Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's still Pugfest.

On 2-22-15, the originator of legit MTB winter racing is back...

Get this guy an LCR jersey...

It started as 'Pugfest" then got blindsided into this term they call 'fatbikes'. Who'd have thunk it, fatbikes? Back in the day (really not that long ago), they were all called Pugsley's. Even the stuff from AK.

We'll if any Riddler from Surly happens across this blag, we want our name back. Pugfest.

And to top that off. Many of us ain't bought into this fatbike hype completely, we still running our pugsley's, just like this guy...

Favorite all time purple-Pugsley action shot- Sumo Lance
NOTE- I am working on something to give my Pug company... My wife tells me I have to do this one race up North next year... I'm not a fan of riding in a straight line for very long. I'd be looking for logs to ride in the sticks and that probably wont place me well in the end. May need Finch to save me like he did for Coldbert.

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