Monday, October 6, 2014

Centipede/ Trail Jerks/ more Fugazi

Trail Jerks tip to tail on the Centipede...  Trap is held up with zip ties, perfect. Fear riding it backwards, stall out and you might fall thru the plywood.

Multi Trail Jerks.

Arggg. Pirate still flings. Anybody guess the spot?

Solo Trail Jerks.

Saw these guys play once in Norfolk VA circa 1991. Recall some dude didn't like military. I had a problem with that. It got resolved in the pit. 

NOTE: I was absent at both Trail Jerks episodes above. When informed 1 hour prior to it, data don't compute... Jerks. Had my ride with the Wonder Twins. Pic credit goes to Jimmmay and some other Riddler.

Up next... LCR Riddler Convention at that one spot.

NOTE 2: these Jerks are not Bike Jerks. No bike culture involved. Just Hacks, Goons and the lesser skilled.


  1. Who you calling jerks. Jerks.

  2. I need to know my way around Mammoth soon killer! Take me