Thursday, July 12, 2012

Race Time /= Drive Time

Big plans with Jim pretty much never work, ho hum. What was going to be a ride + race time > drive time, shriveled into an overnight plan, then to just a day trip up/ back to the Duluth MN Series/ Lester Park race. Jinxed by the Jimmmay fear once again. Good times regardless. Drive up, Nates Eggs diner in the belly, Queen greatest hits on jim's boom box, bikes in the back, and road construction without the traffic.

These guys went west, we went north, sans mo-ped.
Not a heck of a lot committed to memory from this race other than fun trails making the day trip worthy. I think I've only raced these trails the first year they had the race (mud fest I recall). The COGGS group has done much with adding flowy but still honest singletrack. There was 1 nice rock garden, cleaned 2 of 3, a couple grunt climbs, circles in the woods, and some fast singletrack. Many boardwalks stringing trails together, nothing skinny-worthy, but if your line of sight was off on the chicanes, you'd be down hard/ out of the medals.

Advantage to those that have the trail committed to memory for sure. Preride would have been wise, but I like making things more difficult for myself.

Sum up my race as "filler". I'm one of them expert filler racer's. Not at the back nor at the front. Just hanging out in no mans land in the middle somewhere.  Allgood, didn't have top end/ couldn't make my eyes bleed, but have the enduro to just keep pushing/ picking off a few. Race motivation is lacking, rather have a picnic. Whatever, this is my "hate bike" season anyhow.

Looking forward to leMac Fest at Cuyana. Hopefully Ricoh takes the bait.

TDF highlight, Peter Sagan and the no handed road bike wheelie... Jim couldn't do that. But then he don't road ride, just street.


  1. Bet most of the faithful readers never knew you was a famous stunt double! Sweet.


  2. Filler. Funny.


  3. I like picnics! :)