Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Afton MTB Race- 'revenge' no more...

A benefit of getting old... rediscovering good music.

These guys had a tire named after them too...

I regress... A return to Afton Alps to MTB race, first time in 3+ years. Haven't been there since the air was purged from the MTB trails. From 2004-2011 I weaved a cattle prod and a lamberton rake working the soil, rock, and traps. I can't put my head around all the good times and random riddles that were, but there were many. There is now a giant gap in the local MTB scene in August with no 24 Hours of Afton. Red Wing was a great substitute, but that didn't last. Noobs to MTB are certainly missing out on what was a great annual weekend of circling a bike on singletrack/ hills.

Much appreciation goes to John R. of Afton Alps. He supported our efforts, 24hr's of Afton vision, and learned an eye for the line. Many other LCR's had influence on the trails, specifically, Magic, Jimmmay, StealthDoug, Hendricks Clan & Rocket, Stoenhenge, Jack, Horner Nation, Tony Canada, MarxMachine, and Heath/ DLA.

Revenge Trail no longer exists. Created in 2005 with the help of local trail building legend Tim W. and named by The Goat. le Goat's point in naming 'Larry's Revenge' was to those that enjoyed the Cruising Meadows trail as you relaxed and finished your 7 mile lap of the 24 Hour race, guess what, Larry's got something for you (revenge) to finish up on (think slow climbing min flow singletrack).

'follow me...'

NOTE- LCR Rule X, you can't nickname yourself or name a trail after yourself either.

Fast forward to Sunday's MN series race. The trail is now maybe 50% intact. Was pleasantly surprised seeing a stump ride created by Jim still in place. When I told Jim it was solid/ didn't wobble, his comment 'dirt grows'.

Trails now gone: Larry's Revenge, Flow trail, LCR Corner, Shady Lane, Cliffs Edge rocks, Afton Gully, Valley View rocks, the Pile in Porters, DLA, Hideaway, Mid Mtn Crossing to Chikanes .

Trails that remain: Dougs Loop (bunny hill circle), Bridge Loop, connector trail to Southern Switchbacks and portion of Cliffs Edge, to Deer Path- Plunge, back up to the Pile that remains, Pirates Cove (argg!), mid mtn to Manhandler up to Whistler, over to M&M then a flyer back down to start/finish.

Could keep typing random comments, blah blah. Sum it up; the 4 mile loop that remains, I wasn't cheated (Garmin says- 750' of vertical/ lap). The loop is worthy of MN Series race. 4 laps and I was cooked. No need for Larry's Revenge, Cruising Meadow got it's revenge on me. RACE RESULTS

NOTE 2: 'Pirates Cove' named after the Pirate when an 'Argggg!' was overheard about how much the LCR Swashbuckler hated that trail... Point.


  1. 24 Hours of Afton was the mountain bike highlight of the summer. It is missed.


  2. Larry I remember first meeting you at Afton. You were working the trails and building some sort of wood pile log crossing. I came riding by and you insisted I ride this obstacle you were creating. I didn't ride it, you shook your head as I rode away. Initially I though of you as being rather rude, but on the next lap I tried to ride the wood pile. You were just trying to push the envelope. Thanks for the work Larry and LCR. Jeffro