Saturday, April 21, 2012

220th & Joan Ave (1 Mi N.)

So you never heard of southern dakota county version of Chimney Rock ay???

Good gravel too and from...

This can't be the only "Chimney Rock" in the lower 48 can it?

Random thoughts on the 5 hour slog-
  • Key to OSHA audit, technical description/ impacts to Health & Safety
  • Dang I wish I had these legs last Sat at the Ragnarok.
  • I have an idea for a duathelon with Chimney Rock in mind. Bike/ climb/ bike. 
  • I have a minor in Geology. Upon review of Sandstone monolith, I forgot most of it. 
  • Listen to the lyrics of "Dreamin Man" by Neil Young.  
  • Wood tick detection, hairy legs. 
  • Tool is coming June 23rd. Same day as Cheq100. Arg!
  • The limestone cap keeps the chimney rock from eroding.
  • Don't think your house is an investment.
  • I still can't master dialing in a front derailure. 
  • Wonder if Jimmmmay would sell me that weight room he don't use?
  • When will the Air Force retire the KC-135 and B-52? 
  • Those politicians that voted against the Viking stadium should be concerned.
  • Bike-Climb-Bike. This sounds stupid enough I bet I could lure the Sisters in, D Rider as well.
  • What is bilateral leg weakness Joe Mauer?
  • Heath should take the scout troop to this. Then bike home.
  • Dimensions of Chimney Rock, 30' hight, 10' wide.
  • Spring Classic in France. As long as a non-Schlek Northerner wins. 
  • What's the real reason bikers shave legs? ha. Especially non-roadies. 
  • Quit racing and take up rough stuff rondayvo'ing instead??? ha.  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Salt- Ragnarok 111

Today's Ragnarok 111- "Like dippin your finger in the sugar bowl, but getting salt."

  • Hanging/ Bickering with Qpete about almost everything.
  • Yapping with SPH/ and Wheelhouse Andrew the night prior.
  • Pumpin up Silence to go on the attack the night prior.
  • Pre race dinner some of my Riddlers.
  • Morning of... all riddles closed out like clockwork. No excuses.
  • First climb- Silence goes after the Rok. I attempt a counter attack, but denied and sent to the back of the pack. 
  • Mile 4 realizing I was in for 100+ miles of damage control. Ha.
  • Taking that wrong turn at mile 4. Observing various levels of panic (Triflow especially).
  • Hearing the story of why the whole heard of front guys took that wrong turn. Silence... Good one. Especially when your guy Young Tim tells me "Drew always gets lost." Ha
    • You ever work on a farm? Cattle always follow the front cow no matter what. 
  • Eddie had a real good SS ride, but he didn't think so. 
  • Qpete's reaction to being ahead of me at mile 8 (angered). 
  • Thanks to Bill Frankin for his support to the cause.
  • Finished stronger then I started... Or so I convince myself. 
  • Informed the anti-Rag doesn't go off as planned, but I still heard a good story or three... Farm Team!
  • No rain. No rain dance by the Pirate.
  • Missing much of the action at the front. Hard to be a witness if absent.
  • Seeing Gopher Girl on side of road helpless with a flat. Hand over my trusty pump. Gopher girl loses said pump. That pumps been with me for 10 years. Hope some Utopa resident figures out how to switch from presta to schrader. 
The Original ROK-
  • Silence aka Drew Wilson was like that wild farm dog turned lose. Worthy of the Rok. He was informed of the responsibility to bring it back next year and defend or submit. I will plan to attempt to reclaim it.

"Red Squrl... Come in Red Squrl... Over."

8 is always the number...
Utopa Resident. Represents the number. Do you know this guy?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wabbits. and May I have a Witness!

These guys Momma decided to nest up right next to the house...

Momma is never around... Leaves the kids to fend for selfs... Does that qualify as 'stay at home Mom"? Should bring to TriFlow, he'd fend for kids I bet.

Tomorrow Ragnarok. I hope conditions suck. Misery loves company. And I like hearing all the roady excuses how not, how sick, how this/ how that... I'm no Hercules, more of a Mongo to some. I have my own history of lame outs. Don't we all? Even Boonen and Fabio are candycorns. Not Mr Proenneke, machine of a man. If he'd of ridden bike, look out Cannibal Merckx.

Look forward to validating attacks in the name of the Rok. Nothing like full on attacks with 90 miles to go... That would please me to witness, rationalize, and hand over the 10 lbs of sandstone.

Somebody claim it for a year.
Bring on the misery, take home an SPH gift of ride and Rok.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter cheers!
8 is always the number
See you next Sat? Some of my Girls created the anti-Rag ride (Jimmmay's-Hillside-Elm Creek-Jimmay's)... Feeling hurt, they didn't wait til Sunday so they could do me in... Revenge will be mine.

Need to dust the Rok off...

Wonder if Boonen can ride singletrack as fast as the patio pavers?

Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's been 18 years. I often think, if he'd have visited a pawn shop too, bought a bike, sucked into some beatdown rides with his guys, maybe he'd have kicked the drugs for a differnt type of punishment.

Thanks Troy, for hooking me up with that first pawnshop mountain bike. Still remember riding around trying to figure out how to shift gears. It was a bianchi, white, don't recall the name, got stolen off my porch in college. Renters insurance and my lab partner (bike shop guy) hooked me up. From there on I was doomed.

He had 2 choices Matt Ch 7 or Rev Ch 9. He took the later.

Note- In Utero was recorded in Cannon Falls, in a house down by the river. It's on Qpetes bike route to nowhere.