Sunday, January 29, 2012

Skinny Denial

First tracks on the tech or a 3rd place in racer mode??? I'd take first tracks on the tech every time. But...

Rejection after the fact. None prior even tried.
Freewheel run what you brung race... 2" of fresh powder changed conditions, certainly adding fat bike advantage. Freewheel Kevin mentioned he'd give me 15 seconds for skinny cleans. Appreciative, but on this day with 2" of fresh white on top, worthy of more like a minute or two... Was also informed neutral start...

Off start wasn't so neutral (lesson learned)... #1 and FK to the front, I was in about 8th spot hanging out. Daydreaming put me on the ground... Chased back/ spent a few matches getting to 3rd place. At the plastic skinny ducked under the off limits tape, got up/on about 1/4 way the nates were slipping/ got scart and manualed off the side landed clean and pushed back on track to still hold spot. Coldbert gave me a "point" but no point deserved, I didn't clean it. Attempts and rejection don't count/ he knows.

Fresh powder making the BB7's iced up sketchy (excuse). Pulled FK back in to 15 seconds but my monkey business claiming first tracks on what I could at race pace didn't help me any... In the end I gave chase, even skipped skinny in the picture above in a failed attempt to reel in FK. Full loss of points.

Race ended with #1 w/ #1, FK at #2, me at #3, and one Coldbert riding strong at 4th. Was hoping RichZilla claimed first tracks on the skinny's but the sounds of it, not riding since thanksgiving has put RZ into a self induced pain cave.

Hung out with the race culture, then went back out for solo redemption lap... Trail torn up good on second lap/ rutted fun!!! Got first tracks on the race off limits/ slow line tech stuff. Noted that ALL racers avoided the skinny's/ and I still got kicked off on the riddler lap. Limped back in rejected... Forgot how the game gets exponentiated with fresh powder on the real tech lines.

Fun time at Murphy, thanks Freewheel... Talk is next time more than just 1 hot lap...  A135 2019 training.

Good LCR goon squad representation as well (Coldbert, LCR1, RZ, MVP, The Marx, LeMac/ no waffles). Even ran into a Bike Hermit running an old school circa 1990's commuter SS/ canti brake/ 1.9 semi slick hike-a-bike machine... Would give a point if he knew our game. But he don't.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

ER Race Backwards for 2/ 4-Sale

Treated to a backwards race... I like that.

4-Sale--- Jimmay Homebrew Studded Tires.
Not for sale--- The Nates.
Difficult to re-hash this race, bein backwards and all... Rode with an SS Red Squrl for the duration. Chris Fisher on the hardtail with homebrew studs for the victory. He was flyin. Too bad #1 wasn't there, would have been interesting. Heath and I on the Nates. Those tires got me 1st in Fat Class.

I guess there was a race at Murphy... Wonder if anybody followed my line for tracks on the Murphy skinny's? I know #1 wouldn't, but maybe Freewheel Kevin...

Thanks Richy... For running it backwards. LCR style.

In my mind I can hibernate until Spring now if I want... But I wont.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nates Late But First at Murphy

24 hours after precip, a shoe race and bike tracks, figured all first tracks at Murphy would be taken.

Wrong... Murphy plastic skinny first tracks. Nates don't slide on plastic like Endo's. Collected all sorts of first tracks. All previous took path of no resistance... Huh. I don't get it. MTB in winter.

Still had many redo's at the wood skinny. Reminded self of the day couple years back, at night/ dead of winter, jack said "you want me to do it again?" So he did it backwards, turned around did it right way. Looked at me and said nothing. ha.

Jim's game of easy. 
I don't like saving nothing for race day...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Goon Recruit

Riding along, "what's with this point system Larry?" Replied, "Keep hangin with the Goons on Thursday nights and you'll figure it out Young Jack."

Quick study. He caught on to our games quick. By my record book even got a gold on one odd log.

Extended no snow season has certainly allowed more log/ stump/ stick creativity this winter. Just don't run a Husker Don't into the brush... The punk band is much better then the tire.

Such bliss at the river, I went back today for tip to tip to tip...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another first (bike related)

For the past 2 months been battling what I thought to be a nasty verruca vulgaris (aka wart) on the left foot/ second toe. Symptoms were cauliflower looking knob, sharp pain in toe especially when trying to bend it, and some history with the creatures. Tried acid kill skin method, creature wouldn't die. Drastic measure, to Hudson Clinic, doctor tried nitrogen freeze. No kill. Knob and sharp pain still maintained, creature alive.

Sunday night after Richy Race, I'd had it. More acid burn allowed all skin to be removed. Scraping cauliflower off, felt a ting, like metal. What? Kept flesh digging, Grasped end, pull. Out came a piece of bike shifter cable wire, 9mm in length. Yap, shifter wire, not brake wire.
Moral of riddle-- Never walk in your bike wrench room area bare foot.
Richy Race Synopsis- Richy guy Ben dug deep to ward us off for first section/ nice work, another Richy Guy on ground early/ TKO'd. Had a picnic with Jim new recruit Barry Tungseth for 7/8's of race, from behind Jack heckling/ Jim point collecting, joined by new fat fishcat Owen Thole at 1/2 point, Coldbert waivering ahead w/ head down working hard on fancy new bike with Dave Move Up Hoglnd, Heath holding 2 spot on SS pug (Pt.?), and #1 with #1.

Could tell I need more high end work. All this river stick bushwacking/ tree-stump-skinny circling/ gravel road escape has me long on time/ but short on eyes bleeding VO2 max end.

In LCR world all that really matters is where you finish against your sisters. Coldbert with the LCR victory, like Jack said, "rather get beat by Hollywood."  ha. Good to have many Goons on the line from Oscar de la Henge, to Magic Johnson, Peter Stock, Paul Haberman, PaulZ (jack guy) to call out a few.

None of my guys showed. Typical.

And, I can squeeze my toe now with no sharp pain... Whaat a treat.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spring manure thaw, in January.

Fields thawing in January. Biking with your mouth open, taste it. What a treat.

Burned up/ don't feel like racing tomorrow. Need a call out from the Goons. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Been had (again)

Last time it was 3 years ago on this date and four oh. A beatdown road/ rain/ ice ride to nowhere, kept out past "oh no, I'm dead"/ late for my b-day dinner, only to be had by 40+ people hiding in the garage.

This time it's 40+ emails/ text/ heckles/ smoke signals/ and rocks pounded together... 

Don't need new watches when all that is required is new batteries. I have an inop heart rate monitor too... Keeping that dead until one of you want it for your 40+ b-day. Nothing like a shirtless OG tooling around in lacra with an elastic bra type strap around your chest... Beyond ricoh. 

Thanks to my Honey, sKids, and all you who partook... Point (again).