Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In the medals...

Racing bikes on snow groomed xc ski trails is a whole different game. Sort of road race meets non gravel- gravel race... Good times and thanks to Paul K and Penn Cycle for bringing it to light and putting it on amongst the nord crowd.

Race highlight- Witnessed Rick C of KORC fame take down an ice cylinder display on Lake of the Isles. Bike went full impact into a ice block the size of a sonotube.  Block broke in half, bike and body sprawled on the ice. Next thing he's up and pedaling. Freak. But, I'd do a once over on that bike, especially if it is plastic.

Race highlight- Any pack of hounds just follows the lead dog, right. Whether that keeps you on course or takes you off course. We did the later. Wandering on the lake for too long. No complaint, if you chose to follow, that's what you'll do... I was cooked pulling C5 up for glory...

Last- Pulling packed snow from helmet vents and realigning handlebar at finish line. 20K earlier, my guy Jimmmay taking a point as he went by/ witnessed me standing there twisting h-bar and dusting myself off.

Race Results-  http://www.mtecresults.com/race/show/3828/

Purchase yourself some pictures from TMB here-  http://tmbimages.com/Cycling/Winter/20152016/20160207-Fat-Tire-Loppet/

Sun Valley Tree of Fame...

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