Sunday, February 10, 2013

Clipped in? Dummy.

Sometimes you learn the hardway... Today and 3 1/2 hours of 'push-pedal-push' was one of them. SPDs and iced snow don't mix, but the riddles of the morn went over my head.

Pulled from the junk drawer when I got home... 
Good day on the bike, good day shuffling the bike, good day hacking at the shimano ice balls used to soft pedal the bike... Those up front had the same pedal deal, so really I'm just a hack on the day.

High Point- CF Dan with the jedi driving skills.

High Point- The "Extreme Novice" makes His debut... (Jack and le Goat set the hook, ha)

Low Point- Passing a gassed/ kneed but will not submit Jim. Nice work James.

High Point- Getting dropped by Horned on lap 2 after thinkin I had em on Lap 1. ha!

High Point- Handing Freewheel Kevin a gel.

High Point- Finished, no idea of placing, but was not cheated.

Thanks to City of Elk River, Richy, Sue & Dirtworks, Sponsors... The first (winter MTB series) of a kind... Richy had the mojo on lap 1.

NOTE: 3 spots left for LML. See link on the side. Moto-Young, you know what you need to do with that $100 in your pocket.

Sumo Lance
pic courtesy of Moose Mister


  1. The one and only....... Sumo Lance.