Sunday, December 9, 2012

How are them new boots?

"Good...... Walkin around the house." said the Piratt. (referring to them North 45 Boots)

It's been almost 2 years since any abyss...

Murphy 2nd tracks, but first on all cept the Plastic. She rejected me today. Packed a lunch, one forward, one backward. Started loosing it about hour 3. Never had that tweek feeling last winter, we got cheated. Old Man Winter is back.

I was wrong, snow is not inversely proportional to fatbike hype.

Packing it backwards:
Wood skinny. First Tracks. Backwards
That one rock spot, backwards. Kicked into tree. Fail
Plastic. Fail, so many times fail, lost count. 

Note- Pireratt new boot test run was with 2 pair of socks and a heater. In the living room w/ the birds. ha.

Like my picture quality. An abyss will do that to any not so smart phone.


  1. Fairys wear boots.

  2. You attempted the plastic skinny at Murphy with 6" of snow on it?

    Why not clear off the snow?

    You and your LCR teammates are different than the rest.

    Mike P.