Monday, December 15, 2014

LML Update

I will have details on the race available after the holidays.

"If" all is a go, plan on similar registration drill as past 2 versions where you email me your contact info and commitment to show and trade punches.  The 'tentative' date will be Mar 28th.

"So who is going to attack?"

This race will be capped at 100 people. Those that showed for the first 2 editions are automatically in, but I still need confirmation you really want to do this again. For the rest, I play favorites.

Fundraiser and swag swap are a given as well.

Along with climb(s) to knowhere.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Facebooks is singular?

Moving on over to the Facebook.

Why? Not sure yet. 

What will become of this blog? Not sure yet.

I do know riding bikes in questionable conditions is good... 

'tagging along for the ride'

I hope to get LML info established before the new years. The driver to continue it is not the race, but what impact the race makes. That part is hard to scrap. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ad Lib w/ snow

Missed another Thurs. Able to regroup on Fri. Noted the snow tracks on Ad Lib, unsure who got the farthest mark?

Daylight marks don't count. Says the Pirutt.
Something about mounting up the double nates makes me grin.

Plenty of bite.
Winter early. Will it last? Nope.

People asking on LML, been too busy to think on it, but will start the process since Jack said "in if Habs and the Goat do it." Trap set.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Missed another Thurs/ DC Non-Bike

A mantra I have committed to memory but don't always follow:
"It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt." Abe Lincoln

I had a vison of riding any sort of rental bike up the steps to this spot-

This man knew how to sharpen an axe.
But work and bike riddles don't always mix.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hip Toss/ Brick Laying/ Add Lib

This ain't quite the original Hip Toss from the Farm, but it makes me think on it and laff.

Hip Toss #2

The original line shifted with summer floods and rendered the bricks obsolete. So mid ride I got my brick laying/ cross fit on and moved them over to the Penn Trail.

Brick Line. Ride it Freewheel.

Ha. Been eyeing this tree up for couple years since Jim made the Vag loop. Did a little tree trim.  Voila... Trap set. CAUTION- There is no exit, so your on your own... ha

Add Lib. Figure out your own exit...
Paved trail at the river? Whatdoyou mean.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LCR Annual Riddler Convention

4 goons biking on a deck in the middle of nowhere...

Huh, a deck in the woods, ride it.
Quote of the weekend- "If the parking lot was in site, I'd be out of here", proclaimed Jimmay.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Centipede/ Trail Jerks/ more Fugazi

Trail Jerks tip to tail on the Centipede...  Trap is held up with zip ties, perfect. Fear riding it backwards, stall out and you might fall thru the plywood.

Multi Trail Jerks.

Arggg. Pirate still flings. Anybody guess the spot?

Solo Trail Jerks.

Saw these guys play once in Norfolk VA circa 1991. Recall some dude didn't like military. I had a problem with that. It got resolved in the pit. 

NOTE: I was absent at both Trail Jerks episodes above. When informed 1 hour prior to it, data don't compute... Jerks. Had my ride with the Wonder Twins. Pic credit goes to Jimmmay and some other Riddler.

Up next... LCR Riddler Convention at that one spot.

NOTE 2: these Jerks are not Bike Jerks. No bike culture involved. Just Hacks, Goons and the lesser skilled.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Garden carrots/ cross fit and a Fugazi cover

My focus could be shifting from pedal pedal pedal to getting a green thumb...

The orange ones taste the best.

No bike racing here. Was heckled non stop, shows they care. Crossing training instead...

Cross Fit with real results.

Nobody can cover Fugazi, but this is a good attempt...

2011 Mach 4 Pivot for sale: Best offer.

Cheq100- Contrary to some fables, the bike has been used.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Course Sweep at Maplelag

Somebody's got to be the course sweep... Right.

"Who me?'

Once a year for one reason or many, I put together such a race as I'm the last one in to finish. This year the date was the Marathon race at Maplelag.

