Saturday, December 29, 2012

Casperson Park Round Aboot- Results

Good 5 hour day on 3" of so fresh and so clean... First legit FatBike "thing" of the season, and on paper. Can't get more legit then that, right. Right.

None were cheated on the loop. Snowmo rolled well, no sledneck close calls, lake cross always questionable, the boot line chop was enjoyable, never wore any dog or horse dung, mtb trail packing it backwards LCR style, jim owned the split rock backwards and the wood skinny the right way, plastic skinny backwards shook the knees, prairie drifting energy suck, and all felt eyes bleed on the reverse route back to Casperson.

RESULTS (on paper)

Jim showing Drew Wilson (aka Silence aka RideonPurpose) the meaning of "motorboat"...


Singletrack snomo...
Jimmmay!!! Rides a bike for longer than 2 hours. Point!
Jim gets his first victory of the season. Look out fast guys that avoid the tech. Jimm'll motorboat on by like it's no thing... Then wheelie on off, with a 'ding ding'.

Jim's only weakness, coasting the downhills. ha

2 months of racing coming up... Way too many options, only 1 to rule them all... Coldbear. But who knows, might just skip em all and add to this loop insted, and do another one of these with little notice, and make it on paper. You wont get cheated.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Casperson Park Round Aboot- Sat Dec 29th

I got something in mind for 3 days from now.

WHY- It's an idea in my head and stellar conditions to pull off a fatbike 'thing'.

WHERE- Meet at Casperson Park, Lakeville (n iowa by way of MN). 9AM.  (Interweb map the location) Easy access from 35W, 185th or 210th St exits.

WHAT- Plan on 4-6 hours on a bike. Terrain will include everything you could ride with a snowbike. It will satisfy all who enjoy the fat. If not or you say "it sucked/ waste of a day", you can superman punch me with no recourse.

8- If weather participates, and I get a bum garbage disposal replaced with my time off, then I can mark it and it'll be on paper.

8- If weather don't participate, then I wont mark it and we just ride this worthy loop at a pace that will not cheat you.

Swag Swap- Bring a new or slightly used bike part to donate/ swap. Gold medal and last in get dibs. We'll head to Harry's Cafe (first round on me) after.

8 cont- Wondering if you should show or not? Plan on 1.5 hour ride on variety of terrain (3mi snowmo, 0.5mi lake cross, 3mi snowmo, 2mi shoe/ boot, 1mi gravel) 1 lap of 9 miles of 'groomed' singletrack (1.5hrs), then reverse route (1.5hrs if not bonking) back to Casperson.

See it? and the lake to cross.
NOTE- My game, my rules. More details later, but THOSE WHO RIDE THE TECH GET TIME BONUSES. Big time bonuses.

Interested? Pound rocks/ Send me a signal. Or just show... and Pack a cold lunch.

Embrace the boot line.
More details this week when I'm not you tubing how to replace a garbage disposal.

Consider this 'thing' your Christmas present.

Plan for the worst, expect the best... 8.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from the River

Christmas eve day and 3hrs to get tip to tip at the river... PTL!!!

Moss Log. Supa Bow Home Boy!
Hot dogs in Black Dog...

Hot Dog 2, Pass.
Not so good with the original... 

Hot Dog 1, Fail. Pic quality top notch.

Merry Christmas!!!
Tire must be worn out to qualify.
I have an idea for Sat the 29th... Save the date and stay tuned... Or just pound rocks/ send smoke signals.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Endo Wreath/ NG

Constructed on a whim last year, this year realized "this wreath rules them all."

Go ahead and copy it with your used Endo.
Latest round of snow added just enough to the crust to make you work for it. Murphy today, forwards/ backwards, redo's. First tracks on all the legit tech, cept "new guy" stopped short on the plastic skinny. Was worthy attempt and impressive dismount (think on what a gymnast does when stepping off the side of the balance beam, only add a fatbike to it).

NG- Canada Dan, does not hesitate on the tech. Goons would approve. Speaks the language/ kicks back. Just needs to wrestle the Goat.

NG helped me break sticks to remind those who pass, we don't groom the easy out.

This way to the skinny pictured above... LCR!
Note- Next time I do Cross Fit with the Wonder Twins I gotta stop for a sec and take a pic of the freaks in action. My brother is on to something...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Wilco, Ragnarok. River.

