Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Bike related (good & not so much)

2013. Good times bike related:
  • Cuyuna Whiteout/ grapefruit beers with Habs, Misphits and the Ice Champ.
  • Richy Races/ Hillside/ Fat Fest: first of a kind, many now trying to copy.
  • L-M-L. raising $1300 for a fine courageous young man, and people genuinely enjoyed the race loop. Thanks Milltown Cycles and Harry's Cafe.
  • Warbird Ti
  • Racing the Pug at Thurs Night Buck World. Fat class not required.
  • Quick road trip up to Cuyuana with MotoYoung for the festival race, Moto w/ victory. Attack dog Bush. I think I got 5th or 6th. 
  • Lester Series race. Taco'd rear wheel, pounded rim back into shape, finished. 
  • Return trip to Cuyana in Aug for the Rusty Ride 100, race victory.
  • Ever expanding CAMBA trails
  • Piedmont trail, showing Jim the line. Stoener sendin it at Spirit Mtn.
  • Murphy loop (summer edition) with Jack and Ed
  • Work trip 5 miles from South Mountain 
  • CHEQ100, finishing after multiple mechanicals/ yard sale.
  • LCR riddler convention at Levis Trow
Madeline Island Honeymoon Wheelie
  • Honeymoon! celebrating with my beautiful Wife biking around Madeline Island in the rain. Enjoying every second of non-lacra water soaked jeans. 
Before- my wife all smiles. 
After- my wife still smiles.
  • Fall Ball with the Farm Team.
  • MN Gravel Championships, Stage 2, my best Jens Voigt impersonation
  • River in the Fall. Cleaning Youngbloods 9 mile log crossing both ways. 
  • Busting in my swamp trail. 

2013. Not so much:
  • Numbonia instead of Ragnarok
  • No bike trip south or west (minus work trip west)
  • Rear Derailleur Hanger #142
  • My MN MTB series participation
  • Du Lac, not riding all the DH stuff. Sally. 
  • I don't know about this marge light rim. 
  • 'Upgraded', went 2x10 on the Pug with the marge light in the back and gained 2 pounds. What did I mean?


  • Good- Kick off the new year with my Murphy Loop (winter edition), thanks to Johnsen and MotoYoung.
  • Good- Broke down and sought out a set of Dillingers from Milltown Cycles. Time for a change from nates- pedal pedal pedal and a Moto comes up and passes coasting with a grin of face. 
  • Not so good- Skipped Richy Night Race at Hillside. Best story from race so far- Stoener signed Jim up for one lap. After race Richy asking Jim why it took him 2 hours for a lap. HA!
  • Not so good- Non of us ride with pogies for fear of getting hung up with bike on log skinnies and crap we ride, figured I'd try them instead of numb hands on snowmo trails. All I wanted to do was use them for snot rag and tear off.

NOTE: L-M-L, save the date 3-29-14. Similar drill as original version. Those that showed last year are automatically in. The rest, TBD. Route TBD/ similar. Send me email if you want in. I'll get L-M-L site up at some point, wit details. Oh, best part, bring canned goods, we are going to help stock the local food shelves. 


  1. F the food shelf, bring meat to stock my freezer.


  2. I take this dum comment as your in... Take that sucker.

  3. Cuyuna win was most impressive. No one would have caught you that day. However, the wife trumps.