I attempted to put my best ride forward pretending I was an alaskan fatbiker (ride with no front brake). All skid/ no stopping power on wet rooty technical trails didn't work too well, but it certainly worked me over for 3 of the 4 8+ mile laps. Me being me, attempted every tech line, no bypass for fear of the guilt left my knees shaking after a couple close calls with mother earth. Looked around wondering if anybody just  saw my extreme novice moves but when your in last of the remaining pedaler's that leaves no witness.

The trails at Maplelag are old school riding bliss. Rake and ride trails will teach you a thing or two about riding that full bench cut machine trail will not. Go check them out if your up in the DL area. Thanks Jay Richards and family for putting on this unique event year after year. Next year is the 25th anniversary, informed something special in the works.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maine, The State of...

If you haven't been to the state of Maine, figure out a way to get there...

Nubble Lighthouse, via boat

While there I kept thinking this is the place to be a rec rider and just tour it up...

Same spot, via bike

Land lover close to being out of bounds

Low tide. Shoulda had a fatbike.

Every State has a balance rock or 9

What's with the security? and a Texas flag?

Exeter NH has this trail system called Fort Rock, reminded me of The Farm... Only those that knew really know, and traps set for all noobs like myself.

The only spot at Fork Rock where you could coast.

Go to Maine. Our north shore doesn't compare.

NOTE- The law doesn't like bikes on the beach or rocks.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tractor Parade? Yap.

When not on a bike, do the next best thing, partake in a tractor parade...

Grandpa Ed's 1947 Case VA, donated to Dakota County
I tell you what, this tractor will rival any 42T as low as you can go cog...

Note- As pointed out, I wasn't wearing my LCR jersey in the parade. Loss of point.

Then there was the Larry Sauber who is grand champion over ALL the vegetables of Dakota County (by way of n iowa). Not to be confused with the Larry Sauber mountain bike hack/ race pack filler...

Garlic which rules them all. 

Fatt season is getting close. Been practicing.

Next- more miscellaneous (3 part tourist, 1 part bike)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Neil Young said it best, 'It's better to burn out, then fade away'.

The KORC WTR race may have had the largest Expert/Pro/Elite/Cat 1/Whatever/etc. old guy 40+ class ever for a MN Series race. Over 20 old guys showed and that doesn't include many of you in hiding... RESULTS

Old guys getting older and still racing bikes... Plus school aged kids finding this sport of MTB. All meeting in the middle and rubbing elbows. Good times.

Some great series photos to sift through- LINK

Hey 45North, these local guys deserve a tire named after them or at least a thermonuclear overheat soft good...

Up next, the real north (east) shore... (3 parts tourist, 1 part bike)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Afton MTB Race- 'revenge' no more...

A benefit of getting old... rediscovering good music.

These guys had a tire named after them too...

I regress... A return to Afton Alps to MTB race, first time in 3+ years. Haven't been there since the air was purged from the MTB trails. From 2004-2011 I weaved a cattle prod and a lamberton rake working the soil, rock, and traps. I can't put my head around all the good times and random riddles that were, but there were many. There is now a giant gap in the local MTB scene in August with no 24 Hours of Afton. Red Wing was a great substitute, but that didn't last. Noobs to MTB are certainly missing out on what was a great annual weekend of circling a bike on singletrack/ hills.

Much appreciation goes to John R. of Afton Alps. He supported our efforts, 24hr's of Afton vision, and learned an eye for the line. Many other LCR's had influence on the trails, specifically, Magic, Jimmmay, StealthDoug, Hendricks Clan & Rocket, Stoenhenge, Jack, Horner Nation, Tony Canada, MarxMachine, and Heath/ DLA.

Revenge Trail no longer exists. Created in 2005 with the help of local trail building legend Tim W. and named by The Goat. le Goat's point in naming 'Larry's Revenge' was to those that enjoyed the Cruising Meadows trail as you relaxed and finished your 7 mile lap of the 24 Hour race, guess what, Larry's got something for you (revenge) to finish up on (think slow climbing min flow singletrack).

'follow me...'

NOTE- LCR Rule X, you can't nickname yourself or name a trail after yourself either.

Fast forward to Sunday's MN series race. The trail is now maybe 50% intact. Was pleasantly surprised seeing a stump ride created by Jim still in place. When I told Jim it was solid/ didn't wobble, his comment 'dirt grows'.

