Friday, December 18, 2015

Ragnarök is coming...

Post card comm is not dead...

Yes misery does love company...

and neither is the Queen of the gravel game...


I will once again be using my abacus to tally results from LML, RÖK, D-Scramble. You are all winners, so you'll get to take your pick from the swag swap box. In fact, the box is still populated from this year's races.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rogue Hoe- the magic wand...

The best tool for trailwork, dirt moving, gardening, and general farm implement activities...

A magic wand if applied correctly... 
Caution: watch your swing, I recon it will take an appendage clean off.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

3-26-16 LML

3-26-16. The vision is for road bikes to do some 'mountain' biking and mountain bikes spending quality time on early spring gravel roads...

Ride it road bike...

Will be riding the 2016 route in the next few weeks, if interested in a preview let me know... The loop includes more than just roads...

No drop ride unless you tap out, or just plain hate it...

The theme for 2016- 'backwards is the real forwards'.

Random. Who is who?/ I wasn't there... "play Burning Beard!" 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Lakeville MTB Trail-

*Seeking interest in a Lakeville MTB trail*

If interested in riding an MTB trail in Lakeville or volunteering to build/ maintain the trail, please contact me.
Trail would be for snow biking as well... 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

To flow or not flow...

I've never actually witnessed the MN Comp class do the same number of laps as the Expert class... At the Lester race there was a buzz going around about that thanks to Stoener's Cousin [I wish I could have taken credit] and Jim took the bait. Confusion. 3 laps is not 4 laps/ simple math can be difficult. Jim raced pro, and he'll never do that again, and I believe him.  

Lester had a lot of flow. I prefer increasing the frustration and the energy sucking of the anti-flow trail. The majority love flow, that's good for the sport and trails, so it's fine by me... Leaves the less traveled trails, less traveled = good.

Bunch of turkeys...

Partook in the Red Wing Series race last week... Working to pay off my superpass registration... Raced the fatbike beater in the expert class, no desire for anything less. The jackhammer affect started working me over eventually. Flipside, climbing Stairway to Heaven was a piece of cake with that much rubber on the ground...


I'm sure TMB will have some great photos posted soon PHOTO LINK. Would make great stocking stuffer's, you should buy some...

Went back to Piedmont for 'recovery' ride, found Home Brew- Kissing Booth trails... Great stuff by COGGS. Got wind of a Duluth Traverse Race... Too bad it's the same day as Jail Trail race...

Seeking some race motivation, may take up more cyclecross this Fall. Give my sister's something more to heckle... They'd show up to see me run with a bike and take points away, one at a time.

Up next, park race practice??? The best is when you trip and fall running around with your bike and some dude walking his dog is totally confused by that...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not racing/ Piedmont

Lacking a lot of mo for the weekend warrior type racing these days... Using any excuse I can muster to avoid having the weekend wrapped up around a bike race...

I'd skip any race to just ride this...

Piedmont double black diamond- no joke

The most worthy trail loop in the state. Piedmont. Stuck inside the Duluth city proper. This trail will hand you a wuppin. Don't drop in unless you have all your faculties or you'll need somebody skilled in urgent care to keep you together.

NOTE: When riding these types of trails it is Team Ricoh style; no pads, XC race bikes, and full on lacra (aka spandex). Did I mention having faculties? Nope.

Clarification- Team Ricoh, one of many factions (aka 'clans') of LCR

Monday, July 6, 2015

Still faster on the Pug...

Hot laps at Buck. 4 laps/ fatbike/ not 3 laps and fatbike class. In it for the grind of getting spit out the back of wherever I'm at, and fighting back [Similar to wrestling when the coach makes you start from your back and fight to your feet]... RACE RESULTS

Running T6 Ti 26lb fatbike missile. In the back of my mind I still think I was faster on the 33lb Pug... Maybe it's the too loud rear hub adding vibration drag?

Random. at Buck.

NOTE: Thursday's at Buck have been by far the most fun racing I have done in the past couple years... Not sure what that means, but you should figure out a way to partake at least once in a blue moon... Good times courtesy of the Penn Cycle show...

Monday, June 22, 2015

'Sting Me!'/ Cheq100 dnf

That Black Crows song rocks... Was the last thing I was listening to as I lined up for the Cheq100. Looking around at my guys sticking ear buds in their heads... "What do you mean."

I'm all for ear buds and I pods on a road bike at low enough volume to pay attention, but on technical mountain bike trails, nope.

Thought to self multiple times in my 3.5 hours/ 37 miles prior to DNF, I don't need no stinkin ear buds and I pod, I got 'Sting meeeee' on repeat in my head.

Eventually pulled the plug for fear of a second crash without any brakes... Pads were completely gone. Had no speed to scrub on that one berm in Danky Dank... Up and over the berm I went... Ended with a slow speed over the bars. Blah blah blah/ excuses. No results.

The funny thing was I was yelling to the group off the start as we dumped into the singletrack 'stay off your brakes... Save your pads!'

