Tuesday, April 26, 2016


3rd in the north iowa gravel series is Drew Wilson's game the Dickie Scramble.

A good mix of random bicycling and adventure in the heart of north iowa. The minimum maintenance roads make it worth the trip. One of the spots could even double for a novice DH run. A witnessed account of a guy going off the side of the rickety bridge into the trout stream was documented.

I can't help myself, I use all these gravel races as MTB fitness test grounds. Go so hard your eye's bleed, shake-off, go again. I'm not a fan of roadie pack tactics, but will take and direct wheel suckers to pull if it's the only way to advance up the road.

Fact. In the end, unless your The Fox (aka #1, Wilson, Thompson, Talerico), it's all about reeling in the next hound ahead.

Captured by TMB Photography-

TMB Photography- LINK

NOTE: The north iowa Gravel Series is having technical difficulties. The Scramble results are by first name, the Series results are by last name... 8.

Not to fret. The Swag Swap box still has plenty of prizes to share.

Gravel race season is over. Time to hide in the woods (MTB).

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