Trails now gone: Larry's Revenge, Flow trail, LCR Corner, Shady Lane, Cliffs Edge rocks, Afton Gully, Valley View rocks, the Pile in Porters, DLA, Hideaway, Mid Mtn Crossing to Chikanes .

Trails that remain: Dougs Loop (bunny hill circle), Bridge Loop, connector trail to Southern Switchbacks and portion of Cliffs Edge, to Deer Path- Plunge, back up to the Pile that remains, Pirates Cove (argg!), mid mtn to Manhandler up to Whistler, over to M&M then a flyer back down to start/finish.

Could keep typing random comments, blah blah. Sum it up; the 4 mile loop that remains, I wasn't cheated (Garmin says- 750' of vertical/ lap). The loop is worthy of MN Series race. 4 laps and I was cooked. No need for Larry's Revenge, Cruising Meadow got it's revenge on me. RACE RESULTS

NOTE 2: 'Pirates Cove' named after the Pirate when an 'Argggg!' was overheard about how much the LCR Swashbuckler hated that trail... Point.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

June Bug in July (reprise)

Life on and off the bike, certainly gravitate towards all things simple. From attempting to mitigate situations involving the fire tetrahedron to the best layed plans involving family vacation time on the north shores.

Modern day mountain bike panic/ Rain storm.

Duluth weekend involving family time, wife birthday doings, and mixing in the MN series race at Lester. I had a brilliant plan which would allow me to be set free on the bike for the Marathon (3.5 hr) race at 9AM. Here was the plan:
  • Up at 6AM (quiet and dark don't wake up wife/ kids) continental breakfast food in my face by 6:20AM, do up bottles in dark and pack a lunch for the 3.5 hr's in saddle, pack up for trip home, is bike dialed?, Wife and kids up by 7:30AM for the shuttle to Lester, Wife knows Duluth but doesn't know Duluth so must set up for success or fear the reaper, Wife to drop off racer and bike and let fend for self, questions I had for self- do I keep all my personal belongings with me?, do I drop off team overpack gear and have a pile of weekend crap along the trail just in case?, wife left to fend for self getting back to hotel at Canal Park, getting kids squared, packing room and kids (minus my crap setting alongside trail), checkout, and return back to Lester to watch her Stuper Star. 
Said plan played on repeat in my head until 4AM at which time I folded to the complexity of it all. 1PM start was much simpler for this Stuperman on family vaca. So the early rise plan above was scrapped for an easy morning in a fancy hotel, a wife going on a solo run along canal park to be set free for a bit, packing up team overpack like a jenga puzzle, and enough circling over bike crap to make sure I was over prepared for 1PM.

The race was what it was, as riddl-E would say. A nice half hour rain to start off the race. Fun times on some flowy singletrack and attacking and being attacked fumbling through the mud with other like minded's. Reeled in Old Max. Finished mid pack to a son saying "what took you so long?"

Up next, MN series at Afton Alps. A return home so to speak. Spent many hours moving dirt with fellow LCR's creating and improving the trails. The trails that were, for the most part no longer exist. Good times were had. Even a bout with Lymes Disease. No regrets.

Afton 'flow' Trail we built circa 2006- today no longer exists.

Annual blag tradition... I give you 'June Bug' by fellow riddlers from the northwest, The Melvins... I remember seeing King Buzzo and friends at that one spot on Hennepin, it's a culture shop now I think.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2 Bucks

Who can argue with this stat... So far this summer of monsoon's, Buck has been the best trail, just by keeping us on dirt. More water = less dust.

To sum up June. From a 9 hour grind fest in the jungle of Cheq to the europa short track racing at Buck... Opposite games. Both stones must sharpen the slingblade. Right?

 2 races at Buck in 3 days, any MTB beats closed/ canceled MTB. You can scoff at Buck, but 6 hot laps with nowhere to hide will make your eyes bleed.