RS, forgot to mention last night. Copy loud and clear. Over.

ding ding.

I got something prior to The Spring Classic (L-M-L, see link on the side), I need to get the ducks in order so I can make it legit (or at least half baked). It's a good route, even for my Sisters. Date may be iffy. If you finished Ragnarok year 1, you 'should' be good.

River, missed the last couple weeks. Nobody cared (ha.). Can say it's no longer 'my ride'. Got a life of it's own. Good riddance.

See the 8 LCR's, 1 fishcat, 1 chameleon, 1 pickel, 1 one one.

The Sisters had their way with me. Lost count of my lost points. Didn't even get angered, that's a bad sign... Maybe I got the same thing Jack's got, I don't care/ pirate fever?

A coated Hot Dog. Multiple fails.  But shall not pass.

NOTE- Been questioned on why not clean the snow off the technical lines. THAT IS AS BAD AS SKIPPING IT. MAYBE WORSE. Feel the guilt. Don't cheat yourself.

NOTE 2- Jim says if the trees are round and no bark then cleaning off snow is ok... I disagree. Do you want your hands getting wet trying to easy up the good stuff? Don't cheat yourself.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

How are them new boots?

"Good...... Walkin around the house." said the Piratt. (referring to them North 45 Boots)

It's been almost 2 years since any abyss...

Murphy 2nd tracks, but first on all cept the Plastic. She rejected me today. Packed a lunch, one forward, one backward. Started loosing it about hour 3. Never had that tweek feeling last winter, we got cheated. Old Man Winter is back.

I was wrong, snow is not inversely proportional to fatbike hype.

Packing it backwards:
Wood skinny. First Tracks. Backwards
That one rock spot, backwards. Kicked into tree. Fail
Plastic. Fail, so many times fail, lost count. 

Note- Pireratt new boot test run was with 2 pair of socks and a heater. In the living room w/ the birds. ha.

Like my picture quality. An abyss will do that to any not so smart phone.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chex Mix for Thanksgivin?

Who else would get entertained by a dirt pile? Transformed into Thanksgiving desert. From the Sue Chef's that brought you Choco Chip and most of the junk on the East side... Good job west side Riddlers, we had a hard time breaking free of your circles and traps... See jacks spybirds?

Chex Mix Desert Treat. Don't speed by Rodies or you'll miss it.

Christmas lights Christmas lights... In the end, was informed "these LED lights aren't as bright as the rest of the neighbors, lets take em back and get the good ones." ha?

All the while thinking, "hand me the Pug. I want to try and ride this."

Note- Mr Pramann... I'm thinking on your comment. But still very scart.

Note 2- Heath's Blog is way more entertainin than this still shot and typed waste of electro space. RS Link -> Squirls Like Logs Blog Dot Cam

Happy Thanksgiving... Go finds some logs and junk in the woods, ride it like RS or ride off like it don't exist. Or ride a cx bike and give yourself an excuse.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Prep

Basting the logs and other junk in prep for the Turkey's feast on Thurs... Couple surprise dishes instore, so show up hungry. We've got a new treat to add just down from the Choco Chip, think Chex Mix desert (salty/ sweet/ and choco clumpy)...

Heath's No Name Log in the slow cooker
See you Thurs? or not.

Pound two rocks together and I might provide details... or just call Eddie.

NOTE- Happy Birthday to my big Sister le Goat and Dr Pete!!!

comment not required.

Friday, November 16, 2012

16 years to King Animal

The return of the Slaves and Bulldozers... Kick back and turn up the computer volume.

Bushwack RW Bluffs... This spine is worthy of fighting the brush off to reach it. SPH don't tell nobody about this line.

Hill repeats on Stairway... Winter warmup.

All you turkey's know where to be on Thurs morn. Right. We been grooming our junk for the occasion. Come pass a dish...

Monday, October 22, 2012

LCR Picnic at Levis Trow

"Pass them there french fried potaters there Forest", said Karl Childers.

Note- Look for the rock aside camp site 3, just butt up the table, and vwwhalla, game time.

Is this enough trip info for you RS???

You was missed but not forgotten. Same with all the others ill communicato.

