1 pimps me at first to the woods. no way... 
  • Rock Lake Trail- Too much air, stop twice to deflat, give up spots. rookie
  • Rock Lake Trail- Chase group blows by turn, 1 mi to N32
  • Glacier Trail- I don't trust the pack naviation skills getting us back on course. Stop. Fumble around for a couple minutes with tulip notes only to succumb to chase group chase. Too early to burn the matchbook. rookie
  • Patsy Trail- What? Is that Jack ahead of me?
  • Namakogon Trail- Catch Tri-flow, Ek and company. Rode that one round log. 
  • Namakogon Trail- blow a spoke, then flat. I spend way too much time trying to complete a root cause failure analysis on why I flatted. But, no more flats would be had. 
  • Rock Lake Trail- Heath going backwards. Out with a broke seatpost.
  • Rock Lake Trail- Catch Jack again.
  • Hildebrandt Trail- Catch Eddie, tell him to follow me over my rock. I don't think he did.
  • Hildebrandt Trail- The swamp skinny is the best. You ride it?
  • Rock Lake Road- 3.5 hours in, seeking motivation, finding none.
  • Snowmo Trail- Catch Rocket working a low tire.
  • Danky Dank Trail- Never been. Sweet trail! Skipping a tricky looking skinny, haunted me for the whole road ride South.

Danky Dank Skinny- tricker than it looks.
  • Telemark Road- No bait. Wanted to turn around for that skinny.
  • Janet Road- Dropped a bag from my pocket with $20 in it. Stopped and went back to get it. Catch Horns and a 29 Single on a FS geared. 
  • Hatchery Trail- Finally some singletrack. Back in race mode.
  • Hatchery Trail Head- Check Point. Jacks salami sandwich was the ticket. Lube chain, mix bottles, pop salt pills and point out to B Ragowski what 'no shame' means in LCR speak.
  •  Hatchery Trail- Feeling good, back in race not wander mode.
  • Makwa 'means bear' Trail- More racing. Reeled in 4 of the 6 I crossed paths with at check point. It was the sandwich.
  • OO- Quick picnic, then hard crash going into Seely Pass. Yard sale. Thought I dodge a bullet when I was mobile and bike shifted/ wheels spun. But, broke off lockout, fork spring loaded to locked position. Rest of race rigid. Felt like I was wondering not racing.
  • Seely Pass- Besides sucking eggs trying to shake cobwebs and riddling over the broke lockout, all was good. Had to redo the 60' skinny. Had to make that skinny. How often does one ride skinny's with 80 miles in the legs?
  • Ojibwa Trail- No suspension was a treat. Saw the Wizard. I think he was taking down the course markers towards the end.
  • Finished shy of 5PM. Do the math, just under 10 hours of circling. 
  • 4 Cheq 100's, 4 finishes. Very few on that list I believe. Ride time? I don't know. No computer, no garmin, just the woods. I figure with the mechanicals, 17 pee breaks, 1 yard sale, and 2 picnics probably an hour not moving.
  • Race raised over $10K for trails. 250 people that signed up on the interweb in 48 hours. Less than a 100 showed up. So easy to click a mouse to commit. No shows, you missed a great day on the bike.
Sunday's learning, decode Danky Dank. This time next year Cable Trails will be connected with Rock Lake/ Namakogon Trails. 

Next years race, pack your lights. 

Oh, what I learned on Fri, don't drive 35W to N Iowa on the weekend.

Thanks Volunteers & race Sponsors (Salsa, Milltown Cycles, WTC, Twin6, ACF, Rivers Eatery, and CAMBA)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Learn something new every day...

What I learnt yesterday...

In prep for the 'Queen of Dirt' (roadies call good road rides 'queen stage', that makes Cheq100 Queen of Dirt, right) checking over the Mamasita, a bit of play in the XTR pedals. Uh oh. Last think I want is to be trying to pedal a bicycle in the Cheq forest for 100 miles on the axle alone. You ever tried that?

Whaat will I learn today?

How about tomorrow?

Check your pedals for axle slop.

I'll have my grease zerk gun with if you want to borrow it tonight. But I wont be packing that for the 100 miles tomorrow. Sorry.

8 for life.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

South Mtn- In the oven

You know that blast of hot air you get when pulling a frozen pizza from the oven? Well I come to learn that's what biking in the AZ mountains are like in Sept, like your face is in the oven.