Random- 11 years past. Welch Village Rock Shox Drop. Expert? I lost a point here... ha. Ride it/ stay off the front brake and behind the seat and you'll do better than I did on this lap. Let her roll or be ready for a tumbling act. Also there was this one tricky spot between two trees at speed, clip a bar = superman. Old school, ride the ravine. Good times...

I blame it on the panaracer fire xc 1.9's at 40PSI we use to run...

Note- this blog thing isn't simple enough. Might have to succomb to the facebooks. Arg.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

CHEQ100 V5.0

There is nothing like riding a 100 mile MTB race and making it a point to point. The term 'epic' is thrown around loosely, but the Cheq100 is truly worth of the label.

In need of a bike that would keep my streak of Cheq100 finishes alive. Dusted off Ozzy (Pivot Mach 4, 2011) for version 5.0. The bike has been left unattended for way too long. She is for sale by the way... My Wife loves selling my bike paraphernalia.

Good work Ozzy.

  • Trails were in perfect shape. CAMBA does some great work, all proceeds went to the trails. 
  • The Salsa crew knows how to make their moniker 'Adventure by Bike' reality.
  • Didn't really get a feel for the race pack since we (Funke/ Moto/ Johnsen) were late to the dance. Classic LCR moves. Waiting on Moto in a panic, magical thru axle in his hand.
  • Wall Street chaos. Just let the bike ride you down it, would ya.
  • 'No water flowing?' (bladder pinched), stopped in a panic. Mosquitos made me act quick. Still lost all mo.
  • 'I was just following Jeff...' was Johnsen's reply to skipping the swamp skinny in Hildebrandt.
  • Cleaning that grassy grunt-up deal getting to the Esker, many witnesses. Point. 
  • Guuuse. Good work homie. I knew those roadie types were using you up. Then LCR left you for dead. No different than the winter.
  • Gravel grinder to Makwa, tried leaving the door open for Moto. Nope.
  • Makwa with Johnsen, dropping an attacher and reeling in. Nice work Ginger.
  • What? FD. Let's ride Sister... 
  • Check point. Circles. 'Where is Johnsen?' Learning- beef jerky worked. I missed the Pirates salami sandwich though.
  • Only a sample of the Birkie, thanks Salsa.
  • Gravel grinder back up to OO. Loose gravel and atv rooster dust, bonus.
  • Seely Pass North to Ojibwa, submitted to the 60' log skinny. 
  • Ojibwa, saw the Wizard and so did Dr Pete and Cuyuna Nick. 
  • 5 Cheq100 starts, 5 finishes. Not sure how many are on that list, very short.
  • Finished in with 8:33 min ride time, was told 14 place. Not cheated. Heath came in with the magic number 8, #1 was #1. No clear idea about the rest... Did have 3 LCR DNF's, dangit. Don't like that data. Finish over fashion.
Learning- Mr Farrow has had musings on what 'smart people' do. A thought came to mind as we stood perplexed about a missing thru axle. "Smart People carry a spare thru axle so you don't have to go around begging at 8PM the night prior to a 7AM start". Thanks to Milltown Curtis for being willing to donate and to Colbert's Associate for having that magic piece of latched tubing.

Special Thanks to the Horns Caravan and Jamie for the shuttle back to Lakewoods. We've all talked about biking back but it ain't happened yet. We need a new President one day and that ride could be the ticket... 

Note- My selfish self was elated that the Red Wing Memorial Park Series race canceled. I'm hoping for a reschedule date so that I can practice carrying a spare thru axle. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Buck World racing been good

If you've been then you know, if you haven't then you should... Whatdo I mean?

The first 4 races of Thurs Buck World has been delishous. The Penn guys have added some trail and got real creative putting the race puzzles together. You scoff at Buck as an MTB trail, go race it as hard as you can for an hour, you wont get cheated.  RACE RESULTS

Now if they'd just consider running the fat bike class with the big group and 4 laps I'd pull out my 33lb battering ram. Come on DR, talk them into 4 laps with the big group. Half the fun is the start chaos and fat wheels have an elbow rub advantage.

Random. For those that know...

Sumo Lance

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Auto Paused...

You know your going slow when... The GPS your running on auto pause wants to shut off when your still pedaling.

