Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2 Bucks

Who can argue with this stat... So far this summer of monsoon's, Buck has been the best trail, just by keeping us on dirt. More water = less dust.

To sum up June. From a 9 hour grind fest in the jungle of Cheq to the europa short track racing at Buck... Opposite games. Both stones must sharpen the slingblade. Right?

 2 races at Buck in 3 days, any MTB beats closed/ canceled MTB. You can scoff at Buck, but 6 hot laps with nowhere to hide will make your eyes bleed.

Random- 11 years past. Welch Village Rock Shox Drop. Expert? I lost a point here... ha. Ride it/ stay off the front brake and behind the seat and you'll do better than I did on this lap. Let her roll or be ready for a tumbling act. Also there was this one tricky spot between two trees at speed, clip a bar = superman. Old school, ride the ravine. Good times...

I blame it on the panaracer fire xc 1.9's at 40PSI we use to run...

Note- this blog thing isn't simple enough. Might have to succomb to the facebooks. Arg.

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  1. I preferred 'the Greens' (Michelin Wildgrippers), 45 psi.