Bears still growlin in 3's. Mmmhhhmmm.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

River Fat Traps

Been since Feb, I'm back. Tip to tip to tip (35-Ferry-BD/Cedar-Mounds), a 3+ hour tour. Many traps intact, some weeded in yet, a few rotted, and more sand deposited, still a great game. No better way to hone in on the fat handicapp skills then at the river. D Rider has adventure rides for the aquadic types. We just set traps, and give/ take points.

You ride the MN River Bottoms in Bloomington and never seen this? Either your riding with your head down, or you act like it don't exist. Location is directly west side of 9 mile creek. "Heath's Eagle Log"- You can't miss it, or will you? The log has wings, ask Heath.

Heath Eagle Log

Treated plank + good sized log = Trap. You add any sticks to make this an easy up and we will discard: "Jerks" is the name, it's what they call us when they can't ride it.

"Jerks". Easy is not spose to be the game.

Moss only means 2 things. Randy, or nobody riding it. The second applied here:

Moss Log (part of the noname log skinny crop). Ride it.

Many many many more threats, like Shapes, junk teeter (jack has an idea), west side multi-traps (thanks to those that set), dirt fling, Stoners knob, jim stump, hot dog, triple threat, tootsie roll (weeded in yet), sand single, Habs bypass, Cheater, stumps, Grunt up and off retaining wall, mound stumps, and the one that stops us all for amusement the "up and over".

Note- Thanks to Mr. Youngblood for the Black Dog bridge work. Don't be offended if we stick with the difficult lines. LCR.

Forgot "Zigzag!" and "Youngblood!" must yell it or sing along when riding those lines. ha

Monday, October 8, 2012

Levis WEMS Championship Race (bear growl in 3's)

Levis-Trow Mounds, why do they (WI) call them "mounds"? Nine years living in that State and I still don't get it.

Wasn't expecting a championship race victory... But when it's dangling in front of you, ATTACK. So for the final 5 race hours, that's what I did.

A root killer, and medal.  WEMS Championship medal. 

Good day on the bike. I know your thinking, "how'd Sauber pull this off?" I gots to say, 12 hours of tent sleep in 30 F temps dialed me in. 7PM to 7AM. No Farm Team late night fires, no last minute bike riddles, just me my sleeping bag and a wounded shin from a failed attempt on a lucy loop skinny.

pit, pit crew, worn out race bike = victory

No need to bore you with the play by play. Just go ride Levis when you can, we mulched many leaves up but didn't ride some of the good stuff due to fragile nature of the dry soils. Lack of precip and sand base has some trail (Toad road/ Sidewinder/ Corkscrew/ Hermosa) in rough shape. We (me and my Goons) tend to gravitate to the stuff that most others just try and avoid. So, in 2 weeks when we go back, LCR game time. I'll bring the Fat for the sand, and the medal. ha

Note- Hat off to Dirty Benjamin Martin for his WEMS SS series championship. Also, Mr Farrow showing us outsiders the DBD mantra (late to race, but instead of doing the short race starting later, sticks with his plan and does Enduro, no matter where he placed or the consequence). Well played.

"Bear growl in 3's..." Next time you camp at Levis, when the sun goes down, listen I say.

recovery hill repeats. geared, not SS, or fixed.

Note- Weeds are dying. Lines opening up. Jim is setting traps. It's about Fat time.

Monday, October 1, 2012


"Going on an easy ride." Ya right. Shouldhaveknown, no such thing in my world. Day prior to race easy ride... at least it was until I taco'd the front rim while sight seeing out on some public land riding through a dried up slew mud hole...
swiss taco
Had a better blog opp/ pic than this, but I don't usually think in terms of interweb moments. Me slamming this rim trying to get it straight enough to run through the fork arch. 5 hard slams and it was true enough. Good thing is I only had to wobble 4 miles to get home with tail between legs.

A combo of this and a sieve of a fork had me reeling... No series race. Was questioned, "why don't you ride your Pivot?" ha.

Hoping all of my well used and cobbled together race parts are functional for Saturday and 75 mi of Levis. TBD. Chuck/ BB on a 911 on my behalf. Bike drama...

If not functional for Sat, I can always head back to that mud hole for an easy ride.

