Sunday, September 21, 2014

Garden carrots/ cross fit and a Fugazi cover

My focus could be shifting from pedal pedal pedal to getting a green thumb...

The orange ones taste the best.

No bike racing here. Was heckled non stop, shows they care. Crossing training instead...

Cross Fit with real results.

Nobody can cover Fugazi, but this is a good attempt...

2011 Mach 4 Pivot for sale: Best offer.

Cheq100- Contrary to some fables, the bike has been used.


  1. Carrots, wheel barrows, and Fugazi? Sauber you are random.

  2. and a bike 4 sale.

    26" wheels will be back in again one day.

  3. The bigger now a squatter too? That little dirt pad aint on your homestead. You got no field.
    Like Fugazi.....and like Arcade Fire. They just each need to stick with their own.