Friday, June 3, 2011

400# Steam Silencer then to Buck...

(got time on hands at mazda dealer) The test is a combo... Mental workout for 11 hours at employment, then turn off brain for an hour at Buck...

Ever heard of a 400# Steam Silencer before??? Neither had I, but in one day I have to become an expert... We are in midst of annual turnaround of one of our boilers... When you make excess steam you need to vent. Steam has a crap ton of energy. Think steam powered locomotives... Well when you vent you need to control the energy and attempt to deaden the noise... Well our noise and energy controller aka silencer is end of life... Meaning its junk. We need a new one... The thing is 30 years old and we don't have drawings to make good decisions... Thus the whole mess gets dropped in my lap... Yay.

Take that days worth of riddles and then shift to a Buck Hill. The test- Can I turn off brain from day of Silencer not silent, and push the body to level 8-10? No idea, and wasn't thrilled to try. But trying to be more strategic and data collection, learned from an ARS. I would rather of stayed at level 6 for 3 hours then 8-10 for an hour. But only way to improve on weakness is shake hands and wrestle...

Lineup for start has advantage to those that take it serious. I got in about 3rd row. Off start to first hill was about 30th, went to test climb, felt good- level 10, passed a bunch, brain turned off. Buck is about position, finding your spot then working up a few or down a few... I found spot at level 8, no idea where I sat. Goal was to stay at 8-9 and not get reeled in. Lap 2, started to lose level 8... Popped a gel, reminded self to turn off brain and regained 8. Lap 3- maintained 8 and passed 2. Lap 4- maintained 8 pushed to 9 passed that one guy (name?), he stayed on wheel, when lapping Cory Gross he said keep it up your in 9th... Naw? Better keep it up then. Well, up the tar, guy pimped me on inside move, then female lapped stalled us on downhill allowing another wheel to get on... Sprint to finish- made mistake of trying to shift and miss fired allowing wheel to pass. Came in squeezed my Favorite, she said I did great, I just grunted... Meaning test passed.

Decoding day of riddles... work stress/ no good diet prep/ no mo = turn brain off = level 8 + 9 = 11th

That Alaskian Ale was tasty... Wonder if Hobs ever drank it?

Mongo error- No pics of silencer... Think car muffler x200.

Cave phone end of life too... Got me a smart phone... Riddle on.

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  1. Mongo + "Smart" phone = blog pics

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