Monday, March 2, 2015

Whaat are you lookin at?

LML 26 days and counting...

Still haven't heard from a bunch of usual suspects... Like this guy-

Angered SS Road Squrrel.
With the mellow winter, I expect Mother Nature to get her revenge... I don't believe in luck, but fingers are crossed for either rock hard frozen gravel, or muck free. I like mud, but that don't mean I want to wallow in road slop for 6+ hours.

What else? Fundraiser details- 'Cancer Sucks' is the theme. It impacts all of us. Some more extreme than others. Racing bikes can be something more than just racing bikes... The first 2 editions of this deal you guys blew me away with your generosity, I expect more of the same... Jana is her name. Beautiful young woman full of life, single mom of a 10 year old, sister of my associate QPete.

What else? March is here. Get out in the road slop and get your suffering on. Wreck your bikes and then feed them into Milltown Cycles, Behind Bars, or Hollywood Cycles.

What else? Ed is the champion of the 3rd annual n iowa beater fatbike championship. Jim with second. 3rd not awarded (latest trend in race podiums).

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