Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Winter Racing Bust.

8 races on the winter calendar, 4 pre-registered, 4 canceled, 3 DNS, 1 pack filler finish (w/ participation medal). The good news, AZ->LML->Ragnarök->DickieScrambled->Dirt.

More good news. I kept all my teeth on this face plant.
Editor Note- recent tragic death of Scott Spoo made me realize what people appreciate aren't the results, but what a person does with their time and influence on others. It is obvious Scott S was an elite racer...

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  1. This was a tough winter for racing because of guidelines, good Winter for adventures with the changing conditions. Alot to do with timing, hence one has their own flexibility to call on. Good to catch the past storm, got out 3 times in 4 days, fortunate... will be a good summer for riding.

    Sad to hear the news about Scott, didn't know him, but it hits home about living in the moment and how his life touched many people... RIP Scott. Ride on.