Monday, February 17, 2014

An Edduro = FFF + FBF

In LCR speak an 'edduro' is when you string back to back races together, not to win or collect some sort of glory... Nope, it's just an attempt to lure other goons into the trap and to beat yourself to a pulp. See, misry loves compny.

4 laps and 40 miles at Elm Creek FFF (Fatbike Frozen 40) on Sat. 2 laps and some shennanigans at Hillside FBF (Fatbike Fest) on Sun.

I'll spare too many details. Typed out race narrative is almost as boring as watching mountain bike videos. Rather be doing it than watching or reading it.

I will type that day one and FFF marks the modern age of riding bikes in the winter. 200 participants from all sorts, on uber groomed trails. Day two and FBF is the first of a kind. Founder of winter singletrack/ snow MTB racing at least in the lower 48.  There were other winter races out there, but not taking a mountainbike trail and putting a snow rutt to it.  Richzilla and his rodeo at Hillside started it all.  

FFF Highlights:

  • 4 plus hours on the bike
  • Each lap conditions got worse (bliss)
  • Lap 4 was the best
  • They didn't block off the skinny's (time bonus if cleaned)
  • Had to regroup after each lap. No enduro life in me on the day.
  • Finished top 10? No idea on my results. Funke and his guy 2nd in tag team. Moto keeps pro fatbike license with 3rd place. Johnsen, Bush, Machine, K-jeer all frozen grimmaces. 
FBF Highlights:
  • Hanging with the goonsquad
  • Lap 1 felt worse than all 4 laps on Sat (bliss)
  • Trail was perfect, uber rutt
  • First tracks on couple junk traps
  • Jacks endo track on skiny over my dillger track. 
  • Yard sale on that one bridge after those jumps. Lucky to get up. but I don't believe in luck.
  • Jim's podium shot. Like last year. Hands down. 'ho hum'.
  • Finished top 10? No idea on my results. Jim got 4th tho. Heath on borrowed bike 3rd. Horns, Rocket, Coldbert we are all looking behind waiting for my attack... Nope. Edduro cooked me good. Hat off to Hogland, got me both days, mask/ aero wheels and all. 

NOTE: I know what your thinking,"Edduro?". Named after our team stairmaster extraordinare, who has a hard time saying 'no' to a beatdown... 

Took no pics. So I'll advertise my L-M-L race in a shade over a month... Could be alot of this... Or not. Just sign up, worry about details later... See link on the side.

LML and Garrett Ave. (this guy is now on the goonsquad)

Okay enough typing... Back to Presidents day house chores... Great President and quote; "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt", Abraham Lincoln.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Head Clearance/ Maggies Farm

Trails are getting lower these days. Watch your head. Especially those that believe they have some special winter angle dust and can get by without wearing a helmet. I don't get that. Ride hard, protect the braincage.

Next, I recall Elm Creek snowbiking in the sticks behind lifetime fitness, much differnt than today. Quite the trail CJ and associates have groomed. They've made packing trail into a science. Allgood. Just warn the new generation fatbike crowd, don't expect that trail everywhere. One of a kind.

Elm Creek- Even with the groom, prefer b lines/ random skinnys.
 With that, first time on the modern day Elm Creek winter trail. Plenty of moto countersteering, trail could be a skating rink come Saturday and the Frozen 40 race...

Made it a 3 Rivers Park District weekend. Murphy bliss on a tip from #1 when I ran into him at the mall of all places... Some good rutts and boot to keep you honest. Backwards is the new forwards. The easy is hard/ hard easy.

Worthy off camber rutt. Fox tumbled down this one time...

First time in years I i-pod'd while non-road riding. Figured I wouldn't catch any sticks in the RD with this much snow... This song had me drifting off the trail...

Rest in peace to my friend Ben M. He was a good man and will be missed. Riding bikes in Heaven is not like Afton Alps, I'm sure you can crash your MTB and not break your arm again... 

Friday, February 7, 2014

'Hard time with words in the cold.'

"How much tire pressure are you running Larry?"
"Your tires are looking flat."
"I spun out in the rutt."
"My front tire keeps washing out."
"This sucks!"
"You LCR guys ride around with flat tires."
{all various comments overheard of late}
My most recent response to the questions (see blog title). 
Note- Man it's hard to reply at winter VO2 max, a frozen face, pain in the digits, mind on worn out BB7's, and a 'I learned the hard way, so should you.' Note 2- Stoenhenge was the first Riddler to introduce me to the tire krinkle. Jim even goes low in the summer. Jack goes the opposite these days. 

'Jim and his Shovel.' Second favorite L-M-L photo (courtsey C5 Photo). 

Alt version of L-M-L, Lcr Misphits Lost.

60 people signed up for the Race so far. What's keeping you from showing up in late March when there is nothing else to do on a bike? Trails wont be open until May, you should sign up for this one too And if your in Ragnarok, bonus. Make it your own series, as long as it's on paper and you got a lured in witness. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Midlife Crisis/ random

One thing about getting old. You can go 20 years since you've heard a great song and go right back to where it had you in the mix.

Snow biking has been good. Racing not so much. Need to taper off the weights and pick up 5th gear.

6th place Loppet Bike. He can swap tires faster than you too.
L-M-L. Why haven't you signed up? You know who you are...

and send me your best 'what does L-M-L stand for...'