Kona Satori meet Marge Simpson

Random thougths on AZ and elsewhere;
  • Gecko's have a quicker acceleration, but they couldn't keep my pace.
  • South Mtn- limitless rock playgrounds
  • National-Mormon-Ridgeline-Holbert-Corona-[lost for a few]-Desert Classic
  • A good rainstorm in the desert erodes just the same
  • Multiple 1000' elevation drops (or climbs) in less than a mile
  • Triple digit temps will suck you dry
  • Way more bikes on the easy trails. I don't get it.
  • 1/2 Lb of Slime almost seals up a sidewall gash
  • Sun sets earlier on the east end of the western time zone
  • Heath. Understood. National-Alta loop. Darkness. Large picnic lunch required.
  • Rents good bikes right next to trails:  Cactus Bikes
  • They (AZ bike culture) scoff at fatbikes, but there are some good fat lines after a rainstorm. Rocks scattered, rutts, sand piles, trails eroded, up the downhills, bushwack lines. 
  • Kona Satori; First extended time on a 29r FS. Was impressed in part due to shorter chain stay, bike is not a standard 29r wagon.
  • Chris Horner find the fountain of youth? Ya right.
  • Cheq Fat Tire, what'd I miss? (Congrats Sis, I think you are president)
  • CHEQ100, packing a lunch, would be nice to have what I had a little over a month ago, but if not I'll suffer just the same, and I'll have some Skirts there to share in the misery.
  • CHEQ100, course marked or not? Come on Salsa, 'adventure by bike', course marking not required.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Activated carbon have a shelf life?

Me, "Jack. Nice. You getting ready for the cold..."

Jack, "Nope. Them wrappers been in there for 2 years."

Pirate ship. One heater. One wrapper.

Jack loved my Murphy loop. Eddie riding fast for a Riddler with scar tissue in odd spots.

Plastic skinny backwards for a beach bum named Jim.  

Next- South Mountain in some real heat! (excited mark)

Heat... Reminded of a time the Goat was telling a story about scorpions while we were taking a break on Troy Built Trail in Fruita. Goat picks up a rock, screams and jumps 10 feet, sure enough there sat a scorpion in the attack position. The Goat was gone.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Log Of Death X (w/ no front brake)

Larry- 1

Log Of Death X had it's way with me until I realized my struggles were due to what you hear on video (squeeling front brake/ no stopping power).

Team Ricoh Law of Physics- Lack of stopping power on the front end results in skidding on the back end. When on downhill logs of skinny, results will beat you down.

Here are two of six fails:

Why is it that cross country mountain biking looks so weak on film...

The 2x6's wobble... perfect.

I heart Mammmath.

Farm Team- Skull loop getting blocked off by bow hunters thinking stick piles on the trail will stop a Riddler...

Note- JBush was my witness.

Next- Throw sticks and stones at MotoYoung for a Laboring day...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cooked/ Not Cheated

You know your cooked when off the start you try and ramp it up only to realize you could be hypnotized by staring at your front wheel in combo with a steady drop in heart rate instead. All I kept thinking was how could a 16 mile Mont Du Lac MN Series race seem way longer than a 100 miler? 

I don't like to cheat myself, therefore leading up to the race all I did was beat myself to a pulp. That beating incorporate the best trails of MN and WI, Chequamegon- Duluth. 

Wednesday, Cheq OO North on new Seeley Pass to Ojibwa and return, 4 hr tour. Outstanding! Thursday, Rock Lake- Hildebrandt both ways- Wilson- Patsy- Namekogon, 4 hr tour, best 4 hour loop there is around. Friday, rondayvo with some beloved Sisters for the new Spirit Mtn DH trails (worthy of your visit), and the best 7-8 miles of trail in MN, PIEDMONT. Saturday, Du Lac pre-ride plus the DH ride/ no race= sally's (odd the DH more groomed than XC), Hartley Park, and Lester...  

Reward for riding the gnar at Piedmont

Sunday rolled around we all mumbled about going back to Piedmont. Well we are all suckers for the racer boi thing, so we did played our rolls (mid and backpackers, wheel breakers, riddlers, and sandy baggers) instead. MN SERIES RESULTS

ho hum. Sandy Bags' guy

Note- The Mamasita held up well on the DH and the Piedmont gnar. No wheel taco's, all true. Thanks Random Bikes! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Cuyuna Rusty RACE & spray tan

I'm not one to save it for race day. This week I tried it though and cheated myself out of a good story or three at Buck... But. Had a good ~100 mile day in the saddle at the 2nd annual Cuyuna Rusty Ride (RACE) benefitting MORC and mountain biking.

On paper. 100 mi for 1st.

THANKS MORC, CUYUNA MTB Club, all the volunteers, and some good competition.

I think this buckle would look good on the sheep's head manaquin in the Behind Bars front garage window... 'LCR rules?' ha.

Participation buckle. If I'd have DNF'd, would have handed it back in...