Note- Jack never called me to go pick up a deer. Shutout pirate.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jail Trail- rim it

Jail Trail Race... Trail is a hoot. Twisty older school singletrack, sketchy in spots, herk and jerk flow, enough technical to keep you honest with your handling, no sucky climbs, some good rocks, and at least one fun tech type climb.

Sunday, perfect weather for bike racing. Dusty/ super dry conditions, decided to drop the tire pressure during pre-ride (what is pre-ride? shouldn't it be called pre-race?). Tis a fine line between tire grip and tire fold to the resulting rim it tap.

Caught a curve ball thrown by one RZ. Last blog post I commented on Zilla and his race last year. Guess what? RZ decides to use his expert license and series reg for this race... Ha, Point. Good one. Jimmay was all grins staring at me on the line. Good one Goons. LCR game on.

{Insert random pic here}
SS State Champ 2007 (LCR!) + 3rd place, 2nd? #1?

(back to current event) Got a kick out of the prolog ski trail lead out. Fast pace, grassy tight corners, random racers flailing into the sticks, bottleneck wasn't too bad. Found my filler spot and basically stayed there for the duration.

Thoughts of mention; Lap one, riding through the boardwalk, rooty trail, felt the rear rim tap. Dang it! Can not stop to decode for fear of the RZ looking to collect a big point. Kept riding, could feel the tire slowly but surely loosing air. Forced myself not too stop. Tire squish, slowing and lost contact with group race. Milked the tire and finished with it folding but holding. How about that! I don't believe in luck, but on the day I got lucky with the air loss.

2 for 3 in that 1 rock garden with the hecklers. Lap 2 dabbed, but informed RZ went out of medals in there. ha. Jim said he was 2 for 2. But that's NOT 3 for 3. Also told the fast guys just ran it... Point.

Finished out in my typical "filler" spot. Race was one/two laps too short. Finishing well under 2 hours. Flipside, another lap could have had me off the bike in a scramble adding air, and Richy grin'in. ha

Next target, Oct 6th and Levis Trow.

I'd like to try a park race sometime this Fall. Keep with my 1 day 2 race in 1 park every other year streak. Yap, I typed it. Will see or not.

Listen to Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden. Making a come back I hear...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ghetto Light Commute

Relying on this light setup from the junk drawer to get me across N Iowa to work in the darkness...

~38 lumen (with fresh AAA)

Needing this...

900 lumens

LCR has 2 satisfied customer's with the homebrew Amoeba lights from CO... I need to be the third.

Jail Trail race on Sun not Sat. Guess the threat of the Ed-duro don't exist anymore. So, Jim types to me, "you don't have to worry about Richy, he's racing Comp." ha! Last year Richy was on my wheel like flies on rice. Or is it white on rice?

With LCR all that really matters is beating each other down (on the trail and elsewhere).

Note- Fear the next coming of Jack Lambert. Crazy eyed tackling machine. I say to his dad on the sideline, "don't be one of "them" parents". Dad says, "as long as Lody backs it up, I don't care..." Myoot.

Oct 6th on the brain.

Then Nov 9th on the brain, with Oct 19-21 in between. Oh, and the return of 'Down by the River'. Need to recon and start trap setting. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All hail the Hulk

In a hard fought fight with his wife for the office of Team Ricoh President... The (shrunken green) Hulk rules the roost of riddlers, cave dwellers, and lacra clad extreme novices.

Oath of office: Speak the language, defend yourself (I mean office), collect points.

Lon, years of this (flat on back/ crash/ out of medals) should set you up for success to defend (and defend off) the Goons... Remember this one? Henge caught you takin a nap. Happy Birthday Sukka!
12 hours of Farm 2003. Lon meets Chaska dirt. Point.

Note- Great job to the presidential runner up... Wonder Woman (aka Rebecca). If you get a chance to ride with Her, see how long you can carry on on a conversation before she drops you while still chattering on.

For me it was all North Iowa, no Cheq to officiate(last minute plan cancel). Not too fret, I didn't cheat myself. In fact, had 2 separate visits with a log spine skinny. The first sent me packing.

Note 2- With advances in mountain bike technical riding over past 12 years, Cheq40 has become a road race sponsored by mall fitness. Modern day Cheq grit is earlier in the year and it involves 100 miles of "mountain biking". Finding the interweb post race synopsis's and defeat interesting. How could a 40 mile mock road race have that many excuses? But it does. Finish in the top 100 and be PO'd about it, yag. Take up triatheloning then.

