Thursday, July 26, 2012

le Mac's Squirrel Fest (Timbershaft Champ)

Social bike function with a few like minded/ LCR's, some bike cultures/ Morc'ers, red cuyana dirt, and Jim's wave runner = good times.

Yawkey circles singing "caught in a trap"/ Suspicious Minds- Elvis, while playing with the Timbershaft technical. Jim went to retrieve wave runner, kept riding over to Huntington Rocky Flat/ Chute so not to cheat myself. Jim didn't let me down, water toy trailered.

Jack shows later Friday night, his theme for weekend "all smiles", he claimed he didn't know any Pirates. ha

Smiling Jack

Saturday, game was Ricoh beatdown (ride all day or until tapout) with the le Mac (Squirrel Fest) Timbershaft trial trail competition inbetween. Started at Yawkey again, met up with Cuyana Nick and group of Fest'ers. Rode the stuff for a while, le Mac shows to officiate the Timbershaft game.

Timbershaft trial race- figured some of the bike cultures/ Morc's/ Porter's would have skill (?). Farm Carl and Farm Ben showed to up the ante, flashbacks of days of old at the Farm. First round was no time just clean, count your dabs. I was last in line and wasn't there for instructions (thought time was factor). Had a good run, cleaned all the super tech, but dabbed on an easy spot, I caught up to the bike culture in front of me as he was falling off the main skinny, which caught my eye off line, dab, dang it. Ended with 2 dabs (I call it 1.5). 4th place said Jack.

Jack, Ben and Nick had no dabs. They went for round 2 and title of "Timbershaft". This time it was dabs plus time. In the end Smiling Jack took a seat with Stealth Doug, the Pirate showed up with no dabs and time of 2:14, and claimed title "Timbershaft".  Pirate = LCR Superstar (not me).

TimberShaft Champ- The Pirate

While Timbershaft game going on, Jim got his hand on wave runner trailer. He made it back in time to throw a big tri allen wrench in the Timbershaft title. Jim had a great run, 1 dab at 2:21, but couldn't take down the Pirate. Tied me for 4th.


Ricoh logic- Jim was satisified he collected his points on us, Gold? My clean run on Timbershaft was blocked by Smiling Jack and his out of the medals fall over. Doomed himself with the mumbling "7 cleans in a row, number 8 next, arrrggg." Maybe that's when the Pirate deciced to show up? 

Rest of day, beatdown. Rode pretty much all the trails even did Demo/ my rock spot, ha, and circling the good stuff, we were ready for water toy. Jim launched his wave runner (aka sea doo) in Serpent lake for us to play around on. No token pictures, dang it. Jim showed us that you can stand up on it like the moto snowmobilers do these days. Didn't believe the thing went 60 mph, but do now.

Random Notes- Ya Betcha Bar has a very good burger (check it) and nice support to the Fest. North Country Cafe has real bacon, favorite non timbershaft trail- Endo Alley, jump in Miner lake for a cool dip, don't ride 4 wheelers in town,  thanks to le Mac for putting together the Fest.

Timbershaft backwards = scary, even for a Pirate, claimed He had the shakes...

Sunday we trekked down to St Cloud and looped around the Jail Trail. That one rock garden when slick is just as tricky as parts of Timbershaft.

Richy Race up next... Experts ride the teeter, Cat 1's always skip it.

Friday, July 20, 2012

June Bug in July (reprise), Fat-Buck

 Annual homage to Ricoh candidates, the Melvins. No talk, all action.

Over the June hump, starting to think on fat season... Gave it for 57 min at Buck... Encouraged for couple laps, then pimped by Norrie (nice). Running larry Henge style (backwards), she humms like a sherman tank. 20th place. You don't want to get beat by the backwards fats.

Informed looking "thick". ha.
Weekend with a few of my Goons at leMac Fest/ Cuayana... Jack excited. Jim skeptical.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Race Time /= Drive Time

Big plans with Jim pretty much never work, ho hum. What was going to be a ride + race time > drive time, shriveled into an overnight plan, then to just a day trip up/ back to the Duluth MN Series/ Lester Park race. Jinxed by the Jimmmay fear once again. Good times regardless. Drive up, Nates Eggs diner in the belly, Queen greatest hits on jim's boom box, bikes in the back, and road construction without the traffic.

These guys went west, we went north, sans mo-ped.
Not a heck of a lot committed to memory from this race other than fun trails making the day trip worthy. I think I've only raced these trails the first year they had the race (mud fest I recall). The COGGS group has done much with adding flowy but still honest singletrack. There was 1 nice rock garden, cleaned 2 of 3, a couple grunt climbs, circles in the woods, and some fast singletrack. Many boardwalks stringing trails together, nothing skinny-worthy, but if your line of sight was off on the chicanes, you'd be down hard/ out of the medals.

Advantage to those that have the trail committed to memory for sure. Preride would have been wise, but I like making things more difficult for myself.

Sum up my race as "filler". I'm one of them expert filler racer's. Not at the back nor at the front. Just hanging out in no mans land in the middle somewhere.  Allgood, didn't have top end/ couldn't make my eyes bleed, but have the enduro to just keep pushing/ picking off a few. Race motivation is lacking, rather have a picnic. Whatever, this is my "hate bike" season anyhow.

Looking forward to leMac Fest at Cuyana. Hopefully Ricoh takes the bait.

TDF highlight, Peter Sagan and the no handed road bike wheelie... Jim couldn't do that. But then he don't road ride, just street.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Loop/ Happy 40th Charles!

Weekend full of excuses, no results...

Finally put pieces of the puzzle together into a full loop, Lakeville-Milltown-Lakeville. Save the date, Mar 23rd 2013. Plan on 80+, gravel, tar, singletrack, 4700' of up, bikeshop visit, and a swamp cross. Call it a Rag warmpup/ details in the Fall.

My Guy introduced to a gravel vortex

Behind Bars/ LCR rally at Mammmmath today, passed a dish (dish of punishment) around for Chuck Cowan's 40th Birthday... 
Charles gets the handicapped spot.

For 22 plus riddlers at Mammmath there wasn't a hole lot of carnage. We all went in, and rode back out... Trail in great shape, thanks Farm Team. Highlights, Goat flat's, out of medals in skull loop, cleaned the figure 8, my claim- nobody rode the rocks in Peninsula cept Ricoh, circling heat in the duldesac, Log of Death X. My facts claim Crazy Dan got the gold.

Post ride BBQ... 20 dudes eating popcycles at the park... Riddle that.
Chuck's A Team... ha