Cuyuna spray tan... people sit in booths and pay for this...

Next year bootie socks to lower the tan line. 

Ya I know... Since when should this Sauber taste any sort of 1st place... It was the friday night all you can eat fish fry at Ya Betcha Bar...

GOOD LUCK to those (Funkemaster and his Guys, & #1) heading to the MDH 100. Keep your head up and on a swivel... I still remember 13 years ago at the MDH, when Luke Nelson biked right into the middle of a herd of cattle, next thing you know stampeed. Didn't phase Luke. ha

Living the bike dream week this week, cept I got something keeping me off the bike. Riddle that...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

WTR. MN Race in WI? Yap.

Hat off to the KORC guys of River Falls. The puzzle they've put together into an MTB trail is worthy. A mix of most anything you'll encounter on an mtb xc trail in MN/ WI. Trail is certainly worthy of a stop in prior to or after a trip farther east into enemy territory...

My sort of race warm up on the non race stuff...

1 for 1 on Tues, 1 for 12 today. Almost tore my RD off too... ha.
 Another gift of a good day to race. Conditions perfect off the start. Carnage up the funnel climb, to a dust bowl of epic proportions on the top (can I re-nig on my perfect conditions, bring on the rain I prayed). I've raced many a dust races but I've never had one where I started to convulse during a drink attempt. Laughed after the fact, all this bike dust inhalation, we are all going to have some sort of odd silicosis lung disease in 20 years... I can see it now, bunch of old coots with O2 tanks and wheel chairs durbying...

Anyhow, fast trail keeps you honest with nicely pinned trees on the lower edge of the trails. You want to widen the trail, you'll pay the price... Rode for the majority with Young Basco brother Kasey, lad has some bike skills... First time for bee sting to the hand while in death grip on an off camber. Had to take the bee abuse until I could remove hand from bar for fear of superman into the sticks. Yelled to MattHowie 'bee's are attacking'. Guy behind me commented 'you are biking in the woods Larry.' Ha.

Interested in the... RACE RESULTS

Shift gears back to Sat...
'Pseunami Slide'. Kid partay. Slide was more thrills than you'd think. Superman launch like a bullet into a 3' deep pool. Kept thinking this is almost worthy of the Squirl Clan winter bobsled course... Talking about renting it again as end of summer rally...

Air blower has to run continuous. Be ready for tripped circuit breakers.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot Buck, Murphy Rhino Race/ Cancer Awareness

Thursday's Buck was a treat. Temps in the 90's, Heat index of 105 or something... Don't get an opp for a beatdown like that around here too often. Add the bonus of the Death Rider beatdown race route (backwards up the washouts)... No chance for getting cheated on this night... BUCK THURS RACE RESULTS

Today. Like I typed before, no better reason to ride/ race your bike then something greater than riding/ racing your bike... Rhino foundation, 5 hour race at Murphy... Great reason, great trail, great swag, and great grapefruit beers. Habs???

7 laps. 6 for 7 on the plastic skinny. Curve log in the weeds 1 for 3, first time clean (Gregerio witness). Second lap the Hulk was doing combo hot laps with Wonder Woman, went for the pass as I was lining up for the skinny, he went down going for the pass, I basically flopped off the log into the weedy brush wondering 'what happened to my little Bro?' ha. He was good, so was I... Continue on.

5 Hour Pirate
STATS- #1 with the victory. But Johnson and Funke tie for the gold medal (Herman rode from home, the BC-AllStar did 2 laps before the race start/ MDH training). Wondertwins hot lapped it up. Horns, Rocket, Bush, and le Pirate were not cheated, neither was I.

NOTE- (Donna LeTourneau, Ollie Busie, Glennis & Ron Youngbauer, Rita Poppitz). Registration form had a column for people you'd like to honor during the event... Certainly left an impression on my brain during and after the biking.

4th place reward. Jar of Jack's pickles. 

Another note- King Buzzo and friends at Grumpy's today... Dangit. Wonder if Charles and Co represented? Mudhoney when the sun goes down...

Cancer sucks.

Monday, July 15, 2013

De-taco'd at Lester Park

I'm getting good at un-taco'ing front wheels. Much better at that then truing them the legit way. Pushing dead weight in various dungeons of my youth pays off once in a blue moon.

Maybe I should write up a 'how to un-taco a bike wheel' and put it on the interweb. On the web, has got to be truth and must work. Right.

Even better. I could contract these 13 year olds that I know that are into putting videos of themselves playing Mindcraft on U-tub into taping me slamming front wheels off the ground...


You'll find me at the bottom of the list... But they don't publish the DNF's. My taco truing technique wouldn't have helped Eddies mess. It does have it's limitations.