Sample of excuses- Start position cheated, leadout scetch, tire rub, rosy grass too long, dusty, no legs, roady draft pimped, such a long race season..., handlebar loosened up (my excuse once), bonk on birkie, dropped my bottle, "gel now" says the Goat, and of course the all time greatest roady excuse,"I'm sick".

Random (Note 8)- Jack ever gives you a jar of his canned ricoh pickles, use the juice to marinade some pork chops...

Jack's Juice Marinade. Delish pork chops! Ask him about his special sauce.

Note 3- Happy B-Day Lon-dog!!! Stealing your line, "Go Big!"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm no Proenneke

Very consolidated trip to Cheq. Mission accomplished. Off the grid for a moment. Got my ride fix, Ojibwa/ Seeley Pass, active recovery swim in Lake Namekogon at 8AM, the full enchelada in the rain/ lovely rain (Rock Lake- Hildebrandt forwards and backwards- Patsy- Namekogon).

"Seeley Pass" new trail (having too much fun to stop and take a pic) location, South off Ojibwa between C27-C28. Machine built Imba 2 way trail, flow and more flow with a 60' long downhill skinny (with consequence) that you can ride uphill as well. Trail dead ends, assume they (Camba) are waiting til next year to make final connection with trail north from OO. Spectacular!

Pre-ride active recovery in Lake Namekogon at 8AM.
Blissful wakeup

Hildebrandt and "my rock" covered in moss. That only means 1 thing, nobody's riding it.
Ride it.

Which line do you take when riding Hildebrandt during the Cheq 100?
Left line only. Point.

NOTE- Dick Proenneke a tough man of self-will and life, more tactful than Alexander Supertramp, less glamorous but of similar ilk to George Mallory which DBD strives to compare.

NOTE 2- Good work Gravel Conspiracy finishers. Proenneke toughness.

NOTE 3- Off to CHEQ again to officiate the Team Ricoh Presidentail Election. Only 2 candidates, the Shrunken Hulk vs. Wonder Woman. All former presidents are stuck in the metro vortex telling stories at backyard fires.

Oath of office- Defend the presidency, speak the language, collect points.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Alexander Supertramp

I'll have a bit more than a pair of rubber boots and a couple cans of tuna, but solo'ing off the grid I go for some pratice... Pratice. Yap, talkin about pratice.

Don't believe in luck, but "good luck" to those doing the gravel adventure up in the arrowhead. I signed up on a whim, then sallied when the Sisters acted like it didn't exist. Something like that event, you got to have a witness. Go Ed. May the flat tires not be with you.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

MN24 6Hr Sally- Overall

Seems like I need to prep by eating a frozen pizza for dinner at 10PM the night prior after a pathetic Vikings game more often. Had the legs for the 6 hour sally, fitted the pug up with the original heavyweight husker du's. Payed off, cleaning Stairway to Heaven 10 of 11 times.

Entered the fatbike class but if you take the overall, you might as well claim it. Ya I felt guilty not racing 12 hours, but with 30 min laps and no quarry or skinnys I got rather board by hour 4. Then the cramp demons came alive at hour 5. Not sure how I would have responded had I pushed along for another 6 hours. On my 32 lb's of fat, probly not so well.

3rd- Drew Ragnarok KOM Wilson, 1st- LCR!, 2nd- Bart Rodberg

Hat off to the 12 and 24 solo's going and gone at it... With 30 minute laps the madness is ensuing right now I venture to bet.

Race don't stop til 10AM tomorrow. Check in on Mr Farrow and the strong men/ women here. MN24 Upto the min Online Results

The setup. A battering ram, nothing pimpy nor up to the minute fatbike lightweight.
Special thanks to my Sonyer (QPete) for the on the fly bottle prep, then disappearing act. Saved me the tweek of having to pour my own bottle powder on the fly...

Note- wonder if Red Baron Pizza would sponsor LCR?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Team Name: LCR (scared of >6)

Fat Class at Red Wing MN24. Only doing 6hr. Many excuses, but reality I'm just scared of riding that 32lb fatbike for longer then I want too.

I could really use some healthy competition at Red Wing on Sat.

