Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Loop/ Happy 40th Charles!

Weekend full of excuses, no results...

Finally put pieces of the puzzle together into a full loop, Lakeville-Milltown-Lakeville. Save the date, Mar 23rd 2013. Plan on 80+, gravel, tar, singletrack, 4700' of up, bikeshop visit, and a swamp cross. Call it a Rag warmpup/ details in the Fall.

My Guy introduced to a gravel vortex

Behind Bars/ LCR rally at Mammmmath today, passed a dish (dish of punishment) around for Chuck Cowan's 40th Birthday... 
Charles gets the handicapped spot.

For 22 plus riddlers at Mammmath there wasn't a hole lot of carnage. We all went in, and rode back out... Trail in great shape, thanks Farm Team. Highlights, Goat flat's, out of medals in skull loop, cleaned the figure 8, my claim- nobody rode the rocks in Peninsula cept Ricoh, circling heat in the duldesac, Log of Death X. My facts claim Crazy Dan got the gold.

Post ride BBQ... 20 dudes eating popcycles at the park... Riddle that.
Chuck's A Team... ha


  1. 17 dudes eatting popsicles, 15 with no shirts on. Even Jim was a little creeped out.


  2. Classic.

    LCR gets the team victory.

  3. Jack sure has a big grin sitting next to Eddie.

  4. Ed n Goat practicing looking seductive. Jak cant help but smile.

  5. Chuck beats them all... He likes popsicles.

  6. Wow, I'm really wishing I hadn't seen that picture of Eddie.....