Swapping stories with Jack. The rim wasn't really legit taco'd. Taco would be a full fold of the wheel. This was more of a ripple'd chip or frito of the rim.

NOTE- I was scolded for having mud on my bike at the race... Yeah I pre-rode on Sat. Yeah in the mud. Sorry. I'm not hard wired to the interweb for trail updates nor do I have a shock collar keeping me away from any sort of supersaturated/ wetted soil. The modern age of mountain biking has many pro's and a con or two...

Up next- need me a new or modified front wheel for Saturday and the Rhino Rally MTB Race at Murphy. There is no better reason to ride/ race your bike then doing it for something greater than riding/ racing your bike.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Like shearing a sheep

It's been 4 years but I folded. Temporarily eliminated the hassles of coming home imbedded with dirt and bugs caught in the hair traps. Time to shave up. Actually when confronted as a 'leg shaver' I combat that with 'I clip'. In reality, I shear.

Pro's, con's, and why?;


  • Can't blame me for the knats flying around the house
  • Less risk of messing up the fancy couch
  • Easier to clean out the wounds
  • I look even more like my brother
  • Dirt rolls off with the sweat 
  • Tick spotting
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Inverse body mullet 
  • Seriously, it doesn't make you any faster
  • Doesn't make me feel any faster either
  • Clip, cut and Shear only. Razor smooth, nope.
  • 'Cheesehead Roadie' 
  • Stranger's at the gym ask "do you do triathelones?'
  • Dawn not pleased, stopped the shearing madness short of the nether region.  Hair remains from there and above. 
  • Taking this bike thing a wee bit serious aren't we? 
  • If you really want to get fast read Tyler Hamilton's book. BB's and edgar. Never mentioned once anything about leg shaving.  

Why do you do it?

Unless it's to rid yourself of bugs and dirt, it really makes no sense.

Sense pays the bills, but doesn't pedal the bikes any quicker. Shear on...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Parade Log/ 4th

{LCR blog edition} Jacmay finding and riding logs at last weeks parade...

Parade Log & Nail. photo by Jim

I wasn't there. But I got a couple good stories out of it...

See the nail in the log? Riding said log, don't let visual fixation take ahold of you... ha

4th of July, God bless the USA!
Intersting read...LINK  BUY AMERICAN and support your LBS.
My link answer. A 5 way tie. Intense, Thomson, White Ind, Chris King, and Park Tool MN.

A parade I was at, these guys are certainly a rival to LCR...

Shriner parade derby

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stinkin Hanger/ Buck MN Series

Couple days ago. JRA (in the rain), I like log skinny's, but I don't levitate. Rear end slides off log. Dreaded RD noise. Rain increases, so does noise. Stop and assess. Hanger tweeked. That's easy, I have spare at the parkin lot. In midst of on the fly/ in the rain hanger swap realize the 1MM hex head was stripped on install. What!?!

1mm hex. Seriously?

I don't get this hanger? For an MTB, why 1MM bolts?  This is an MTB hanger, not road. Dangit.

Buck MN Series today. Perfect day, 5 Miles from north iowa, I was due and got no excuse... Recovered from 10K? Not really.

Surely the longest 1:27 min race in some time. 6 laps, full throttle, nowhere to hide. Started strong, faded. Pretty much the opposite of what I typically do... MN SERIES RESULTS LINK

Johnson gets the point. Rode from home. Raced. Rode home.

Young Tim. What's that on the back of your helmet? ".... Larry..." What?

NOTE- Day 4 after my first 10K in 20 years was the worst. Had to resort to walking backwards down the stairs... Still feeling it in my left knee. But at race pace it's numb. I will race a 10K again this year, but I ain't training for it. Bring the run pain.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

10K run, more hurt than 100 mile MTB race?

Cheq100 canceled. Go run my Honey's first 10K with Her then.

Fundraiser race for Children's cancer research WORTHY.

Haven't ran more than 3 miles since I started mountain biking 20 years ago. Will it hurt tomorrow? Rigormortis already settin in...

No bars. Behind Shoes?

St. Paul Farmer's market, incredible local growers we have. "Herbman", Riddler from north iowa region. Wonder if he'd sponsor LCR?

I want one of them hats...

Up next... TBD. If I have to move backwards up and down stairs not sure I will make it to Red Wing MN MTB series race... Dangit, one of my favorite trails...

But.  Jack's challenge, completed.

3 blogs in a row... Way too much time on hands.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A soaked Cheq100 attempt

According to the Team Ricoh official rain total cherry bowl we got 4" of rain in 18 hours.

4" in the cherry bowl at Lake Namekagon SP CG

Came home not cheated though...

