Monday, April 11, 2016


Thanks to the SPH Ship for the 9th version of the best gravel thing on this side of the real Iowa... Nothing compares.

Random thoughts- 107 miles of 'utopia', +9000' of vertical grind, familiar faces, attacks, off the back, fight to regroup, 'was that the Wizard?', 'nobody behind me... good. Picnic time', "is that a climb to nowhere spot?', not cheated.

The Rök goes to one worthy Kyle Sobota for the witnessed efforts/ attack dog mentality.

Previous earners of the Rök-
Drew Wilson, Heath Weisbrod, Parker Roenfanz, Leigh Langum.

The Rök was created when there was an absence in awarding a legit KOM. So I took my earned KOM, dusted it off, re-glued the base, and put a spin on it... The earner each year needs to return and defend or submit, but regardless the Rök lives.

Up next... 8

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