I don't want to be 1of1. I'll take finishing dead last but making my eyes bleed over a warm fuzzy podium every time.

Come Join me.

MN24 at Red Wing Site


Like I say, you can only do a first time event once.

Jack, you can pick up your used jug of choc milk on way to RW on Sat morn. ha ha

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"If you get lost, you shouldn't be riding a bike."

said Cuyuna Nick...

I guess I better take up old man's rugby or kickball then...

Yep, got lost. 'Rusty Ride', MORC fundraiser at Cuyuna trails/ 1st annual.

100 miler. Off the start gapped the field with 1 at a moderate pace. Got spun around early on in a grass maze fighting to stay on the wheel of the eventual winner (Trevor Rockwell- ringer from the real Iowa). All was good, found my bearings, finished the lap, figured out my mistake, gentlemen's agreement with Trevor that I'd complete what I missed on lap 3 or 4. He was good with that, so on we race.

#88 and Rusted. 

Trevor didn't drive up from Iowa to solo off the front, he was there for a fight, so I did my best to give it to him. Good guy to ride with, strong SS'er in the technical, working his way up the national level ultra mtb racing scene.

Spent the bulk of the race trading leads, riding hard but when it's 100 mi, you got to regulate the output.  In the end Trevor gapped me in the grassy maze on lap 4, I stopped and redid my error from the 1st lap and finished out the Cuyuna trails pleased with the effort. 100 mi, 2nd place, 7hr 44min. Half the ride was either grass, snowmo trail, or road thus the scewed fast time. The Mahnomen singletrack was used for the race, a maze of IMBA style trails put together real well for the race.

THANKS MORC VOLUNTEERS!!! Specifically Cuyuna Nick, Amanda, Meg, all the people that forsook their own riding on the day to support, and DNR Steve. Great first time event. I understand why it is called a "ride". Legal lingo with the State/ makes sense. This ride was full on beatdown/ worthy.

LCR games- Jack wasn't down with the grass sickness and went over to Yawkey to ride the real stuff after 1 lap, my Sis (Rebecca) won the ladies 50, Lon rode strong for 3rd in the 50, Ed pushed through his flat disease and finished the 100, Marx the Machine was all smiles after the 50, le Mac cooked up and fed 8 lbs of bacon, and Porteay saved the day by taking down a bees nest.

Note- Barry T won the 50. Can't forget big bad Joel B kicked it in the 50 either!

Next- I haven't a clue. I'm feeling good with no target. Riddle that.

Recovery- Horse racing at Canterbury, ever thought on what it'd be like to be a horse jockey? Come on, think about if for a second. White knuckle wicked like coming down Moab Rim with vee brakes.
Random. Wonder if they'd let us do a hot lap on the fats in that loose dirt? We'd top the rodeo clowns for sure. Jim would build a jump off to the side and get us in trouble.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Batted 875

In baseball world this would be a real good average:

  • 1for1. House chores/ Mice terminated, holes plugged.
  • 2for2. Trample Turtles, Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket. Twas a duluth bluegrass/ pseudo-hillbilly/ modern pink floydish- space cowboy/ rock out anthem "Outta My System!!!"
  • 3for3. Twins Game with Dawn/ Kids, Chopper and Jimmmay. 12th row 3rd base line. Twins lose, naw really?   Jim had fun (seriously).
  • 3for4. WTR race (hid). Stee-rike out. or better yet sallied out. Didn't feel like the sunday series routine (drive/ wander/ race for filler/ wander/ drive). Sometimes a miss motivates. 
  • 4for5. Worship Hosanna... PTL!
  • 5for6. Ordered wedding ring (learning- easy on, hard off)
  • 6for7. 3+ hour Murphy loop, ready for 100 miles of red dirt.
  • 7for8. Dr. Charles surgery, brakes held up. Time to get red.
  • 8for9. First cast, first catch for Madeline. A sunny, then the mother load (a perch).
Look out Babe Winkleman and Jack.

I was better at baseball then I am at bikes. I just didn't like riding the pine and standing around spitting in a glove. There is something about bikes and a beatdown that keeps me engaged.

