Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chex Mix for Thanksgivin?

Who else would get entertained by a dirt pile? Transformed into Thanksgiving desert. From the Sue Chef's that brought you Choco Chip and most of the junk on the East side... Good job west side Riddlers, we had a hard time breaking free of your circles and traps... See jacks spybirds?

Chex Mix Desert Treat. Don't speed by Rodies or you'll miss it.

Christmas lights Christmas lights... In the end, was informed "these LED lights aren't as bright as the rest of the neighbors, lets take em back and get the good ones." ha?

All the while thinking, "hand me the Pug. I want to try and ride this."

Note- Mr Pramann... I'm thinking on your comment. But still very scart.

Note 2- Heath's Blog is way more entertainin than this still shot and typed waste of electro space. RS Link -> Squirls Like Logs Blog Dot Cam

Happy Thanksgiving... Go finds some logs and junk in the woods, ride it like RS or ride off like it don't exist. Or ride a cx bike and give yourself an excuse.



  2. Hey Larry, just noticed the L-M-L,that is flippin' awesome The road you are looking for is on the south side of the Minnesota river from the swing bridge in Savage. It's not very long 1/2 mile tops, but it's fun to go down there. the name of the road is Vernon going north off of HWY 13