Saturday, October 26, 2013

'Mr. LeTourneau'

Our games have begun...

LD on the Up and Over.
Squirl Line. Looking for the nut.
All was great. Hitting all our crap. junk piles, and rubbish. On our way to our prized Eagle Log. We were stopped dead in our tracks. The new 9 Mile Youngblood crossing. Darkness/ lights. Walking it don't count/ feel the shame. Cheater starts, shuffles, and re-lineups don't count. Must ride one bank to the other, then reverse. So we turned around, tails between legs, retreat. RS was beside himself (so was I). 

A 'Blue Guuse' w/ some Goons
Note- Jim attempting to avoid river for fear of swimming in the creek. He plants a bonus seed for next time. You fall in the creek with your lights then what? Huh. I didn't even think on that... Bonus consequence. ha. 

Mammmath today. If you don't know LODX. You should... 

Was thinking on river tomorrow but Jim wont go. I don't want to swim without a witness. 

1 comment:

  1. Are you LCR types afraid of a little dip in 9 mile creek?

    Who is that guy in blue smiling? LCR doesn't smile like that.