Monday, April 13, 2015

Ragnarök/ Gravel Series Update

Cliff note version of my Ragnarök experience- Attack, check tulip notes, fumble with food, attack, visit with the wizard, repeat.

This race is my target each year. Fits perfect between snow biking and open singletrack riding/ racing. 108 miles, nearly 9000' feet of climbing. With questionable conditions each year, hurts like nothing else in the Spring time. It imprints a 'ROK' tattoo on your brain.

One of my guy's attacking the Rök [pic courtesy of Todd Bauer Photography]
Photo's of the race can be viewed/ purchased at Todd Bauer Photography

As some may know/ other's not, there is a 'north iowa' race series with LML- Ragnarök- Dickie Scramble. Updated scoring (check my math) is on the LML site, see link.

NOTE- the KOM ROK lives... Defend or submit, but bring it...