Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Ball

Farm Team faction of LCR and their annual Fall Ball dance contest. Hosted this year by the STH's...

The 'Old Pirate', first attempt, cleaned. Reversed, is a bit tricker to mount.

First tip to tip to tip of the River this fall... In a low scoring affair according to my stats, Farm Team was the victor over Ricoh, 2-1 . All the 'New Pirate' had to do was the 3rd tip, but nope, didn't take the bait. Farmer Ben was eager, and STH exclaimed 'hosting the partay can wait!' Figured FD, Habs, le Goat, and the Dominator must have burned too many matches leaving me for dead as I slowed and lined up on all the river junk. They did wait up when they had too. ha

CLARIFICATION- the 9 Mile Youngblood crossing has been in my head since we retreated into darkness 2 weeks back. Shift it to daylight and a crossing made look easy by the 'Old Pirate'. Able to rest easy now, maybe even skip without the gilt. Water level low around only 3', 45 degrees, besides a submerged bike, consequence minimal, just don't slide the front end off first/ face plant. When the ice and snow hit, completely different game.

NOTE- Was sad as we biked West toward the Ferry first time this Fall, Whale Log, Heath's Rainbow Log, Spilt Hot Dog Log, But It Looks Easy? Log, were all MIA. Eagle Log, Randy Moss Log, and Jimmay Crash Log have been dusted off/ cleaned up, are good to go, just look for the line. Or act like they don't exist.

Jack managed to add a new log to the list without even knowing it. 'Rubio Log'. Requires a flashy move to collect points.

Farm Team 'whooo hooo! Thanks!


  1. Whale log now goes to tree base dead end (split and moved whale). No name still there but lower to ground,1/2 pt anymore. Not no name still there and good Rainbow moved and no good. There is a new log by rainbow looks real good, gold is open. Out ditch still there. That's all I can remember from night scoping.

  2. Whale needs a pile of crap built to mount. I guess I missed Rainbow and No Name. But I didn't miss Jimmmay Crash Log.

    Whatever happened to Not No Name Log?

    1. Don't forget that two of us rode to the ride. Does that make it 4-1 or 3-2????? FD