Friday, February 7, 2014

'Hard time with words in the cold.'

"How much tire pressure are you running Larry?"
"Your tires are looking flat."
"I spun out in the rutt."
"My front tire keeps washing out."
"This sucks!"
"You LCR guys ride around with flat tires."
{all various comments overheard of late}
My most recent response to the questions (see blog title). 
Note- Man it's hard to reply at winter VO2 max, a frozen face, pain in the digits, mind on worn out BB7's, and a 'I learned the hard way, so should you.' Note 2- Stoenhenge was the first Riddler to introduce me to the tire krinkle. Jim even goes low in the summer. Jack goes the opposite these days. 

'Jim and his Shovel.' Second favorite L-M-L photo (courtsey C5 Photo). 

Alt version of L-M-L, Lcr Misphits Lost.

60 people signed up for the Race so far. What's keeping you from showing up in late March when there is nothing else to do on a bike? Trails wont be open until May, you should sign up for this one too And if your in Ragnarok, bonus. Make it your own series, as long as it's on paper and you got a lured in witness. 

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  1. Stoener is the master!

    don't tell him that.