Sunday, February 17, 2013

What. No Helmet. Dangit.

How far would you retreat to get a helmet on your head?

Reflecting as I drove back the 10 miles to grab my helmet:

  • I find it interesting, some think that with snow you don't need a helmet. That you have some sort of snow cushion... I beg to differ. I'm more bruised/ battered/ broken in the winter than the other 3 seasons. 
  • It's an obvious logo, you don't ride with a helmet, you ride AROUND the good stuff... "Winter roadie"
  • I'm confident I'd have brain problems [insert pun here] had I not worn a helmet via snow biking. 
  • Worst of all. The seed is planted with no helmet on the head. "No helmet. I can't crash, I'm doomed." Guaranteed crash then. Riddle that.
Picked clean. Was it a dog? A cat? Nope. I bet Jack's spy birds...
Local trails riding fast... Felt cheated with all the coasting... That means time to bust new lines... Coasting on the Fat ain't right.

They only let 1 of us into that race yesterday... So, Horned got creative. Point.

Working on the L-M-L... Update/ roster posted soon...


  1. Glad u realize that MOP wont buffer the brain damage. Gotta protect what little remains.


  2. Are You sure you ware a helmut?