Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 8 of 11 (not just bikes)

8 things that come to mind from the year, chronollogically typing.
  • Pivot Cycles, got me one. Nice bike, spent alot of money, doesn't levitate or like getting a car wash, but flings well and is a full suspension lover's full suspension. Wanna buy it?
  • Heath going to greener cat water. I was/ still am sad. But he still swims home to where he belongs w/ the Goons.
  • Fogo De Chao with my Honey. Go meat
  • Motorhead and Clutch at First Ave with Ricoh. Couldn't hear for a week.
  • Richy Race/ Fat Bike Fest, got beat by Hollywood... What the??? (But not Jack) Richy was ready for shennanigans... Ha!
  • Mesa AZ visit with Folks, bike with remaining time. Held hands with Habs some. My 6 hour loop (Hawes/ Wild Horse/ Pass Mtn), Habs gave me "the look" in the end. POINT
  • Song/ album of the year--- not much for video's but this is Ricoh.

  • Ragnorok 111, took wrong turn for too long to recover. Didn't cheat myself, still got my 111. But off the finisher list. "*" like Barry Bonds? 
  • Soundgarden comeback, but no visit here!??
  • CHEQ100
  • Spent more time on the interweb and this blog time soak, than in the Word. Need to reverse that.
  • North Shore Trip with Dawn and sKids. Great time along the shores, classic weather (went from 40's to 90's in one day), died a fun heat infused death on 1.5 mcdonalds pancakes at Du Lac. Just finish baby.
  • UP Trip with the Pirate. Copper Harbor bro-mance, Michigan Tech Trail ride in the rain, and the carbin XTR RD destruction. Trail called "Time Trial", that has to be the fast/ easy section I thought. Ha, rt!
  • Fall Trip to Chequamegon Land with folks, Lon/ Rebecca, and my Honey. Became 2 time Ricoh President.
  • Bittersweet hunting with my Honey! We found the mother load.
  • Bones Jones. I think he'd beat Silva and all others on the planet in hand to hand combat. I bet Goat could still get him in a wrist lock.
  • LCR "team" additions. Some good "my guy's" brought in to the fold. Maybe a dud or 3. Speak the language/ kick back to figure-8 out. I think Jack would rather us be LCRT. ha.  
  • Cunyua trip with Jimmmay. Those rocks on top were good flings. James got the Gold, he'd been practisin for that day.
  • Fighting Sioux! Fighting Sioux! Fighting Sioux! 
  • Newt. The Bones Jones of politics. Hopefully the elephants stop bickering like Ricoh.     
  • All the fat bike hype. Bike companies still can't figure out the supply/ demand concept. Everything sold out again this year. Why is that? I say too many insider headset adjustments... 
  • Vikings collapse topped with AP getting knee destroyed. I'm still sad
  • Lack of snow. Good thing we have the river and all the odd ball riding that my kind gravitates too.
  • Comment of the year- At river yesterday ran into Prahmann, he said "you don't ride in a straight line do you..."  

    Yeah, I can't count and I'm an engineer, but 8 is more than a number.

    Tonight- Alistar or Lesnar?

    Friday, December 23, 2011


    A while back I was wondering what todo with a worn out Endo...

    Riddle this...

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a beatdown on the bike!!!

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    Beaver Dominion Over The Bottoms.

    Riddle this...
    Jus riding along, at first I noted the work on the tree still standing, then caught the backdrop and it all made sense. Impressive. This work is towards the Ferry end, he's got hard workin buddies in the Youngblood section, and a cousin in Black Dog.

    They leave the sharp stumps for us to avoid and laugh at along the trail. We call them punji's, nobody has landed on one (yet). But every beaver has it's day.

    Snow came and went, Nates are still on, louder and even harder to think. Not always bad.

    Sunday, December 11, 2011

    Double Nate's- The anti-motorboat effect

    First fatride ever with knob's on both front and back. Thoughts, riddles, and reflection from Murphy.

    Pro Nate's-
    • Can lean the corners, handle a bike like summer riding
    • Traction on the steep ups, they bite like that porcupine climbing the pine at Levis 
    • Figure 8's, turn radius gets smaller, making the 8's tighter
    • Going for the flings, rear wheel takes a bite first plant, no spin (but second bite?)
    • More resistance = Increased beatdown
    • Fall line drops, back and front end stay planted, no yardsales (so far)
    • Tread proportional to air pressure ran
    Con Nate's-
    • Less Motorboat effect. 
    • Less tree to tree in granny 3.
    • Can't hear yourself think (not always bad)
    • Dragging a plow when trail is over groomed.
    • Second bite on the fling is questionable.
    • Time between traction and spin out is less, and more violent motorboat 
    • The skid don't whiplash. 
    First and reverse tracks on log skinny. 1 whole week of snow with no tracks. They all act like it don't exist I guess.  
    Can brag about 1st tracks on wood skinny, but plastic skinny did me in good. Biked away knees shaking just glad to have bike and body functional after crash. No witness though, don't count.

    NOTE- LCR winter rule, you don't clean the snow off any trap, just RIDE IT.

    Did you enjoy today's lovely southern headwind? Whaat a treat.

    Friday, December 9, 2011

    Farm Team Hospitality!

    Great combo last night. 3 hour tour/ challange session, then festive winter mexi cheer courtesy of Farm Team original Scotty Too Hottie and his better half Deb... Red Squrl with the corned up bread offering... Thanks all!

    To add animation, pic of multiple Farm Teamers attached- Barry Too Scary present and accounted for... Got Kipper Snacks? FD, Ringer, STH, and multiple double agents.... But no Habs.

    LCR Levis 2007 Beatdown Fest

    Farm Team in Michigan? Get serious. There can be only 1, and it started in Chaska around a fire pit.

    Monday, December 5, 2011


    Recently rediscovered this Dirt, via pounding in gravel headwind with vision of what's going up on 4-12-12...

    The rediscovery of thawed inorganic dirt by 4-12-12 is a mystery. I'm betting on conditions like year 1.

    I have to makeup for my self DQ last year. Still got 111 miles in, just not per the tulips. Didn't cheat myself so was content. Got to get over the curse of the Zumbro Falls have a picnic check in... 

    Layne Staley was Ricoh. If he'd have found bikes, maybe he'd have exchanged the poison for punishment and still be alive. AIC circa 1994, the experiences you never forget.

    Did you get first tracks on something yet??? 

    GO RING!!!

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    A Pickled Salsa Cowboy Fishing Cat

    8 LCR's plus 3 (see above, 3 in 1 =8).

    As fast as it's going to get right now. Sand is like concrete, felt cheated coasting.

    The creek consumed the Pickle and eddy's Guy. The Pirate messed around long enough to freeze the jacket.

    Should have waited for the Jimmmay dab. Awesome phone shutter.
    You riding down by the river? Don't ignor our fat tracks into and over all sorts of sticks and traps, big and small. Tracks don't lie with fresh white on the ground. RIDE IT. ha