Jack got the gold, he out waited me to tap out.

and I still forgot the chammy butter.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

MSP to SFO via walking. What? Check it...

Came across a local who got an idea to walk from Lakeville to San Francisco...
LINK- Seeing it Slowly dot com or see my riddler list on the side.

Similar theme to one 'Alexander Supertramp'. Wonder what Dick Pronneke would say?

The walk cause is commendable... My opinion, this feat would be way tougher than doing it via bicycle. Biking fun, walkin, not so much.

Cheq100... Peace of cake compared to walking for 5 months. Still got to finish though. And don't eat the berries.

Wet lube, check...

Chammy butter, check...

Salt pills, check...

Jack in, check... Race? Told him we might just hold hands instead, and collect points and in the end award the gold medal. Maybe we'll just have a presidential overtaking and make this the election since none of Team Ricoh bothers with the fat tire 40 these days.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Giant Sand Dune/ Shing Wako

This has got to be the largest sand dune east of Moab... Or at least this side of the real Iowa. The Warbird had not chance, even with the Ti.

sand pile so large can't fit into camera range.

A little cabin time with Dawn and the kids... Shing Wako, "White Pine" says the natives. Low profile resort on Lake Edwards (where QPete was hatched) 10 miles north of Brainerdt. What did Baxter do to get all the spotlight these days?

2 feisty large mouth bass and one slow carp

Rode all the stuff with redo's and backwards packing at Cuyuna. Minus Timbershaft, the most worthy trail is the Demo Trail. Don't let the name fool you. Biggest scree pile to ride, largest on trail rock fling, and a rock stacker that always seems to give me difficulty. One of them deals where I ride it until I clean it or something breaks.

Dawn took the kids to Paul Bunyan state trail for a jog and kid energy burn. Mixed results, jog accomplished, but a straight/ flat/ no turtles to save, led to a less than enthusiastic kid posse.

Had a family day on the Cuyuna trails too. A bit of something for all. Locals still don't take to bicycles and lacra all that well. My party of 4 learned not to stare the local Riddler in the eye when they are on their way into the liquor store. ha

Note- The roots are starting to get exposed through the red dirt. Don't kill the roots Cuyuna, don't kill the roots.

Do you have your wet lube packed for Cheq100?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Buck World + Cuyuna Race= Good times/ Square pedaling

A bit more intensity of late. Sub par, no excuses, just getting whupped. As long as no DNF, pleased. Get back to the feet for the next round.

Thurs, Buck World week #4. Unvailed the new LCR lacra. No bike culture here, LCR is jim-cultured.  Tri-flow and I are now tied 2-2. Next two weeks I'm out. TF, we may have to pick this back up after Cheq100. I'd say we could throw punch's there, but I'm not running no fat for that.


Dales Pale Ale. Would you consider sponsoring this elite group?

3 Dales, 2 J's, 1 Ed, no Larry. Where is the Piratt?

[abbreviate version. Do you like long winded race recaps?]
  • Saturday Cuyuna MTB fest. Jeff 'Moto' or 'Strava' Young and I with a quick trip nort to partake. 
  • Moto Young is part of the elite squad of LCR rookie recruits for 2013. 
  • Race course was basically Mahnomen + connector double track. Expected around 2+ hours and 3 laps, got 1 hour 43 and 2 laps. Even with square pedaling and losing places I wanted a third lap. We made up for it with more biking in Yawkey and Portsmoth.  
  • 100+ racers, something like 30 elite, with a good crop of fast guys to keep pace. Of note, Mr Jay Richards geared up and towed the line. Very pleased, a day will come and he'll be ringing it again.
  • Off start 2 mi of 2 track, funneled into single, dumped out, sprint speed, part of group misses turn back in, we didn't. That summed up race for the winner (LCR Moto Young). He drilled it for 2 laps, I worked up to 2nd spot then faded 6th. Various recaps had the split group ( T Miller, Richards, Richards, Basco Brothers, Hackensack, Martens) with 1-2 min lost. At beginning of race that shouldn't factor much. Moto Young victory legit. The guy bikes like he crushes rock. 
  • Of note- great job making experts take the b line technical traps. Cuyuna Nick witnessed Moto Young tipping over on a skinny while in the lead. That is LCR. No conservative running with your bike, you ride it or you fail. You get up, dust off, try again. Young Basco Brothers caught me with a crappy flop in one of the traps on their way to taking 3-4th spots. Anikin and I worked off each other, he had more in the end. Most impressive was Joe Kjeer, he kicked me off his wheel when he went by me for 2nd place.
  • Thank you Cuyuna MTB Club, may I have another... 
  • Good day on the bike getting a spray tan and a whuppin at Cuyuna. 

