Friday, October 28, 2011

"Alaman Left,

dose-e-doe, grab the next stick and down youll go."

Woulda snapped a shot of the hook that took me down last night. But you know the scramble you get when you go down in instant and you got 8 lights behind you now grabbing brake?? Found out post ride audit that the hook took Habs down last week. Jim threatened to cut hook out. I say hook stays.

Stickered Goat Machine- self proclaimed "Gold" in the end. I guess taking Haaberman bypass counts. How to heard farm animals up hill? 
 9 doing curtsies last night... 2 noobs, Eddies guys. Almost had to make a new rule of no more than 1 new guy if your not going to show yourself. One of Eds guys played magic act, but was found, the other was all smiles saying "this reminds me of being 15 and stupid again!". This ain't your typical mtb bike ride/ river racer pose off, more of a goon squad square dance in the sticks. 

Looking forward to some frozen sand, boot holes, and questionable ice.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday Funday (ride time < drive time)

So everybodys been to Cunyana expect for Heath and me. So yesterday Jimmmay took a day off to show me the loops.

  • Yawkey Rock traps on top of the hill
  • Jim telling story about Jack getting yelled at by Farm Team for riding high on the sidewalls.
  • Losing points to Jim on said rock traps. Endless redo's to get in the flow of the herc and jerk. Jim calls it yelling at the trail.
  • Pemberton loops, fast roller downhills, screamin when you send it.
  • Pemberton climbs, more climbs then I expected. Couple good grunts
  • Endo alley, nice skinny between rock gaps.
  • Jim telling DNR officer he don't normally wear spandex. Officer looked at him funny
  • Ride time < drive time, but still worthy.
  • Never felt threat of getting lost in the woods/ no fear of a wrong turn
  • No roots. Jim pointed it out, got me thinking, root killers.

Self pics are yag, but this is all we came back with...

Yawkey rock trap area. First attempt of many redo's. First corner is trickier than this looks. Jim cleaned first attempt. Jack said this loop was alot more difficult but people are dumbing it down. I don't get that. You scart, act like it's not there or leave it alone.

 Picture don't do this justice. Point can be lost.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fresh Tendrils

A Soundgarden song, and what kicking off the Fall/ Winter Thursday games with the sisters means. Only 1 objective, show up to claim the point when it don't make sense.

Trail Goons, trap setting

This ride don't count (says the voice of reason).

Creek crossing w/ sticks. No threat/ don't count either. If crossing but a mudhole, different story.

Dunes at night. Hard to decode the line, mostly end up in a deadend of deadfall.

Jim and Jim's stump. 

Scotty with the gold, he had skinny tires and followed into the dunes at ramming speed. 

Good times in the sand and sticks. Bushwackin can be your friend... Interested in joining the Thursday night affair, send me a signal... 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Improv down by the river...

"It's all what you make of it..."

Usually that saying applies to kids, and bad attitudes. Well you can apply it to the River Bottoms and biking. The cliche is the river is not technical. Well, if you look up/ look around, there are many a games to be had.

Jimmays Stump. You gotta look for it off in the sticks but its there. Line will be easier to find in winter.

"The Up and Over". Don't look deadly but you'll think twice. Go up and over the berm. When iced over its a good riddle. Fast downhill in the mounds. Gotta look hard but it's there.

Black dog- Mounds- Ferry, past years it was a 3hr loop, Now it's a 4+hr loop. Thanks to the sand dune playgrounds, you can either take the path of least resistance or play in the sticks. I prefer the later, so do my sisters.

Of all the Youngblood bridges, only one is gone. His trail needs some bushwackin. The line down my one spot has no exit as well, just claw your way back out the ravine...

Winter/ snow will make the lines more easy to be had. If you see something veer off the normal, chances are it's LCR. Stumps, loose logs, rock, pointy sticks, giant mound of frozen dirt with no exit, and the best plowed frozen over snow banks,,, points to be had or lost.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Levis Trow = Ride Time > Drive Time

LCR circles at Levis-Trow. Highlights- old school trail, sand, stumps, rutts, fling pts, roots, rocks, leaves, sidewinder backwards, D-Man hanging with the pack, porky pt backwards, new corkscrew line, jimmmay with the gold (and the tapout), the badger/ porcupine blockin the trail daring us to follow his line up the tree.

We had guest appearances. Many were absent for various reasons, but not forgotten. Good to see Rocket, Heath and D-Man, Jimmmmay and His guy, Eddie, Horns, RayOsow, Gonzalez and His guy, Magic and His guy, Mick the PC, and Dr Pete.

Ricoh Personified- Magic and his guy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boa/ Ride a bike when most don't

Rewind the clock 7 months... Lake Winter Shoe Boa buckle lace broke on last ride of winter season. Finally got around to dealing with it, found out Boa warranty is more then fair (thanks to Charles/ Behind Bars). If you need new Boa buckles or your lacing broke check this out.

Securing the laces to the spool is a puzzle. Don't forget to have all laces correctly routed prior to tieing the knots on the spool. Don't cut the laces too short either. I had to redo 4 times before I got it right... =8

Can't wait for that January -10F day singletrack. When all you hear is snow crunch and sticks snappin. Thorns have extra tensil strength, fear the flat...

LCR Levis Beatdown Fest 2007 (Many factions partook in this clan rally)

2011 Game awaits... No idea who's in and who's not... The LCR way... No clue.