MN Series race in WI at Woolly Bike Club Trails of St. Croix Falls. It was great starting at 9AM and being done by 1PM. New 'Marathon' class, a great new addition to the series. Now I really don't feel cheated when I show up.

Not cheated by the Woolly
The race was owned by #1. The rest of us did battle as the old guys and enduro types. I don't like drawn out race recaps so I'll try and keep it simple:
  • #1 left us in the dust right from the start. 
  • Mustashe Joe tried chasing #1, point.
  • Somehow Heath got in front of #1 
  • Hogland played me. Revenge will be mine.
  • Tried riding through a slipping seatpost. Drove me nuts so I stopped and fixed. 
  • Duluth Nikoli reeled us all in minus #1
  • Rock gardens, 2 for 6, most pleased with full clean on last lap.
  • Heath in said rock gardens with a flat on lap 5.
  • Allan Ebbert & Gregorio, good work...  
  • Dodging Citizen/ Sport traffic, everybody curtious.
  • Finished stronger than I started, pleased.
  • Commented to #1 at 1:05 PM, 'I don't feel like I'm missing a thing'.
  • Bush get's the GOLD. Almanzo on Sat, Marathon on Sun. Well played Player. 
  • "Thanks" to the Woolly Bike Club, nice race trail...
  • I got an idea from Mustache Joe, thanks... 
  • Was I really there?

2 Bucks down... Great times. Penn is cutting in some new trail to spice it up... No better way for enduro guy to force some fast twitch than a Thurs at Buck... RACE RESULTS

This weekend, bike- garden- yard- bike- skip & frolic- bike, repeat.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tech Tip- Break that rusty bolt

Soundgarden said it best. They sang about a getting out of a rusty cage. I'm just typing not to let those winter boots go another day without breaking them rusty bolts...

'I'm goin to break that rusty bolt.... or panic.'

If I'd have forgotten another day, these fancy boots could have been rendered junk. Use caution when breaking bolts free... Get a really good bite, fear the strip!

Up next a MTB Wooley Marathon... 3.5 hrs they say. I could use some compny.

Happy Mothers Day all you Mom's and Mother's...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chicken Feed

Wait. These are just bird feathers...

Artistic impression and photo courtsy of Jack.
It's that annual time to sheer the sheep. Bugs are getting hung up in the coat, my wife loves that.

If you looked at this then go to Mr Farrows write up on the real Iowa and what smart people do. Take a seat or you'll fall over laffing. I think the Coen Bro's should stop by Esko and take a few notes.

note- had an overweight Rottweiler take a bad angle at me last night on my commute home. Just kept whistling as paybacks.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dickie Scramble P/B Silence

LCR math time... 5 of my guys were in for the Scramble, but they all dropped like flies (each with a unique excuse) leaving none. 15 min prior to start up flies a Johnsen with all grins. The one guy that didn't commit was there in the end.

Great loop, similar but different to the Queen of Gravel (Ragnarok). More pavement to connect the gravel dots. 2 very worthy minimum maintenance roads. 1 DH worthy of suspension and knobbies. Some public land visits, keep your head up or miss the sights. The data proclaimed 5,200' of climbing in 81 mi, that's more than the Queen had in 107 miles... Nice job connecting the dots Silence.

My race- same excuse as Ragnarok, legs soaked with acid for the first half. I'm not a fan of the cat/ mouse roadie tactics. So when it came to pulling the chase group back to the front I did the bulk of the work with a red jersey'd Hollywood guy and Fullton Isaac. Johnsen again all grins as he pulled back in on my wheel on a gravel road dh into the check point.

Second half, after a regroup session at check point and a good climb out of the hole, legs finally shed the acid and was firing, reeling in targets. The downside, data. I found you can only follow the Garmin line in chase mode so long before you error. I made a few, one put me out about half a mile before my brain registered 'dummy your off the line'. That bonehead move was close enough to the finishline which kept me from sights of a top 10. Still drilled to the finish, which makes the day more than pleasing.

