Monday, October 22, 2012

LCR Picnic at Levis Trow

"Pass them there french fried potaters there Forest", said Karl Childers.

Note- Look for the rock aside camp site 3, just butt up the table, and vwwhalla, game time.

Is this enough trip info for you RS???

You was missed but not forgotten. Same with all the others ill communicato.

Bears still growlin in 3's. Mmmhhhmmm.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

River Fat Traps

Been since Feb, I'm back. Tip to tip to tip (35-Ferry-BD/Cedar-Mounds), a 3+ hour tour. Many traps intact, some weeded in yet, a few rotted, and more sand deposited, still a great game. No better way to hone in on the fat handicapp skills then at the river. D Rider has adventure rides for the aquadic types. We just set traps, and give/ take points.

You ride the MN River Bottoms in Bloomington and never seen this? Either your riding with your head down, or you act like it don't exist. Location is directly west side of 9 mile creek. "Heath's Eagle Log"- You can't miss it, or will you? The log has wings, ask Heath.

Heath Eagle Log

Treated plank + good sized log = Trap. You add any sticks to make this an easy up and we will discard: "Jerks" is the name, it's what they call us when they can't ride it.

"Jerks". Easy is not spose to be the game.

Moss only means 2 things. Randy, or nobody riding it. The second applied here:

Moss Log (part of the noname log skinny crop). Ride it.

Many many many more threats, like Shapes, junk teeter (jack has an idea), west side multi-traps (thanks to those that set), dirt fling, Stoners knob, jim stump, hot dog, triple threat, tootsie roll (weeded in yet), sand single, Habs bypass, Cheater, stumps, Grunt up and off retaining wall, mound stumps, and the one that stops us all for amusement the "up and over".

Note- Thanks to Mr. Youngblood for the Black Dog bridge work. Don't be offended if we stick with the difficult lines. LCR.

Forgot "Zigzag!" and "Youngblood!" must yell it or sing along when riding those lines. ha

Monday, October 8, 2012

Levis WEMS Championship Race (bear growl in 3's)

Levis-Trow Mounds, why do they (WI) call them "mounds"? Nine years living in that State and I still don't get it.

Wasn't expecting a championship race victory... But when it's dangling in front of you, ATTACK. So for the final 5 race hours, that's what I did.

A root killer, and medal.  WEMS Championship medal. 

Good day on the bike. I know your thinking, "how'd Sauber pull this off?" I gots to say, 12 hours of tent sleep in 30 F temps dialed me in. 7PM to 7AM. No Farm Team late night fires, no last minute bike riddles, just me my sleeping bag and a wounded shin from a failed attempt on a lucy loop skinny.

pit, pit crew, worn out race bike = victory

No need to bore you with the play by play. Just go ride Levis when you can, we mulched many leaves up but didn't ride some of the good stuff due to fragile nature of the dry soils. Lack of precip and sand base has some trail (Toad road/ Sidewinder/ Corkscrew/ Hermosa) in rough shape. We (me and my Goons) tend to gravitate to the stuff that most others just try and avoid. So, in 2 weeks when we go back, LCR game time. I'll bring the Fat for the sand, and the medal. ha

Note- Hat off to Dirty Benjamin Martin for his WEMS SS series championship. Also, Mr Farrow showing us outsiders the DBD mantra (late to race, but instead of doing the short race starting later, sticks with his plan and does Enduro, no matter where he placed or the consequence). Well played.

"Bear growl in 3's..." Next time you camp at Levis, when the sun goes down, listen I say.

recovery hill repeats. geared, not SS, or fixed.

Note- Weeds are dying. Lines opening up. Jim is setting traps. It's about Fat time.

Monday, October 1, 2012


"Going on an easy ride." Ya right. Shouldhaveknown, no such thing in my world. Day prior to race easy ride... at least it was until I taco'd the front rim while sight seeing out on some public land riding through a dried up slew mud hole...
swiss taco
Had a better blog opp/ pic than this, but I don't usually think in terms of interweb moments. Me slamming this rim trying to get it straight enough to run through the fork arch. 5 hard slams and it was true enough. Good thing is I only had to wobble 4 miles to get home with tail between legs.

A combo of this and a sieve of a fork had me reeling... No series race. Was questioned, "why don't you ride your Pivot?" ha.

Hoping all of my well used and cobbled together race parts are functional for Saturday and 75 mi of Levis. TBD. Chuck/ BB on a 911 on my behalf. Bike drama...

If not functional for Sat, I can always head back to that mud hole for an easy ride.

Note- Jack never called me to go pick up a deer. Shutout pirate.