Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot Buck, Murphy Rhino Race/ Cancer Awareness

Thursday's Buck was a treat. Temps in the 90's, Heat index of 105 or something... Don't get an opp for a beatdown like that around here too often. Add the bonus of the Death Rider beatdown race route (backwards up the washouts)... No chance for getting cheated on this night... BUCK THURS RACE RESULTS

Today. Like I typed before, no better reason to ride/ race your bike then something greater than riding/ racing your bike... Rhino foundation, 5 hour race at Murphy... Great reason, great trail, great swag, and great grapefruit beers. Habs???

7 laps. 6 for 7 on the plastic skinny. Curve log in the weeds 1 for 3, first time clean (Gregerio witness). Second lap the Hulk was doing combo hot laps with Wonder Woman, went for the pass as I was lining up for the skinny, he went down going for the pass, I basically flopped off the log into the weedy brush wondering 'what happened to my little Bro?' ha. He was good, so was I... Continue on.

5 Hour Pirate
STATS- #1 with the victory. But Johnson and Funke tie for the gold medal (Herman rode from home, the BC-AllStar did 2 laps before the race start/ MDH training). Wondertwins hot lapped it up. Horns, Rocket, Bush, and le Pirate were not cheated, neither was I.

NOTE- (Donna LeTourneau, Ollie Busie, Glennis & Ron Youngbauer, Rita Poppitz). Registration form had a column for people you'd like to honor during the event... Certainly left an impression on my brain during and after the biking.

4th place reward. Jar of Jack's pickles. 

Another note- King Buzzo and friends at Grumpy's today... Dangit. Wonder if Charles and Co represented? Mudhoney when the sun goes down...

Cancer sucks.

Monday, July 15, 2013

De-taco'd at Lester Park

I'm getting good at un-taco'ing front wheels. Much better at that then truing them the legit way. Pushing dead weight in various dungeons of my youth pays off once in a blue moon.

Maybe I should write up a 'how to un-taco a bike wheel' and put it on the interweb. On the web, has got to be truth and must work. Right.

Even better. I could contract these 13 year olds that I know that are into putting videos of themselves playing Mindcraft on U-tub into taping me slamming front wheels off the ground...


You'll find me at the bottom of the list... But they don't publish the DNF's. My taco truing technique wouldn't have helped Eddies mess. It does have it's limitations.

Swapping stories with Jack. The rim wasn't really legit taco'd. Taco would be a full fold of the wheel. This was more of a ripple'd chip or frito of the rim.

NOTE- I was scolded for having mud on my bike at the race... Yeah I pre-rode on Sat. Yeah in the mud. Sorry. I'm not hard wired to the interweb for trail updates nor do I have a shock collar keeping me away from any sort of supersaturated/ wetted soil. The modern age of mountain biking has many pro's and a con or two...

Up next- need me a new or modified front wheel for Saturday and the Rhino Rally MTB Race at Murphy. There is no better reason to ride/ race your bike then doing it for something greater than riding/ racing your bike.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Like shearing a sheep

It's been 4 years but I folded. Temporarily eliminated the hassles of coming home imbedded with dirt and bugs caught in the hair traps. Time to shave up. Actually when confronted as a 'leg shaver' I combat that with 'I clip'. In reality, I shear.

Pro's, con's, and why?;


  • Can't blame me for the knats flying around the house
  • Less risk of messing up the fancy couch
  • Easier to clean out the wounds
  • I look even more like my brother
  • Dirt rolls off with the sweat 
  • Tick spotting
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Inverse body mullet 
  • Seriously, it doesn't make you any faster
  • Doesn't make me feel any faster either
  • Clip, cut and Shear only. Razor smooth, nope.
  • 'Cheesehead Roadie' 
  • Stranger's at the gym ask "do you do triathelones?'
  • Dawn not pleased, stopped the shearing madness short of the nether region.  Hair remains from there and above. 
  • Taking this bike thing a wee bit serious aren't we? 
  • If you really want to get fast read Tyler Hamilton's book. BB's and edgar. Never mentioned once anything about leg shaving.  

Why do you do it?

Unless it's to rid yourself of bugs and dirt, it really makes no sense.

Sense pays the bills, but doesn't pedal the bikes any quicker. Shear on...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Parade Log/ 4th

{LCR blog edition} Jacmay finding and riding logs at last weeks parade...

Parade Log & Nail. photo by Jim

I wasn't there. But I got a couple good stories out of it...

See the nail in the log? Riding said log, don't let visual fixation take ahold of you... ha

4th of July, God bless the USA!
Intersting read...LINK  BUY AMERICAN and support your LBS.
My link answer. A 5 way tie. Intense, Thomson, White Ind, Chris King, and Park Tool MN.

A parade I was at, these guys are certainly a rival to LCR...

Shriner parade derby