1 tank. 2 medals. 1 legit first. 1 warm fuzzy. 

Up next: Cheq100. Looming fear. I've been spinning squares without the distance. Will have to rely on a strong back and tuned out mind to get me thru. That and might need the rest of that bottle of Rock N Roll wet lube that saved me last year.

Note- All you 250 people that were quick to jump in and sign up on the interweb. This isn't anything like the fat tire 40. Pack a lunch. And some wet lube.  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sat Mulch, Sun Mankato

Who needs to preride Mankato when you have a driveway full of this to be moved... Plus, I really hate saving it for race day.

Sat, rest day? Nope. I grew up with a shovel in my hand...
Mankato MN Series race... All my years of driving over to West Central North Iowa, I don't think I've ever witnessed better conditions. Great day to ride a bike, aye. The trail 'is what it is', hasn't changed in 10 years, but for a one time a year deal, good fun. Also found my way down to the new MTB trail along the MN River. Fun little loop. Thanks to the locals that move the dirt along the banks of the Muddy.


My showing... What do the kids say for lackluster, 'meh'... Had fun, gave it when I could, riddled over my slipping seat post and rear wheel squish (turned out to be broken spokes). I do like the made over Mamasita with the Reba RLT thru maxle, so much less flex on the front of a 29.

Up next? It's all training for Cheq100, which is training for my Aug living the bike dream week. Haven't pulled the trigger on back to back 100's, but want too. Also got a title to defend at Levis in July, dang wish it was in Oct.  

The Ice Champ kitted up for the first time... From stealth to "LCR!"

Note- Jack calls, "Monday, Mammmath, 4:15." I say, "whatdoyoumean. Easy to call out when you weren't racing today"... And the Sat bromance with Jim don't count even if you guys got soaked.

Friday, May 31, 2013

The failures of Quinn B Larsen at Buck #3

In team Ricoh fashion, fail. fail. fail.

  • Quinn B doesn't take to the pressures of work well. Process Hazard Analysis over lunch, but no lunch. Race on empty? What? Panic.
  • Starting 2 min back is even more of a challange/ like starting off your back in wrestling, good. Attempt a pass on rider X to stay on wheel of a determined Triflow, into the sticks goes Quinn B with Pugs... Bad moves on passing/ matches burnt + no overdrive = Couldn't lessen gap + game over. Dangit.
  • Beat by Triflow and them new skinny-fat rims. fail
  • Jimmay test riding a carbon fatbike, no wheelie, comments to self/ kept mouth shut, Quinn B missed the first Fat loser free beer. fail
  • Didn't bring any Dales Pale Ale/ Eddie beer. fail. 
  • It's Larsen with an E. fail
Note- Will Jim take his turn next week? Says he's hanging up the Fat for the summer. I think he's just mad he got beat by the Sisters. Quinn B fill in?

'Looking for my lost shaker of salt...'

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Buck World #2

We've been living in a water world. Weather parted on Thurs for a perfect night of hot laps at Buck; RESULTS: BUCK RACE LINK

Fat for FOUR laps. First fat to finish (3 lap don't count yet in LCR world), but youngMax still got me, dangit. 33lb Pug, running original husker bricks, nothing on it is light, no secrets, no insider info, just a battering ram, I like Surly. As things break or fall apart I'd like to get under 30lb's, that's my plan.

Next week. Change is good. Bringing it. Only one at a time thow.

No wheelie can Jim do. He met his match.

Wait, I have one tech tip, run a rock ring on your fat. Much pleasure in the bash.

Levis on the brain. To do, toad road, cliffhanger, porky point, sidewinder, all backwards.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Buck World #1

Your a racer boy, or curious about the whole racing deal? Buck is the best way to cut your teeth. No doubt you will leave pleased on Thursday nights.

Every year Penn Cycle pulls off the best mtb racing in the state at the most marginal trail in the state. How is that? It's a mix of family fun, intensity, and weeknight chillax.

Results are here: RACE RESULT LINK

Penn added a 'fatbike' class at 3 laps. Only 4 people partook. There was more fats in the 4 lapper. Believe I was the first fat across the line. If they'd just run it with the 4 lappers I'd have signed on. Not in it for the podiums or prizes. It's all about the suffer fest and fighting through the chaos and bottle necks, that's what makes you faster, not your ego. 

I do understand Penn's point of view, they are trying to get more beginners/ fats out on the Buck Hill and sand. So you Fats, come on out. There isn't really any disadvantage to running your fat at Buck. 

Note- Triflow, right back at ya...

