Sunday, November 10, 2013

2 days of Gravel- MN State that is...

Beyond cooked... Means burnt. But I don't hate my bike(s)...

Today's race was 86 miles of some great Rice and Goodhue (Utopa) Gravel...

More rookie moves today... For a non-rookie sure have rookie tendencies.

Decided with temps in 30's I was going to the next level of cold weather dress (long term mistake). Lake winter boots, needed to adjust the seatpost. Problem, didn't tighten post properly and off the start I felt like I had one of them new dropper posts without the hydraulics hooked up. Lead pack, gone.

Once again fight from the back... Allgood, it's more of an MTB way of riding on the road anyhow. Was trying to lure the Twins into an all Sauber train, they wernt having it.

First 20 miles were the easiest, but most difficult. Get it? After pretending to be Jens Voigt yesterday, I had nothing in the tank for the first 20, top that off with going thermonuclear. Had a ricoh stop and shed clothes moment. Got rid of the -10 proof tights, down to the lacra, relief.

Once the thermal was regulated to a proper temp, back in business. Caught a group including SPH Jake (Ragnarok founder was riding strong for not riding!). Everybody for themselves it was. Me and local Calvin worked for the next 40. Had no extreme efforts since I was already well done, ticked over the ups and downs to finish on Radar Love Hill, south of Northfield. Good spot.

Thanks goes out to the group of Northfield riders that put on these 2 days of grinding. Also LBS Fittobetrid, much appreciate it all...

Another reason to visit the town Jesse James tore up... 
NOTE- How'd I do? Ahhh, 10th for the day. Was informed I mentioned nothing on results for yesterday. 7th in TT, 3rd in stage race. Add that all up, 4th overall. Not bad for a former cheesehead roadie that's really a mountain biker in disguise.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Today- G Roadie TT- Clean Toilets- G Roadie Race

Never done a roadie TT before. Nothing wrong with experimenting. Really no different than getting chased by north iowa farm dogs... 30mph tailwind for 10 miles. The warmup/ leadout into the headwind was a treat.

When you finish biking by 9:30AM, time on hands, might as well go home and clean toilets... Right.

Random. SKOL.
Afternoon delight. Kicked off 56 mile grunt into the that wind I mentioned by fiddle farting around at my vehicle way too long (rookie). Seems like the neutral roll out wasn't neutral. I bled from the eyes for 20 miles fighting from last place in that wind. Made it up to commrad Ingvalson, was riding hard and taking pulls, much respect on the day.

After 30 miles of headwind, widdled down to group of 4. A Silver and Revolution appeared from behind. We were in for a roadie tactics. Roadie tactics? Yag. Only tactics I admire are those of a German named Jens. Like a farm dog on the loose, just go. So I did. That headwind turned to tail, and the roadie game was neutralized. Held off that group for 10 miles. Pleased.

Saturday wrap up, talk of couple lead pack types getting lost... Hmmmm.

Tomorrow. No idea what cards I'll have to play, probly a couple jokers. They count in the game called Old Maid.

Random- Looking forward to getting snared in the traps the Goons are working on (nothing to do with roadie/ gravel roadie). Fatbikes still don't count til it's motoroboat time.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Ball

Farm Team faction of LCR and their annual Fall Ball dance contest. Hosted this year by the STH's...

The 'Old Pirate', first attempt, cleaned. Reversed, is a bit tricker to mount.

First tip to tip to tip of the River this fall... In a low scoring affair according to my stats, Farm Team was the victor over Ricoh, 2-1 . All the 'New Pirate' had to do was the 3rd tip, but nope, didn't take the bait. Farmer Ben was eager, and STH exclaimed 'hosting the partay can wait!' Figured FD, Habs, le Goat, and the Dominator must have burned too many matches leaving me for dead as I slowed and lined up on all the river junk. They did wait up when they had too. ha

CLARIFICATION- the 9 Mile Youngblood crossing has been in my head since we retreated into darkness 2 weeks back. Shift it to daylight and a crossing made look easy by the 'Old Pirate'. Able to rest easy now, maybe even skip without the gilt. Water level low around only 3', 45 degrees, besides a submerged bike, consequence minimal, just don't slide the front end off first/ face plant. When the ice and snow hit, completely different game.

NOTE- Was sad as we biked West toward the Ferry first time this Fall, Whale Log, Heath's Rainbow Log, Spilt Hot Dog Log, But It Looks Easy? Log, were all MIA. Eagle Log, Randy Moss Log, and Jimmay Crash Log have been dusted off/ cleaned up, are good to go, just look for the line. Or act like they don't exist.

Jack managed to add a new log to the list without even knowing it. 'Rubio Log'. Requires a flashy move to collect points.

Farm Team 'whooo hooo! Thanks!