Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not racing/ Piedmont

Lacking a lot of mo for the weekend warrior type racing these days... Using any excuse I can muster to avoid having the weekend wrapped up around a bike race...

I'd skip any race to just ride this...

Piedmont double black diamond- no joke

The most worthy trail loop in the state. Piedmont. Stuck inside the Duluth city proper. This trail will hand you a wuppin. Don't drop in unless you have all your faculties or you'll need somebody skilled in urgent care to keep you together.

NOTE: When riding these types of trails it is Team Ricoh style; no pads, XC race bikes, and full on lacra (aka spandex). Did I mention having faculties? Nope.

Clarification- Team Ricoh, one of many factions (aka 'clans') of LCR

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  1. I really appreciate you Larry. Nice thought about cycling.. It would be help new riders.