Note 2- Sunday MN Series race, St Croix Wooley. Weather looks iffy at best. Excuses that come to mind; don't damage the trails, price of gas is crazy, new chain on the bike and crazy Joel has my chain tool, something around the house is going to break this weekend, and my favorite/ I don't want to melt in the rain.

Primus is coming to town...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Refuse to DNF/ Sandwich 50

First, in my mind there is no worse taste than a DNF. When you push thru a mechanical (either bike or body) it's just as rewarding as any podium. Today was one of them days.

First legit ride on modified Mama had me riddling in many facets. Eventually I paid the price, was riding somewhere 5-7th, lap 4 (2hrs +) shooting breeze with fast guy Caleb, shifted late on steep up and 'crunch'. Spent 5 min thinking it was the RD, walked a bit insted of bending that RD, the next 5 trying to get my rusted chain tool to work and 20 min breaking and quick linking the chain. Way too long, but I was not going to walk it out. No way. Nope.

Got going again, pleased to be 30 min down but on the bike. Reeled in a bunch including the 'Ice Champ'. Not sure where I finished (9th?/ 19th?/ 29th? something with 9), only thing I looked at on the results was Horn'd DNF'd off the start. He would not be denied. Drove back to Kris-tol, got other bike, went to Hillside with his paper plate #666 and got his fix. LCR gave him the sickness. Point.

I had said less effort in this blog. Token Pic. Chain is now scrap.
Hat off to Crazy Joel. Going out for lap 7, threaten the Mayo'ians 'you guys going to be here when I finish right!' Refuse to quit. Worthy.

Kurke/ Tri-Flow/ Volunteers (Gal freezing behind the computer)/ Roch Velo- 'thanks for the beatdown'... Great trails, chili, brats, Iowa wind, and swag. Very Hillside like but tighter and just as much junk to ride. I rode all of what caught my eye. At race pace, even more consequence with failures, bliss.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mama Swap

Finally retired the original 08 Mama frame for the backup 11 Mama frame I've had collecting dust for the last 2 years. I didn't give the 08 Mama enough credit when I found a nice sized dent in the down tube [1], let alone the bond streak everybody took for a crack back in 09. Then the mass exodus of Mama frames. I didn't want to deal with the warranty run around plus the bike was good at chopping wood. You don't worry about cosmetics when all you do is chop wood.

One ax for another
I will miss the 08 Mama. 5 plus years of splitting wood. She finally gave out when Young Max told me  a new RD and hanger wasn't doing the trick, she still wasn't square. The rear drops/ triangle have morphed. But you know what, she went down with a fight, not a cosmetic bond streak...

Note- This blog will see even less effort. The stories aren't great, I'm no fast guy or 'look at me' type, long winded training plans/ nope, unfolding paragraphs of race details/ boring, or somebody people should listen too because I know all things bike. I'm just a hack that gravitates to the misphits and ricoh suavey's of the bike cultured. I do like to suffer tho, and laff at/ with my sisters, and those that speak the language, I'll type about that...

Picnic anyone? Eat bread at a Richy Race, or head to the Mayo district of Iowa for a bacon sanwich in the city park wit a few Shifties.  Then on Sunday, don't forget your Mom, not to be confused with a biked Salsa Mama...

[1] Integrity of dent, if it acts like a pop can, you can't trust it. If no flex, ride on. Check for flaking paint as well. I have a bike known as 'the pop can'. The Goat will tell you the story, in person only, ask her about electronic comm and she gets angered.

Friday, April 26, 2013

"How Many?"

"Four." [1]

A week of Disney and I still couldn't figure these guys out...

The Duck Brothers

I finally ask the expert, "Madeline, who are these guys?"
"They are Donald's brothers," said a savvy 8 year old.

Visit the Epcot giant ball, decode your future...
What. No bikes in my future? Bunk.

"How'd we end up in scuba gear under the sea? Suppose to be on dirt, pedaling a bike."

Highlights: Dopey dwarf confused in the disney parade, underwater hippo's, Fastpass, terror tower, dinner in cinderella's castle, Banana River lagoon boat tour & manatee's nursing off the storm water discharge, Dude and I body surfing Cocoa Beach/ the girls shell hunting, no bikes for a change, surprised by Mary Poppins, fake safari, Village People live, aerosmith roller coaster, very odd disney hospitality, Grills Bar & Grill Cocoa Beach, E Pass toll roads, sun/ sunburn's, witnessed you stare boss silverback gorilla in the eye and he will charge you (a Stock brother?),

Lowlights: shut out gator spying, pirates of caribbean, haunted mansion, Epcot feed bag not near state fair worthy, no Kennedy Space Center or Seminole Ranch SP (that's where the gators are at), I missed out at a shot at the pugsley long jump world championship powered by LCR

Note: the lung weeds have been eradicated. I have other excuses thow.
Note 2: Got the April winter blues... Whatever. GO RIDE A BIKE. Rant complete.

