Tuesday, April 26, 2016


3rd in the north iowa gravel series is Drew Wilson's game the Dickie Scramble.

A good mix of random bicycling and adventure in the heart of north iowa. The minimum maintenance roads make it worth the trip. One of the spots could even double for a novice DH run. A witnessed account of a guy going off the side of the rickety bridge into the trout stream was documented.

I can't help myself, I use all these gravel races as MTB fitness test grounds. Go so hard your eye's bleed, shake-off, go again. I'm not a fan of roadie pack tactics, but will take and direct wheel suckers to pull if it's the only way to advance up the road.

Fact. In the end, unless your The Fox (aka #1, Wilson, Thompson, Talerico), it's all about reeling in the next hound ahead.

Captured by TMB Photography-

TMB Photography- LINK

NOTE: The north iowa Gravel Series is having technical difficulties. The Scramble results are by first name, the Series results are by last name... 8.

Not to fret. The Swag Swap box still has plenty of prizes to share.

Gravel race season is over. Time to hide in the woods (MTB).

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lakeville- Milltown- Lakeville V4.0

It was a very good day. All smiles, nobody cheated themselves...

See the LML Race Blog LINK


More TMB photos over here -  LINK

- Up next Dickie Scramble. and the north iowa gravel series-

Monday, April 11, 2016


Thanks to the SPH Ship for the 9th version of the best gravel thing on this side of the real Iowa... Nothing compares.

Random thoughts- 107 miles of 'utopia', +9000' of vertical grind, familiar faces, attacks, off the back, fight to regroup, 'was that the Wizard?', 'nobody behind me... good. Picnic time', "is that a climb to nowhere spot?', not cheated.

The Rök goes to one worthy Kyle Sobota for the witnessed efforts/ attack dog mentality.

Previous earners of the Rök-
Drew Wilson, Heath Weisbrod, Parker Roenfanz, Leigh Langum.

The Rök was created when there was an absence in awarding a legit KOM. So I took my earned KOM, dusted it off, re-glued the base, and put a spin on it... The earner each year needs to return and defend or submit, but regardless the Rök lives.

Up next... 8

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ragnarök on the brain-

Saturday is the gravel queen of pain...

Some really good 2015 TMB images here- Ragnarök Pictures

SPH! (at LML)

 Rök- LML- DScramble, the north iowa Series year 2. My abacus is ready...

Fact. Only 1 known sighting of a white shark in SF Bay. The water is more brackish than I figured. Only 14 Alcatraz escape attempts. Pack-raft across that bay...