Thanks to Drew Wilson (aka Silence) for putting a worthy loop and event together. Was certainly worth the drive to the southern edge of north iowa to partake in his version of a legit grind fest.

Top 15 results... Riddle that.

NOTE- Good work Johnsen, on the fat non fat none the less... Some know him has 'Herman Cluse', but Rule X, you can't name yourself.

Up next- Nothing in my target, MTB season is coming, just fill the legs with more acid.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Do you wheelie on your road bike?

Said my Sister The Goat (angered) as she finished the road climb to the peak of The Ribbon trail (epic dh trail GJ, CO).

Nope. I don't (I'm no Sagan), but was forced into a corner/ had to gap jump my road bike today on my commyute adventure home.

Replay (no gopro)- Closed min main gravel rd, washed out good sized rutt, 25 mile/ hr on blind roadie dh, zoning out to One Hot Minute/ RHCP. React is all I had, launch, look to otherside, and hope the wheels comply.

No time for pic, had to TT it home to get my daughter to piano lessons. She rocked it.

Flash backwards Ragnarok:
For those that had the stones to show up to the real Spring classic around these parts, grind it in the rain from mile 0, you obviously noticed the photographer (Liam Gilson) on the day. Go to LINK . Photos for hire.

Heath's Hill, clean feet/ muddy bike

Flash Forwards:
See you on Sat at the Dickie Scramble P/B riddler D Wilson? I'll be bringing my spoon to stir the pot.

NOTE: Actually The Goat was on Her Kona Dawg Supreme that day, not a road bike. ha

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ragnarok Version 7.0/ the grinding process

The ship of the SPH let sail their 7th version of Ragnarok. Rain, lightening, bucking winds, no sunlight, reports of hail, one nice snow drift, and the privilege of interrupting that annual foot race in that one park. Only thing that would have capped it off woulda been a nice sheet of ice like year 1 dished out.

Recap- Spit out the back at mile 10 after using an early match attempting to take back the original KOM Rok/ first up Leherback hill. Reminder of the 90 miles was 20 more miles of rain, and an ode to the Melvins and their gem 'the grinding process'.

I hit repeat a couple times on this little ditty-

See, I've come to realize with this new data I can capture that I have no top end. But, if you don't have 5th gear, 4th will get still get you to the finish with a 'grinding process' and the number/ placing that the goon squad riddles over. 'Infinity and beyond...' 8.

Heath. His hill was a treat to clean on a road bike.

NOTE- This year the worthy earner of the ROK was a young lad on a SS. He earned it per Heath, and was eager to accept and willing to defend it in next year. Parker Roenfanz, good work. And make sure the Ladies winner accepts her Rok with a similar vigor. She shouldn't diss the ship of the SPH.

NOTE 2- Qpete, you know what you must accomplish now.

NOTE 3- Thanks to Lisa T./ RDRACER mobile unit for the sag waggin support!

NOTE 3- Good work to Catfish Domonic. Now you just need to learn the motorboat skillz.

Learning- Need to add a flashing to my tulip holder or ditch it for a ziplock. I was in range of the doom of helpless when my notes turned to mush whilest turning pages with soaked gloves. An eager and humorous MKurke came onto my wheel for a bit while in the Goodhue vortex. Gracias Kurke, looking forward to Sandwich 2014.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Can't Truss It.

Chuck D and Flava Flav said it best. Their deal was the man. Mine is fiddle farting with technology/ data/ and the mind traps.

Note the backup system...
Spent way to many ride hours monkeying with new Garmin and all the gizmo's.

Wait. Maybe I'll have fresh legs for the Queen of Gravel/ Ragnarok?

Doubt it. Second year in row the lungs poisoned as part of the wearing down process of putting on a race and trying to drill it in the end...

See you Sat. Or not?

RS- bring the ROK. Defend or submit and disclose to the guy/ gal that most closely resembles a farm dog freed to fly. Think on year 1 and that one black lab about 2/3rds the way in that would not submit, just flew.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

L-M-L Results

are at the race blag.

I leave you with this...


It was a very good day to feel the lungs burn and eyes bleed. You missed out.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Springtime kick in the pants...