[1] Get it??? All you Disney vet's should... If no, then go experience the "How Many?"

Friday, April 12, 2013


Weeds ain't dying quick enough... (excuse, no result, cheated)

Hat off to all of you hard men and women that giggle at a little adverse weather. Dick Proenneke worthy! Wilson. You know what to do with my ROK. Defend it, or give it up to the most worthy farm dog on the loose.

Off The Grid for a while... I leave you with the next big thing. Look out pop world.

Must dust off for the next target... MNMTB Series opener, Buck Hill May 5th. Can't believe I'm saying that, but 'it is what it is', right Ed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This program is no good.

Day 5 (cont.)- That 'new program' I was boasting about... Yap. Failure.

I hope this lung weed killer works in the next 3 days...

Tri-Flow, can you hook me up with one of them there masks for Sat?

Angered. Almost as much as when I got lost that one year. I'm not part of the Ragnarok Finishers Club anymore. Lost at Ragnarok year 5 (or 6?). How many Rags or Roks have we done? I can't keep that math straight.

Day 6- No Clutch. Dangit. Really hoping this lung weed killer works. Putting aside an ax for a dull knife on Sat and changing out tires. You?

Day 7- TBD. Pacing, hacking, circling, and second guessing are for sures. No excuses thow. "It is what it is", right Ed.

Got nothing else. So listen to this. "Gravel Road" by Clutch. In town tonight.  I'm not going, but Hornd is. New album, Earth Rockers, Clutch been slinging it for 20 years. Fly under the radar rock n roll (like LCR), lasts a lot longer than the flash in the pans.

Oh, one thing. Maybe it was the roadie chase down that Eddie baited me into that sealed my fate that day? Nothing like seeing the startled look on a pseudo pro kitted up roadie when he's caught by a bunch of hacks covered in dirt and buzzing knobbies. RICOH.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

'New Program'

Been on a 'New Program' for the past 4 days, it's called "Sick as a Dog"...

Day 1- Get caught 2 hours out in a rain/ snow downpour. Drenched, no rain gear, one of them rides where you wring out your gloves when you get done, then shiver and convulse for an hour. The 'new program' kicks in that night.

Day 2- 'New Program' in full effect, but still mobile enough to follow my girls around the mall prepping for Disneyworld. Mall walk is Disney prep.

Day 3- 'New Program' testing, did not want to get cheated on a ROK ratio Cannon Falls/ Qpete ride of 52mi, 4400' climb. Targeted 6 hrs, got 3.5hrs thanks to New Program benefits. B-day gift/ LCR baptism for the Funke-master...

Lacra Cowboys, in a ghost town... 

Here is a blog post of it's own sometime when I'm not shaking from the poison I've got...

Secret back yard trap... 
Day 4- Horizontal for 16 hours, movement, horizontal for 4 more hours. New Program results are seen from Day 3...

Day 5- TBD. Targeting a doctor visit and a change to this now 'not so new program'. This program may show some weight loss for Ragnarok, but with looming weather a couple extra pounds of insulation may be needed.

NOTE: Wilson. I want my ROK back. My fight for it started on day 1 of this program of mine. Results TBD. If I fail, recall the ROK goes to the person that most reflects a wild farm dog let loose to attack, recover, attack, repeat.

Go over here for some L-M-L Recap of sorts:  L-M-L Link, Leftovers

Friday, April 5, 2013

Warbird Ti- First take...

A new tool to chop wood... Some say whipp, I say ax.
Not sure how the Salsa Boys came up with this name... Anybody?
First take,

  • Not sure it'll make me any faster, but it will keep me on the bike longer... 
  • Titanium soaks up the gravel rutts, and random farm tracks. 
  • Geometry of a road bike with clearance works.  
  • That's all I can come up with, it's just a road bike... That will last. 

Random. Danzig singing the blues about whips. He's got many an ax song too.

You don't know Danzig... Whatdoyoumean?!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

L-M-L Shots

Captured by LCR Sister Chris Gibbs/ C5 Adventure Photography Link--

Hear that? Harry's Cafe...
Play the Blues... Click it while you scroll... 

Not cold for long...

Yes, it does end.

Wait up? Nope.

Milltown or bust it!
LCR likes rutts.
"Come on Jack, I wont let you get cheated."

Wonder Woman will borrow a gel, then drop you.

Quality family time...

"Fats in the city"

Garrett Ave mud ride...
Low five for Behind Bars!

Good times... Many other pics out there... Check out the C5 link or on the facebooks.