Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chequamegon 100, nope.

So many excuses for the lack of results... At some point you just say to yourself, taking a chute back to the start ain't so bad...

Another comment and all that really matters is I wasn't cheated. I made it 50 miles after a good sized crash, rode the best and most technical trails in the camba system, got to practice my tube changing skills amongst a limitless supply of mosquitos, and spent some quality time with one of my guys (Everybody Knows Eddie). DNF, but we were all smiles, confusion, and wisecracks.

Thanks goes to the folks (Tim & Odia) and sponsors (Wolf Tooth, Terrene Tires, Rivers Eatery) of the Chequamegon 100. There are select MTB'ers that hold high regards for this race, the forest, and camba trails in NW WI. The remoteness and technical nature of these trails for 100 miles brings forth a looming risk factor of never returning. This creates a race that no other races in WI/ MN can compare too.

Oh, and too the folks that started with 100 MILES in mind, and ended with 100 KM, then got their skirts all bunched up for calling it DNF, LAME. You are racing Cheq100 for the wrong reasons. You should stick with the Lutsen XX if that is what you are concerned about. Or cat 3 road racing.

This member of the goon squad is missed... Circa 2005

Up next?
Good question... For sure trying to return a bludgeon thigh from the meat locker.

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