Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not racing/ Piedmont

Lacking a lot of mo for the weekend warrior type racing these days... Using any excuse I can muster to avoid having the weekend wrapped up around a bike race...

I'd skip any race to just ride this...

Piedmont double black diamond- no joke

The most worthy trail loop in the state. Piedmont. Stuck inside the Duluth city proper. This trail will hand you a wuppin. Don't drop in unless you have all your faculties or you'll need somebody skilled in urgent care to keep you together.

NOTE: When riding these types of trails it is Team Ricoh style; no pads, XC race bikes, and full on lacra (aka spandex). Did I mention having faculties? Nope.

Clarification- Team Ricoh, one of many factions (aka 'clans') of LCR

Monday, July 6, 2015

Still faster on the Pug...

Hot laps at Buck. 4 laps/ fatbike/ not 3 laps and fatbike class. In it for the grind of getting spit out the back of wherever I'm at, and fighting back [Similar to wrestling when the coach makes you start from your back and fight to your feet]... RACE RESULTS

Running T6 Ti 26lb fatbike missile. In the back of my mind I still think I was faster on the 33lb Pug... Maybe it's the too loud rear hub adding vibration drag?

Random. at Buck.

NOTE: Thursday's at Buck have been by far the most fun racing I have done in the past couple years... Not sure what that means, but you should figure out a way to partake at least once in a blue moon... Good times courtesy of the Penn Cycle show...