Saturday, December 21, 2013

Swamp Single/ rather be biking

Backyard trail getting worked in nicely. Just need to reroute where thin ice appears.

Follow me (w/ caution)

Been off the bike for 8 days now. Objective was to be back on the bike today, nope. Could not control the cough last night at sushi. Came in from more trailwork this AM, more hacking up lung parts. I did rule out a return bout with numbonia at least... Just an enduro cold that I can't shake. All excuses, no results. But at least I got time to groom what is noted above.

Many race options the next 2 months, starting today actually. Winter Wooley, wonder what sort of deal that is, looks very cx roadie/ could be wrong. Moto-Y to provide report synapsis, maybe a guest blagger, since I'm all type no action.

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