Another funny thing, the day prior I was riding that one log skinny in Namekagon trail. Pine log rotted out 2/3rds the way down it, attempting to decode as I was moving towards rott, instant front wheel off log, side of head slammed to the log. Laying on ground seeing stars thinking my guy Jim was suppose to be there to pick me up off the ground. But he's scared of riding his wave runner in water temps below 80 F.

No mud, just 'sand', right #1...

Note- I have a new tech tip to apply for races in rain... Sometimes I learn the hard way... No regrets/ just opportunities... ha

Note 2- All good streaks come to an end... Even this one race that is the mark.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Musings of the Pirate-

Wasting more time,Yellowstone. Rode cow track in Cody earlier. Wanted to hang LCR jersey on him, but ranger rick said no.

Jack doesn't offer jerseys often, unless your name is Leelee.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

4 Hours of 20 min Hot laps =

A visit with a Wizard that hangs out behind Mt Kato...

This is not the Wizard. This is Jacks guy at the Bone Collector

It's always pleasing when your last lap is your fastest since your first... Series Race Results Link

Note- I'm on the Facebook now, I'd rather be riding than fiddling around with a blog saying 'look at me...' unless it's easy.

Up next... Guest Blagger- The Pirate's voyage West...

Monday, April 13, 2015

Ragnarök/ Gravel Series Update

Cliff note version of my Ragnarök experience- Attack, check tulip notes, fumble with food, attack, visit with the wizard, repeat.

This race is my target each year. Fits perfect between snow biking and open singletrack riding/ racing. 108 miles, nearly 9000' feet of climbing. With questionable conditions each year, hurts like nothing else in the Spring time. It imprints a 'ROK' tattoo on your brain.

One of my guy's attacking the Rök [pic courtesy of Todd Bauer Photography]
Photo's of the race can be viewed/ purchased at Todd Bauer Photography

As some may know/ other's not, there is a 'north iowa' race series with LML- Ragnarök- Dickie Scramble. Updated scoring (check my math) is on the LML site, see link.

NOTE- the KOM ROK lives... Defend or submit, but bring it...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Whaat are you lookin at?

LML 26 days and counting...

Still haven't heard from a bunch of usual suspects... Like this guy-

Angered SS Road Squrrel.
With the mellow winter, I expect Mother Nature to get her revenge... I don't believe in luck, but fingers are crossed for either rock hard frozen gravel, or muck free. I like mud, but that don't mean I want to wallow in road slop for 6+ hours.

What else? Fundraiser details- 'Cancer Sucks' is the theme. It impacts all of us. Some more extreme than others. Racing bikes can be something more than just racing bikes... The first 2 editions of this deal you guys blew me away with your generosity, I expect more of the same... Jana is her name. Beautiful young woman full of life, single mom of a 10 year old, sister of my associate QPete.

What else? March is here. Get out in the road slop and get your suffering on. Wreck your bikes and then feed them into Milltown Cycles, Behind Bars, or Hollywood Cycles.

What else? Ed is the champion of the 3rd annual n iowa beater fatbike championship. Jim with second. 3rd not awarded (latest trend in race podiums).

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fatbike Fest (Pugfest) the real championship.

I call Fatbike Fest/ Pugfest as the REAL WINTER MTB CHAMPIONSHIP.

Anything to do with groomed ski trails don't count.

The real champion will know how to ride the rutt.

And if your in town for that insider only bike deal and you proclaim your a fatbiker, shame on your hanging out inside when you can ride the real deal of winter MTB.

8 for life.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's still Pugfest.

On 2-22-15, the originator of legit MTB winter racing is back...

Get this guy an LCR jersey...

It started as 'Pugfest" then got blindsided into this term they call 'fatbikes'. Who'd have thunk it, fatbikes? Back in the day (really not that long ago), they were all called Pugsley's. Even the stuff from AK.

We'll if any Riddler from Surly happens across this blag, we want our name back. Pugfest.

And to top that off. Many of us ain't bought into this fatbike hype completely, we still running our pugsley's, just like this guy...

Favorite all time purple-Pugsley action shot- Sumo Lance
NOTE- I am working on something to give my Pug company... My wife tells me I have to do this one race up North next year... I'm not a fan of riding in a straight line for very long. I'd be looking for logs to ride in the sticks and that probably wont place me well in the end. May need Finch to save me like he did for Coldbert.

Monday, February 2, 2015

New Mantra/ LML Latest

'I got into snowbiking to get away from people...'

Fatbike races have a whole new crowd. Feels like either a series race or willie wanka's chocolate factory meets all the giddy elves at the north pole.

That will change on 2-22-15 when the originator (Hillside) shows you how it's done. Stand back from the fire when Dirtworks gets ahold of a leaf blower.

LML- Over half full. Reminder, I need your email and commitment to get you in the game. Also, take note of the ethos on the blog site/ 'you are responsible for you'. I will not be calling your spouse if you get lost or crash.

It is official this years fundraiser is to raise cancer awareness and funds for a young lady that has a few things going against her right now. More details later.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LML is live

The race is a go. Mar 28th. Similar drill to years past BUT the route will not be identical. So don't rely on bootleg GPS courses.

Go to link on the side for info...

Parting shot...
Ship of the SPH!!!