Thursday, June 23, 2016


The term 'epic' is thrown around loosely these days, but what defines it? In my mind it at least has to encompass the following; 1- has the potential that you might not return (ever), 2- point to point, 3- time in the saddle that makes you question your sanity, 4- trails that require worthy MTB skills/ singletrack, 5- doesn't involve a bus ride back to the start.

The Chequamegon 100 put on by Advocate Cycles/ Green Tunnel/ The Krueger's is the crème de la crème of point to point 'epic' MTB races in MN/ WI.  RESULTS LINK

I failed at attempt for Top 10, but was pleased that I saw the Wizard in Ojibwe.

'Thanks' goes to the folks that are CAMBA. The trail additions in the last 10 years are nothing short of fantastic.

It was obvious Mr Pramann witnessed the Wizard in Ojibwe too....

Long bike ride survival-

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Locked out? What?

Life is full of firsts... When you have one, for the most part, embrace it.

Two hours prior to the start of the Marathon MTB race at Detroit Lakes, was locked out of the motel room. When I say 'locked out', I mean the motel staff couldn't even break in the room... Ha

Almost had to resort to a cartoon worthy escape out the 2nd floor window with a ladder... Would have been more worthy had we kept bikes in the room...

Shift to race-
Detroit Lakes Mountain Rec Area, new trails worthy of your attention and ride. Some people worked real hard to create some 'flow' trails and maintain the old school trails way out back...

The race for me was a buzz kill, at the starting line they modified and pulled out the old school trails and shortened the race. I went from amped to 'ok then, another hot lap mind numbing 3 hour sport race'. My guy the Pirate went so far as to get out of the starting shoot and go get his money back- another first.

In the end, wasn't cheated, the trails were soft, slick, and some mud, so that was enjoyable... Had no 5th gear, kept looking down at pain of the black/ blue calf from Thurs at Buck. My bike had me in a leg lock, with one of the Hillside guys applying pressure by falling on top of me... I tapped out. But finished the race in a huff... Lame on my part.

Race results- LINK

Note- I do appreciate the Series folks replying to my request to make the Marathon course diverse. The majority would want as much challenge as possible to be included in a long race.

Up next, Mankato and 4 hours of 20 min sport laps like last year??? That was another first, I wont forget.

Random. These tools rule.

Rogue Hoe shameless plug... If you move dirt, or are farm implement, those tools do it the best.