Saturday, May 24, 2014

Auto Paused...

You know your going slow when... The GPS your running on auto pause wants to shut off when your still pedaling.

MN Series race in WI at Woolly Bike Club Trails of St. Croix Falls. It was great starting at 9AM and being done by 1PM. New 'Marathon' class, a great new addition to the series. Now I really don't feel cheated when I show up.

Not cheated by the Woolly
The race was owned by #1. The rest of us did battle as the old guys and enduro types. I don't like drawn out race recaps so I'll try and keep it simple:
  • #1 left us in the dust right from the start. 
  • Mustashe Joe tried chasing #1, point.
  • Somehow Heath got in front of #1 
  • Hogland played me. Revenge will be mine.
  • Tried riding through a slipping seatpost. Drove me nuts so I stopped and fixed. 
  • Duluth Nikoli reeled us all in minus #1
  • Rock gardens, 2 for 6, most pleased with full clean on last lap.
  • Heath in said rock gardens with a flat on lap 5.
  • Allan Ebbert & Gregorio, good work...  
  • Dodging Citizen/ Sport traffic, everybody curtious.
  • Finished stronger than I started, pleased.
  • Commented to #1 at 1:05 PM, 'I don't feel like I'm missing a thing'.
  • Bush get's the GOLD. Almanzo on Sat, Marathon on Sun. Well played Player. 
  • "Thanks" to the Woolly Bike Club, nice race trail...
  • I got an idea from Mustache Joe, thanks... 
  • Was I really there?

2 Bucks down... Great times. Penn is cutting in some new trail to spice it up... No better way for enduro guy to force some fast twitch than a Thurs at Buck... RACE RESULTS

This weekend, bike- garden- yard- bike- skip & frolic- bike, repeat.

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