Thursday, November 24, 2011

22 Turkey's

Many species of Turkeys, half LCR, part Cat n Fish, some 53T Coffee's, couple Birchwoods, and some non denominations...

Double Agent Heath on the skid plate, Jimmmay admiring.  Ha. Stupid humor is us.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Pass a dish, a dish of summer punishment over the long weekend.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not so rolling now, Daryl..

Many sayings, one is "Stare at it too long and you'll find something."

Admiring this sight, after years of no knobb/ endomorph only option... Thinking to self, "wonder how knobby tire will impact the motorboat effect?"

Then I found it... Daryl is now rolling with a hop. Was it a month full of (non snow) brush bushwackin, rock flings, log piles, junk heaps, stump rides, picnic tables, concrete rubble, punjis, skinnys that wobble, train tracks, choclate chips, deadfall crossings, or just bulldozing through sticks?

Probly not. Most likely just a root, rock, or my lame air at high speed on a roady line at the river.

Homebrew rim liner showing pock marks on tube as well. Good thing it's a fat tube. Not a stretched thin 26" for the weight conchus. Scrap homebrew. You ever changed a flat at -10F??? Hands become clubs only.

Would you throw this away?

Going to miss pure motorboatin with no knob... Jack says keep it for an "endomorph only race..." That comes from the guy who took them off and ran nokians on the marges at a Richy Race... I was shocked it worked. Pt to me Pirate that day, smoked everybody if I recall correct. The pre B Moore days? ha.

LCR Turkey's Ride on Thurs... Don't forget to bring a dish to pass...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Burning Beard



  • Jim devistated when bypass new log trap last night. Had excuse, validity was questionable.
  • 9 last night, no guests, everybody asking "when's Heath gonna show?" 
  • Sat, Jimmmmay Loop. Ride bike, watch parking racing. Go Rebecca, Lon, RS, and those I rub elbows with...  You know the Jimmmay Loop? If no, then you should... 
LCR Turkey's Day Ride- Bring a dish to pass... Same spot and same number (8) as past couple years. Looks like thawed dirt this time.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Off Bucket List, Check.

From Behind the Cheddar Curtain...

Lambeau Field, in line waiting on the elevator to go up 5 floors to get to the fancy spot. The Cheese Monitor looked at me like I was crazy when asked "where are the stairs?" "Nobody ever takes the stairs...", said the Cheddar Monitor.

SKOL VIKINGS!!! Let's go!
let's go home with pig-tails between legs that is...

Monday, November 14, 2011

New trap in minutes!

You too can build yourself one of these... In mere minutes go from a sand dune, to sand dune plus!!!

All it takes is stumps and some creativity for the line.

A JIMCO Product.
This one probly build too good. No wobbles or questionable sticks.

Next up, infomertial.

But who'd do the talking?

Scratch that idea.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11 = 8

1. Gravitate to the technical. Fitness is easier to gain then technical skills.
2. Love to make your eyes bleed... Suffer.
3. Finish. You will remember adversity more then podiums.
4. 2 types of racers- those that race to ride, and those that ride to race... Be a race to ride type.
5. Ragnarok.
6. I don't get the dig yourself a hole/ overtrain thing.
7. Ride Windows- cycling is self centered and addictive, balance life and family
8. Ricoh for life.
8. Love the technical. Push the envelope. Take risks. Break bikes. You'll gain more then you lose.
8. Bikes force you to stay young. Good thing mostly.
8. "My Guys". You gotta have some.
9. Stay connnected with your associates that are forced to leave the sport. What if you couldn't ride a bike?
10. Cheq 100. Sums up all that I seek in bike racing these days.
11. Voice of Reason would say "keep your guys down."

Some of "My Guys"

New Lines in the Sand

We've got more new, a Shingle down, Chcoclate Chip (I think Jim dirt pile), bust throught the Youngblood, and Blackdog plus and plus plus... We can't take credit for the 9 M sticks though.

Shingle down to river. Don't look like much? Ha. "Follow me..."

Social skills must be improving/ getting better at hosting guests... Freewheel this week/ Jack should have been there for this one... Stare at shoes.

Who got the Gold last night? I think it might have been one of Eddies Guys.

Sat Nov 19th, if your not deer hunting... Jimmmmay Loop to bark at champonship park racers.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

17th in state.

Series awards last night... Food/ Awards/ Social/ Swag, very nice indeed.

Thanks to the people that put on races for the rest of us... Not sure why people do it, but I do appreciate each and every race I get to partake in...

2011 Series Highlights-

  • Afton- anytime you get punished on the trails you made is a hoot.
  • Mankato- First time I've enjoyed that place... Wasnt that hot this year.
  • Red Wing- Had a good race (13th) on great trails
  • Du Lac- Long weekend of family fun on the shore. Paid the price and died a very slow bikedeath, carb load? race on 1.5 mcdonlds pancakes and see how you fair... rookie FG move, Ha.
  • WTR- Had Wood on the ropes only to get giant stick in back end of bike. Still amazed I didn't tear anything off. 
  • Maplelag- Bike Camp. More singletrack/ trails keep getting better... 
  • Jail Race- Richy on me like flies on rice. Not skipping any tech for fear of point loss. We drilled it. Young SPH Matt commented "you two are freaks on the singletrack..." Ha. We fail, but we don't like to skip stuff, especially when it's an LCR showdown. 
Old Guy Class- Still Riding Bikes Like Kids

Johny Depp or Charlie Chaplin?

Saturday, November 5, 2011


So after 15 years in hiding they return. First Ave Nov 30th.

Jack/ Jim say Megadeth/ Motorhead on valentines day. I get point if I bring Dawn (not Don).

Guest appearance last night... No Green/ incognito. Stick crossing. Point to the guy that spent the time laying the sticks.

Less cockleburrs each week...