Bring on the Rusty Ride Race. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Behind Bars Urgent Care- Patient feedback/ Buck last fat

When you got a bicycle 911, where else to go for a dose of outpatient care then Dr. Charles at the Behind Bars Clinic. Symptoms/ treatment:
  • Front Brake- thought it was brain eatin ameoba draining my stopping power. True be told it be an aging master cyclinder + death grip?. Temp fix by Dr Charles to keep me moving. Long term, will need followup visit.
  • Front Brake- pad pin stuck then partial strip (trail side operator error)... Who invented the easy out, sweet!
  • Bottom Bracket- Bearing end of life, easy replacement... Until that 2mm centering bolt stripped. 2008 XTR was wiped off the planet. Backup plan is computer parts to hold together. Riddle that!
  • For the moment, clean bill of health, 2008 Mama keeps ticking, no need for that pacemaker on the wall.
Behind Bars Medical Clinic- Dr Charles, Head Surgeon

Will she stay functional for next 2 weekends of abuse? TBD.

Buck Last night- Race Results click here. Fat only had a class one week. Guess that makes me the Buck Worlds Champ of fat...

Tonight, Beard Fest. Turtles that trample, Horses of a band, and Morning Jackets... Been too long since good music live and outside. Only thing better than rocking out in the dirt is riding it.

WTR Sunday, MN series in WI. Worthy of your time and efforts. Pre or post ride, they have some good traps (skinnys, rock flings, etc). Ride the traps backwards too.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Buck- Fat has Class...

Fat Class- Introducing the most recent way to handicapp yourself while racing a bike... BUCK RACE RESULTTS 

Random thoughts- seems like one clock starts time for all classes, no prorate with wave starts?, 30 sec wait but same time as who I finished with?, fight from dead back = fun, ladys times been skewed for years? There was more than 10 fats racing, lost in the dust I guess. LCR takes podium like days of old, until the masses take over. Fact, the fat class actually kicked off in 08 or 09 when we had the lil scurmish with Wood. Skewers loosened on the line, domino'd bikes, then fats ghost rided at in return. Was almost as good as AWA wrastling at the Met.

If Penn makes it stick, please run em with the Advance Men Class...

Wait. Even better, run em in front... Fat Fox's and Hound's...

Random. Happy Goat getting hammered at 24 hour. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cross Town Traffic!!!

Jimi sang it best. (this vid rocks, check out streaking biker circa 1970)

But I had it on the mind at the start line... Bad sign when it's 1 min before start and all your thinking about is how to navigate the cross town traffic toget home.

Hillside... had a good ride. That's right, ride, not race... Got home mowed the lawn, didn't even phase me. Whatup with that? Need more anger.

Haven't had a 2 race week in a long time. Buck Thurs was an enjoyable grunt on the reverse fats. To top that off, Madeline and Mark both raced... Mark is showing an interest in bike racing. Opposite game, don't push/ have fun.


Madeline and her pink bike courtesy of Behind Bars.

Sunday, Hillside and the Richzilla Production. This MN Series race easily outdoes the rest of the series when it comes to hospitatily, racer appreciation/ support, and the RZ goofball factor. I got no excuse for my "Filler" result. I saved it for race day, everything was clockwork leading up to the startline, cept for the stinking cross town traffic. Getting around SW metro is gridlock.

Off the Start, an interesting pile up/ scuttlebutt finger point... Seeing Hollywoods roadie white shoe go flying was comical. Field sprint, instantly knew that running the handmedown Bontrager mud tires was overkill. Attempted to push, but didn't have any sort of overdrive. So backed off and enjoyed the teeter each lap with an "LCR!" shoutout, attempted all skinny's/ mixed results. Heath was my witness with an early on fail. ha.

Head down, drool, staring at front wheel.

LCR logic- All that really matters is where you finish amungst the Goon Squad. Today, Coldbert had his day and caught me from the Comp's. Gave him a point even though he skipped the teeter. How many years have we been telling him to move back up? He was the original LCR expert with Luke.

Idea- Need more anger = better result. Consult with Hollywood, next time take me down off the start.

Next? More Bucks, mix in a Murphy TT?, leading up to return trip to Cuyana for 100 miles of morc non-race race. Cuyana Nick said I wont be cheated.

Non-bike- Looking forward to Trampled by Turtles/ Band of Horses/ My Morning Jacket outdoor amphitheater concert w/ my Honey...