Go over to the race blog for an update on L-M-L conditions...

This guy asked me which bike to ride...
You know your role...

See you in the AM. The smell of thawing cow poop and rotting roadkill on a Saturday morning in March, does it get much better than that?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LML Roster/ Randoms

Have you been practicing your aero fatbike roadie tuck like this guy?

Can't name yourself. Your Johnsen with an E.
Roster posted. This name wasn't on list, but went I above and beyond and got you on C5 film. Johnsen you are in.

Go over to race blog to catch list of suspects.

People asking what roads will be like. Not sure, but my recon was not quite like this...

Let the good times roll... 

Young lad weened from the ship of SPH!!!  On his own to seek and destroy.

Making your Pop proud... 

See you Sat. Don't backout this late in the game... I'm keeping a list of no shows.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Longhorn Steer on Mars?

Chewing his cud and chilling in the shade. No way was he moving off the trail.

Don't get up Homie, I'll go around you...

L-M-L entry is closed (unless we cut a deal).

NOTE- On Mars you don't need or want a fatbike... But 27.5 FS, now that was the ticket.

Monday, March 17, 2014

On Mars?/ L-M-L

Currently biking as close to Mars as I'm going to get (this year).

{can't get any pics to download. Think marge simpson like cacti, red rock, and singletrack}

Still on the grid, L-M-L entry is open yet. Shutting registration down soon. Note- I wont respond to your entry until the shuttle gets me back from the red planet.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Last Call for snowbiking and LML

Snow singletrack don't get no better than now...

Stay on the crust or you are doomed. Most do the ride around. Why?

Like I typed before, boardwalks with packed snow pose threats this time of year. Easy metamorphose into difficult... Prairies become the XXX. Deer dig holes which become features. Be the rutt...

RANT ON- So somehow the fatbike birkie becomes the fatbike national championship when you can't ride fatbikes on it any other day and it's groomed by ski groomers? What? That makes no sense to those of us that have been doing this nonsense for long enough to ride the legit fatbike stuff that started this crap like in above picture. In my mind Hillside is the championship. Who won it again? I forget. rant off...

Last call for Lakeville- Milltown- Lakeville (link on the side). Many of you have given me a verbal "I'm in" but yet have not sent me a signal. To be part of this rope a dope you must send me an email. I do have a list of favorite sandbaggers hanging in the weeds though.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Low temps = Good riding

When mother nature gives us this...

-10 F (in the shade)

Routine boardwalks turn to snow skinny's-

Harmless boardwalk metamorphosis into skinny
What's worse a DNF or a no show? 

Had to bail on Cuyuna Whiteout. Bikes must take back seat to reality and when work calls. Bummed certainly, but not cheated since weather is perfect for late season snow biking. It's a treat when we get late season riding like this. Winter trails go inverse. Beginner trails turn into expert lines. XX trails get tamed. 

Cuyuna report- LCR's MotoYoung and Coldbert were bridesmaids in the snowbike race. Johnsen keeps the 'ice championship' belt with the Goonsquad... 

Next up- As much snow biking as possible. A little diversion south and west. Then Lakeville-Milltown- Lakeville. What's your excuse for not showing up? Got something better to do when the trails are closed? Doubt it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

An Edduro = FFF + FBF

In LCR speak an 'edduro' is when you string back to back races together, not to win or collect some sort of glory... Nope, it's just an attempt to lure other goons into the trap and to beat yourself to a pulp. See, misry loves compny.

4 laps and 40 miles at Elm Creek FFF (Fatbike Frozen 40) on Sat. 2 laps and some shennanigans at Hillside FBF (Fatbike Fest) on Sun.

I'll spare too many details. Typed out race narrative is almost as boring as watching mountain bike videos. Rather be doing it than watching or reading it.

I will type that day one and FFF marks the modern age of riding bikes in the winter. 200 participants from all sorts, on uber groomed trails. Day two and FBF is the first of a kind. Founder of winter singletrack/ snow MTB racing at least in the lower 48.  There were other winter races out there, but not taking a mountainbike trail and putting a snow rutt to it.  Richzilla and his rodeo at Hillside started it all.  

