Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back Door Swamp Ride

Flashback, out my back door into the swamp, 10 miles to Murphy, a loop of the mtb trail and back, and NO ROADS ridden. I'll take that over a hot lap race any day...

Backyard view/ into the swamp/ next stop, Murphy.
Present tense, raced the Carver Lake/ CatFish Cup today... Worthy winter trail. A good sized headcount at the line. Not sure of exacts other than was done in by Queen Bee aka Horned and a handful of others. Winter power not at the fingertips this year, many excuses, hoping to tap it soon once I lay off the pain/ my own version of crossfit. Result didn't count anyhow, was running the elite Jim Tires... Not quite lance doping, but in LCR world it don't count... Thanks Jimmmay.

Note: Flash backwards, found out the N45 boots are water proof as long as you pull your foot back real quick, and tap dance.

CAUTION: Late March, snow is gone, trails are muck, no trip west, might as well race yourself into shape... LML RACE LINK

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lakeville-Milltown-Lakeville- Race is ON.

Well, I got people I don't know wanting in... Guess it's time to make it legit.

You looking for something that is going to hurt, and put a smile on your face 3 weeks prior to the Ragnarok Spring Classic?

Sat Mar 23rd, 8AM. 80+ Mi, mostly gravel with surprises.

Want to check out N Iowa in a fresh new way? Never heard of Shieldsville MN, or the oasis of Cedar Lake? You say you've never biked across a swamp in a race, visited Milltown Cycles, or Harry's Cafe? Here is your chance!

Bonus. Do something for more than just racing your bike... YOU can make a difference.

Well then. Done deal. In. Pack a lunch. Sign up, and come bring it...   CLICK HERE

A good spot right in midst of no man land

Looking forward to the smells of spring... Just keep your mouth closed or you'll taste it.

Brung to you by Milltown Cycles, Harry's Cafe, and me.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Burn It.

I guess I won some xo brakes or something at the Penn River Bottoms race. Couldn't stick around after with the soaked river water pants and no spare change and all...

Was a test of my week long saga with the 5 year old failed studded endos. Brought them back to life with a revamp. Cut the 200 (yap 200) #8's down to a more realistic length, and add a jack liner (slit tube wrapped w/ layer of nylon fabric).

Result, NO FLATS!, velcro grip on all logs/ junk. BUT put it too race pace test and I felt like I was aerating the river bottoms. I had a blast trying to dig holes as I was riding...

200 #8 SS screws/ tire. Over done it and me... Just what I like. 
This attempt is a joke compared to the leading edge riddle technology. Nope not talking about $200+ per tire store boughts. Seeing those tires gives me the same thoughts when I'm driving down the road and see a bmw or audi... Fancy pants!

Leading edge riddle technology... Takes a few bucks, some scraps, bein smarter than you look, time on the hands, and burnin need to one up a sister... I have 3 of 5.

Happy B- Day Richy. Missed your game. I felt the heckles all the way from N Iowa.

Trying to figure out how to post Jim's monster log crash on here. You got to see it. Jim is down. Send him a signal that you care. Or take one of his medals/ collect a point.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ski Doo'd in Zumbro to Hillside

Took out my halftime frustrations on a 1980 Ski Doo Sat night in Zumbrota... Then was handed a wupping equal to what the Vikes got on Sunday... Good time at Hillside, many present, just as many if not more absent... The race and my result got me thinking "what am I training for? [realized] I am not sure."
Click It: Hillside Race Results

Racing with Jim and Neal Broten Cousin, playing for the point, rode the stuff and the winter junk... Game on, but no time bonus. Come on Richy hook up the back packers. Make Heath and Coldbert think 3 times about losing points. Each trail trap worth 15 sec? Keep your own math, turn in at the end... Imagine that riddle. ha

Oscar De le Henge collects a big point on the Farm Team no shows

Note- Training/ target? I shouldn't have been so scart of a 135 mi snomo trail race in early Feb... But I was/ am. One day, but with all the tire and fatbike gadget/ weight weenie options, will it even count? Pramann record stands for infinite, right.

Skillz are not an LCR requirement. 
I need a target besides adding to my Casperson Park loop, cleaning an iced up eagle log, and getting a fresh chex mix backwards... A constant VO2 max has not been tapped for a long time. Got something good, a beatdown, wanna make me pay, send me a signal.

Note 2- This post is mostly me me me, ain't it. Cept Chris Fisher hinted at getting on a fatbike once park racing is over. Imagine that sort of hot lap domination, look out #1. I bet we could coax Fisher into riding the junk (Barry the Chameleon has learned the ways), unlike other fast guys w/ excuses.

Pic's courtesy of HERE

Note 3- Ode to a fallen Snowblind:
"Crystal world wit winter flowers. Turns my days to frozen hours. Lying snowblind in the sun. Will my iceage ever come?" Thanks Charles/ Behind Bars, Surly, Black Sabbath.

Friday, January 4, 2013

LCR 2012 Recap

[most blogs are 'hey, look at me.' I like to think mine is more 'hey look at my guys!']

2012 Year in review:
Horned is the Queen Bee. Nope is our fatbike-fast guy. Jack starts smiling. RZ circus continues strong. Farm Team (Goat, Habs, FD, STH, etc) remains suspicious. Ed comes back from arrowhead. Pirate is the Timbershaft Champ. Qpete finished the Rag. Johson Winston or Winston Johnson?. Stoenhenge turkey day trailwork. Magic a fatbike expert. LCR1 still got it. Coldbert wins Comp. Fox is lurking. Go to Hendricks Clan for squirrel recipe. The Hulk is President. Heath still our guy. Le Mac and Marx Machine speak the language. Rebecca and cross fit. Fisher almanzo. Lil Dave makes multiple appearances. Chuck not as grumpy/ martial arts?. Rocket sharpening the knife. Where is Canada?. D Man needs a bigger bike. Chucks guys do great work. Osow crazier than seems. Ringer and Pink Lloyd make Jim laff. Beth ok after ko?. Gonzalez Gang represent at MN24. Lisa gets Jacks jersey. Stealth Doug appears at leMac Fest. Buell?. Buells guys exit, later. Pied Piper commits.

Ok, what'd I miss? (besides me missing Lazy Dave's riddle race/ Jack neck deep in 9 mile creek?)

Stole this from Goos. Chex Mix. A game Jim and I created. This is forward. Only backwards counts...

There can be more to a waste pile of mulch than you think...