Friday, April 26, 2013

"How Many?"

"Four." [1]

A week of Disney and I still couldn't figure these guys out...

The Duck Brothers

I finally ask the expert, "Madeline, who are these guys?"
"They are Donald's brothers," said a savvy 8 year old.

Visit the Epcot giant ball, decode your future...
What. No bikes in my future? Bunk.

"How'd we end up in scuba gear under the sea? Suppose to be on dirt, pedaling a bike."

Highlights: Dopey dwarf confused in the disney parade, underwater hippo's, Fastpass, terror tower, dinner in cinderella's castle, Banana River lagoon boat tour & manatee's nursing off the storm water discharge, Dude and I body surfing Cocoa Beach/ the girls shell hunting, no bikes for a change, surprised by Mary Poppins, fake safari, Village People live, aerosmith roller coaster, very odd disney hospitality, Grills Bar & Grill Cocoa Beach, E Pass toll roads, sun/ sunburn's, witnessed you stare boss silverback gorilla in the eye and he will charge you (a Stock brother?),

Lowlights: shut out gator spying, pirates of caribbean, haunted mansion, Epcot feed bag not near state fair worthy, no Kennedy Space Center or Seminole Ranch SP (that's where the gators are at), I missed out at a shot at the pugsley long jump world championship powered by LCR

Note: the lung weeds have been eradicated. I have other excuses thow.
Note 2: Got the April winter blues... Whatever. GO RIDE A BIKE. Rant complete.

[1] Get it??? All you Disney vet's should... If no, then go experience the "How Many?"

Friday, April 12, 2013


Weeds ain't dying quick enough... (excuse, no result, cheated)

Hat off to all of you hard men and women that giggle at a little adverse weather. Dick Proenneke worthy! Wilson. You know what to do with my ROK. Defend it, or give it up to the most worthy farm dog on the loose.

Off The Grid for a while... I leave you with the next big thing. Look out pop world.

Must dust off for the next target... MNMTB Series opener, Buck Hill May 5th. Can't believe I'm saying that, but 'it is what it is', right Ed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This program is no good.

Day 5 (cont.)- That 'new program' I was boasting about... Yap. Failure.

I hope this lung weed killer works in the next 3 days...

Tri-Flow, can you hook me up with one of them there masks for Sat?

Angered. Almost as much as when I got lost that one year. I'm not part of the Ragnarok Finishers Club anymore. Lost at Ragnarok year 5 (or 6?). How many Rags or Roks have we done? I can't keep that math straight.

Day 6- No Clutch. Dangit. Really hoping this lung weed killer works. Putting aside an ax for a dull knife on Sat and changing out tires. You?

Day 7- TBD. Pacing, hacking, circling, and second guessing are for sures. No excuses thow. "It is what it is", right Ed.

Got nothing else. So listen to this. "Gravel Road" by Clutch. In town tonight.  I'm not going, but Hornd is. New album, Earth Rockers, Clutch been slinging it for 20 years. Fly under the radar rock n roll (like LCR), lasts a lot longer than the flash in the pans.

Oh, one thing. Maybe it was the roadie chase down that Eddie baited me into that sealed my fate that day? Nothing like seeing the startled look on a pseudo pro kitted up roadie when he's caught by a bunch of hacks covered in dirt and buzzing knobbies. RICOH.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

'New Program'

Been on a 'New Program' for the past 4 days, it's called "Sick as a Dog"...

Day 1- Get caught 2 hours out in a rain/ snow downpour. Drenched, no rain gear, one of them rides where you wring out your gloves when you get done, then shiver and convulse for an hour. The 'new program' kicks in that night.

Day 2- 'New Program' in full effect, but still mobile enough to follow my girls around the mall prepping for Disneyworld. Mall walk is Disney prep.

Day 3- 'New Program' testing, did not want to get cheated on a ROK ratio Cannon Falls/ Qpete ride of 52mi, 4400' climb. Targeted 6 hrs, got 3.5hrs thanks to New Program benefits. B-day gift/ LCR baptism for the Funke-master...

Lacra Cowboys, in a ghost town... 

Here is a blog post of it's own sometime when I'm not shaking from the poison I've got...

Secret back yard trap... 
Day 4- Horizontal for 16 hours, movement, horizontal for 4 more hours. New Program results are seen from Day 3...

Day 5- TBD. Targeting a doctor visit and a change to this now 'not so new program'. This program may show some weight loss for Ragnarok, but with looming weather a couple extra pounds of insulation may be needed.

NOTE: Wilson. I want my ROK back. My fight for it started on day 1 of this program of mine. Results TBD. If I fail, recall the ROK goes to the person that most reflects a wild farm dog let loose to attack, recover, attack, repeat.

Go over here for some L-M-L Recap of sorts:  L-M-L Link, Leftovers

Friday, April 5, 2013

Warbird Ti- First take...

A new tool to chop wood... Some say whipp, I say ax.
Not sure how the Salsa Boys came up with this name... Anybody?
First take,

  • Not sure it'll make me any faster, but it will keep me on the bike longer... 
  • Titanium soaks up the gravel rutts, and random farm tracks. 
  • Geometry of a road bike with clearance works.  
  • That's all I can come up with, it's just a road bike... That will last. 

Random. Danzig singing the blues about whips. He's got many an ax song too.

You don't know Danzig... Whatdoyoumean?!