Monday, June 22, 2015

'Sting Me!'/ Cheq100 dnf

That Black Crows song rocks... Was the last thing I was listening to as I lined up for the Cheq100. Looking around at my guys sticking ear buds in their heads... "What do you mean."

I'm all for ear buds and I pods on a road bike at low enough volume to pay attention, but on technical mountain bike trails, nope.

Thought to self multiple times in my 3.5 hours/ 37 miles prior to DNF, I don't need no stinkin ear buds and I pod, I got 'Sting meeeee' on repeat in my head.

Eventually pulled the plug for fear of a second crash without any brakes... Pads were completely gone. Had no speed to scrub on that one berm in Danky Dank... Up and over the berm I went... Ended with a slow speed over the bars. Blah blah blah/ excuses. No results.

The funny thing was I was yelling to the group off the start as we dumped into the singletrack 'stay off your brakes... Save your pads!'

Another funny thing, the day prior I was riding that one log skinny in Namekagon trail. Pine log rotted out 2/3rds the way down it, attempting to decode as I was moving towards rott, instant front wheel off log, side of head slammed to the log. Laying on ground seeing stars thinking my guy Jim was suppose to be there to pick me up off the ground. But he's scared of riding his wave runner in water temps below 80 F.

No mud, just 'sand', right #1...

Note- I have a new tech tip to apply for races in rain... Sometimes I learn the hard way... No regrets/ just opportunities... ha

Note 2- All good streaks come to an end... Even this one race that is the mark.

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