FFF Highlights:

  • 4 plus hours on the bike
  • Each lap conditions got worse (bliss)
  • Lap 4 was the best
  • They didn't block off the skinny's (time bonus if cleaned)
  • Had to regroup after each lap. No enduro life in me on the day.
  • Finished top 10? No idea on my results. Funke and his guy 2nd in tag team. Moto keeps pro fatbike license with 3rd place. Johnsen, Bush, Machine, K-jeer all frozen grimmaces. 
FBF Highlights:
  • Hanging with the goonsquad
  • Lap 1 felt worse than all 4 laps on Sat (bliss)
  • Trail was perfect, uber rutt
  • First tracks on couple junk traps
  • Jacks endo track on skiny over my dillger track. 
  • Yard sale on that one bridge after those jumps. Lucky to get up. but I don't believe in luck.
  • Jim's podium shot. Like last year. Hands down. 'ho hum'.
  • Finished top 10? No idea on my results. Jim got 4th tho. Heath on borrowed bike 3rd. Horns, Rocket, Coldbert we are all looking behind waiting for my attack... Nope. Edduro cooked me good. Hat off to Hogland, got me both days, mask/ aero wheels and all. 

NOTE: I know what your thinking,"Edduro?". Named after our team stairmaster extraordinare, who has a hard time saying 'no' to a beatdown... 

Took no pics. So I'll advertise my L-M-L race in a shade over a month... Could be alot of this... Or not. Just sign up, worry about details later... See link on the side.

LML and Garrett Ave. (this guy is now on the goonsquad)

Okay enough typing... Back to Presidents day house chores... Great President and quote; "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt", Abraham Lincoln.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Head Clearance/ Maggies Farm

Trails are getting lower these days. Watch your head. Especially those that believe they have some special winter angle dust and can get by without wearing a helmet. I don't get that. Ride hard, protect the braincage.

Next, I recall Elm Creek snowbiking in the sticks behind lifetime fitness, much differnt than today. Quite the trail CJ and associates have groomed. They've made packing trail into a science. Allgood. Just warn the new generation fatbike crowd, don't expect that trail everywhere. One of a kind.

Elm Creek- Even with the groom, prefer b lines/ random skinnys.
 With that, first time on the modern day Elm Creek winter trail. Plenty of moto countersteering, trail could be a skating rink come Saturday and the Frozen 40 race...

Made it a 3 Rivers Park District weekend. Murphy bliss on a tip from #1 when I ran into him at the mall of all places... Some good rutts and boot to keep you honest. Backwards is the new forwards. The easy is hard/ hard easy.

Worthy off camber rutt. Fox tumbled down this one time...

First time in years I i-pod'd while non-road riding. Figured I wouldn't catch any sticks in the RD with this much snow... This song had me drifting off the trail...

Rest in peace to my friend Ben M. He was a good man and will be missed. Riding bikes in Heaven is not like Afton Alps, I'm sure you can crash your MTB and not break your arm again... 

Friday, February 7, 2014

'Hard time with words in the cold.'

"How much tire pressure are you running Larry?"
"Your tires are looking flat."
"I spun out in the rutt."
"My front tire keeps washing out."
"This sucks!"
"You LCR guys ride around with flat tires."
{all various comments overheard of late}
My most recent response to the questions (see blog title). 
Note- Man it's hard to reply at winter VO2 max, a frozen face, pain in the digits, mind on worn out BB7's, and a 'I learned the hard way, so should you.' Note 2- Stoenhenge was the first Riddler to introduce me to the tire krinkle. Jim even goes low in the summer. Jack goes the opposite these days. 

'Jim and his Shovel.' Second favorite L-M-L photo (courtsey C5 Photo). 

Alt version of L-M-L, Lcr Misphits Lost.

60 people signed up for the Race so far. What's keeping you from showing up in late March when there is nothing else to do on a bike? Trails wont be open until May, you should sign up for this one too And if your in Ragnarok, bonus. Make it your own series, as long as it's on paper and you got a lured in witness.