Sunday, June 22, 2014

CHEQ100 V5.0

There is nothing like riding a 100 mile MTB race and making it a point to point. The term 'epic' is thrown around loosely, but the Cheq100 is truly worth of the label.

In need of a bike that would keep my streak of Cheq100 finishes alive. Dusted off Ozzy (Pivot Mach 4, 2011) for version 5.0. The bike has been left unattended for way too long. She is for sale by the way... My Wife loves selling my bike paraphernalia.

Good work Ozzy.

  • Trails were in perfect shape. CAMBA does some great work, all proceeds went to the trails. 
  • The Salsa crew knows how to make their moniker 'Adventure by Bike' reality.
  • Didn't really get a feel for the race pack since we (Funke/ Moto/ Johnsen) were late to the dance. Classic LCR moves. Waiting on Moto in a panic, magical thru axle in his hand.
  • Wall Street chaos. Just let the bike ride you down it, would ya.
  • 'No water flowing?' (bladder pinched), stopped in a panic. Mosquitos made me act quick. Still lost all mo.
  • 'I was just following Jeff...' was Johnsen's reply to skipping the swamp skinny in Hildebrandt.
  • Cleaning that grassy grunt-up deal getting to the Esker, many witnesses. Point. 
  • Guuuse. Good work homie. I knew those roadie types were using you up. Then LCR left you for dead. No different than the winter.
  • Gravel grinder to Makwa, tried leaving the door open for Moto. Nope.
  • Makwa with Johnsen, dropping an attacher and reeling in. Nice work Ginger.
  • What? FD. Let's ride Sister... 
  • Check point. Circles. 'Where is Johnsen?' Learning- beef jerky worked. I missed the Pirates salami sandwich though.
  • Only a sample of the Birkie, thanks Salsa.
  • Gravel grinder back up to OO. Loose gravel and atv rooster dust, bonus.
  • Seely Pass North to Ojibwa, submitted to the 60' log skinny. 
  • Ojibwa, saw the Wizard and so did Dr Pete and Cuyuna Nick. 
  • 5 Cheq100 starts, 5 finishes. Not sure how many are on that list, very short.
  • Finished in with 8:33 min ride time, was told 14 place. Not cheated. Heath came in with the magic number 8, #1 was #1. No clear idea about the rest... Did have 3 LCR DNF's, dangit. Don't like that data. Finish over fashion.
Learning- Mr Farrow has had musings on what 'smart people' do. A thought came to mind as we stood perplexed about a missing thru axle. "Smart People carry a spare thru axle so you don't have to go around begging at 8PM the night prior to a 7AM start". Thanks to Milltown Curtis for being willing to donate and to Colbert's Associate for having that magic piece of latched tubing.

Special Thanks to the Horns Caravan and Jamie for the shuttle back to Lakewoods. We've all talked about biking back but it ain't happened yet. We need a new President one day and that ride could be the ticket... 

Note- My selfish self was elated that the Red Wing Memorial Park Series race canceled. I'm hoping for a reschedule date so that I can practice carrying a spare thru axle. 

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  1. I don't quite understand your race recap, but impressive none the less. That is a feat to ride all those trails in a day.