Saturday, December 29, 2012

Casperson Park Round Aboot- Results

Good 5 hour day on 3" of so fresh and so clean... First legit FatBike "thing" of the season, and on paper. Can't get more legit then that, right. Right.

None were cheated on the loop. Snowmo rolled well, no sledneck close calls, lake cross always questionable, the boot line chop was enjoyable, never wore any dog or horse dung, mtb trail packing it backwards LCR style, jim owned the split rock backwards and the wood skinny the right way, plastic skinny backwards shook the knees, prairie drifting energy suck, and all felt eyes bleed on the reverse route back to Casperson.

RESULTS (on paper)

Jim showing Drew Wilson (aka Silence aka RideonPurpose) the meaning of "motorboat"...


Singletrack snomo...
Jimmmay!!! Rides a bike for longer than 2 hours. Point!
Jim gets his first victory of the season. Look out fast guys that avoid the tech. Jimm'll motorboat on by like it's no thing... Then wheelie on off, with a 'ding ding'.

Jim's only weakness, coasting the downhills. ha

2 months of racing coming up... Way too many options, only 1 to rule them all... Coldbear. But who knows, might just skip em all and add to this loop insted, and do another one of these with little notice, and make it on paper. You wont get cheated.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Casperson Park Round Aboot- Sat Dec 29th

I got something in mind for 3 days from now.

WHY- It's an idea in my head and stellar conditions to pull off a fatbike 'thing'.

WHERE- Meet at Casperson Park, Lakeville (n iowa by way of MN). 9AM.  (Interweb map the location) Easy access from 35W, 185th or 210th St exits.

WHAT- Plan on 4-6 hours on a bike. Terrain will include everything you could ride with a snowbike. It will satisfy all who enjoy the fat. If not or you say "it sucked/ waste of a day", you can superman punch me with no recourse.

8- If weather participates, and I get a bum garbage disposal replaced with my time off, then I can mark it and it'll be on paper.

8- If weather don't participate, then I wont mark it and we just ride this worthy loop at a pace that will not cheat you.

Swag Swap- Bring a new or slightly used bike part to donate/ swap. Gold medal and last in get dibs. We'll head to Harry's Cafe (first round on me) after.

8 cont- Wondering if you should show or not? Plan on 1.5 hour ride on variety of terrain (3mi snowmo, 0.5mi lake cross, 3mi snowmo, 2mi shoe/ boot, 1mi gravel) 1 lap of 9 miles of 'groomed' singletrack (1.5hrs), then reverse route (1.5hrs if not bonking) back to Casperson.

See it? and the lake to cross.
NOTE- My game, my rules. More details later, but THOSE WHO RIDE THE TECH GET TIME BONUSES. Big time bonuses.

Interested? Pound rocks/ Send me a signal. Or just show... and Pack a cold lunch.

Embrace the boot line.
More details this week when I'm not you tubing how to replace a garbage disposal.

Consider this 'thing' your Christmas present.

Plan for the worst, expect the best... 8.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from the River

Christmas eve day and 3hrs to get tip to tip at the river... PTL!!!

Moss Log. Supa Bow Home Boy!
Hot dogs in Black Dog...

Hot Dog 2, Pass.
Not so good with the original... 

Hot Dog 1, Fail. Pic quality top notch.

Merry Christmas!!!
Tire must be worn out to qualify.
I have an idea for Sat the 29th... Save the date and stay tuned... Or just pound rocks/ send smoke signals.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Endo Wreath/ NG

Constructed on a whim last year, this year realized "this wreath rules them all."

Go ahead and copy it with your used Endo.
Latest round of snow added just enough to the crust to make you work for it. Murphy today, forwards/ backwards, redo's. First tracks on all the legit tech, cept "new guy" stopped short on the plastic skinny. Was worthy attempt and impressive dismount (think on what a gymnast does when stepping off the side of the balance beam, only add a fatbike to it).

NG- Canada Dan, does not hesitate on the tech. Goons would approve. Speaks the language/ kicks back. Just needs to wrestle the Goat.

NG helped me break sticks to remind those who pass, we don't groom the easy out.

This way to the skinny pictured above... LCR!
Note- Next time I do Cross Fit with the Wonder Twins I gotta stop for a sec and take a pic of the freaks in action. My brother is on to something...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Wilco, Ragnarok. River.

RS, forgot to mention last night. Copy loud and clear. Over.

ding ding.

I got something prior to The Spring Classic (L-M-L, see link on the side), I need to get the ducks in order so I can make it legit (or at least half baked). It's a good route, even for my Sisters. Date may be iffy. If you finished Ragnarok year 1, you 'should' be good.

River, missed the last couple weeks. Nobody cared (ha.). Can say it's no longer 'my ride'. Got a life of it's own. Good riddance.

See the 8 LCR's, 1 fishcat, 1 chameleon, 1 pickel, 1 one one.

The Sisters had their way with me. Lost count of my lost points. Didn't even get angered, that's a bad sign... Maybe I got the same thing Jack's got, I don't care/ pirate fever?

A coated Hot Dog. Multiple fails.  But shall not pass.

NOTE- Been questioned on why not clean the snow off the technical lines. THAT IS AS BAD AS SKIPPING IT. MAYBE WORSE. Feel the guilt. Don't cheat yourself.

NOTE 2- Jim says if the trees are round and no bark then cleaning off snow is ok... I disagree. Do you want your hands getting wet trying to easy up the good stuff? Don't cheat yourself.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

How are them new boots?

"Good...... Walkin around the house." said the Piratt. (referring to them North 45 Boots)

It's been almost 2 years since any abyss...

Murphy 2nd tracks, but first on all cept the Plastic. She rejected me today. Packed a lunch, one forward, one backward. Started loosing it about hour 3. Never had that tweek feeling last winter, we got cheated. Old Man Winter is back.

I was wrong, snow is not inversely proportional to fatbike hype.

Packing it backwards:
Wood skinny. First Tracks. Backwards
That one rock spot, backwards. Kicked into tree. Fail
Plastic. Fail, so many times fail, lost count. 

Note- Pireratt new boot test run was with 2 pair of socks and a heater. In the living room w/ the birds. ha.

Like my picture quality. An abyss will do that to any not so smart phone.